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May 13-21 Meteors

The past week has been nice and clear in Tucson. Even with no major active showers, meteor rates have been nice with my camera picking up 12 to 26 meteors per night which is pretty good for May. 150 more words


May 11/12 Meteors

Last night was a good night for meteors as it saw the highest rates the SALSA3 system detected so far this month. Rather surprisingly, the number of detected Eta Aquariids (ETA) was similar to what was seen during the ETA peak last week. 165 more words


May 9/10 Meteors

Rain and clouds have been the rule in the Tucson area lately. After 1.5 months of no rain, we got 0.30″ at the house. Mind you, I’m not complaining. 190 more words


May 6/7/8 Meteors

We are currently experiencing the peak of the Eta Aquariids (ETA) meteor shower. The ETAs should start ramping down though, to be honest, the bright Moon will make any ETA watching very difficult in the coming days anyway. 162 more words


Meteor shower

Meteor shower across NZ worth waking up for https://t.co/Zn09fMVl57 pic.twitter.com/GkY52o5Fn9

— The Press Newsroom (@PressNewsroom) May 5, 2017

I was aware this might happen this morning, so during half time of the Highlanders-Cheetah’s game (huge comeback by the Highlanders in Pretoria) I went out to have a look.

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May 4 & 5 Meteors

We are now passing closest to the orbits of the Eta Aquariid (ETA) meteor stream. As a result, the number of detected ETAs has been increasing over the past 5 nights (6 on 5/1, 4 on 5/2, 9 on 5/3, 12 on 5/4 and 12 on 5/5). 247 more words