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Pthosi on board the Adjudicator

Pthosi taking a watch on Lorieni’s ship.  No face so this went pretty fast (by fast I mean five or six hours total creation time).  There really wasn’t a deep inspiration behind this one like there were for others.   103 more words


Lyrids Meteor Shower 2015

Over the next week one of spring’s best meteor showers will start to put on a show. The Lyrids meteor shower peaks overnight on the night of 22/23 April 2015, and should be best around midnight. 856 more words


Astrological Musings & More

There was a time when astrology and astronomy were one and the same science. Once they became separate, astrology became a pariah, a joke even and astrologers were viewed as charlatans, con-artists, people to avoid and certainly NOT to be taken seriously! 1,086 more words


Radiant Meteor Shower With Chance For 100 Shooting Stars Per Hour Happening Now

(CBS SF) — An April meteor shower known for uncommon surges of up 100 shooting stars per hour is on tap for the next few days. 336 more words


April’s Lyrids Kick Off the 2015 Meteor Shower Season

Image Credit & Copyright: Jeff Berkes.

The 2015 meteor shower season kicks off this month with the oldest known meteor shower; the Lyrids.  Peak viewing will be on the night of Wednesday the 22nd and the morning of Thursday the 23rd before sunrise.  306 more words


FEATURE: Chinese overtaken by Korean? PART 1 (Fashion in Entertainment)

It is not a secret that Chinese entertainment has been getting inspiration from South Korea for their TV show (drama, movie, clothing, etc) in the past few years. 1,032 more words