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io & Titan - Meteor Shower (2018)

Good evening.

Emm…sometimes people wanting to shoot each other, sometimes not. This is life and I can’t change it unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows). But one thing that never changing – good music. 53 more words

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The Largest Meteor Shower Ever Seen

Meteor showers occur when the Earth passes through a cloud of dust in space, usually debris left behind by a comet.

Meteor showers occur regularly throughout the year. 624 more words



I didn’t actually quite get what Marco meant when he said that some words are too hard to speak out they tangle themselves in your throat in an almost choking manner. 494 more words


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Eta Aquarid meteor shower

The 2018 Eta Aquarids meteor shower will peak this weekend, with a clear, dark sky forecast for a few major South American cities. 60 more words


Meteor Shower

A view of a plane sprinkled with silver dust
As thin clouds gave way to the azure sky
On a midnight filled with subtle stardust… 78 more words

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Dust from Halley’s comet hits Earth this weekend

A waning gibbous moon lights a darkened sky Sunday, distracting Earth from the modest twinkling of space dust left by the planet’s most celebrated comet. 407 more words