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east coast of Whoville...

fifty miles further North tonight
across the bay, he could see the skyline
where were you? flipped through his mind
sometimes he wants to keep on driving… 86 more words


The Beauty of Falling Stars

This is an incredible photo of a Geminid Meteor ShowerFalling Stars on a night sky have the same effect of amazement in every single person in the world. 271 more words


Mid September Meteors

Finally, for the first time since the peak night of the Perseids we got a few clear nights in Tucson. The nights of Sep 16/17 and 17/18 saw 44 and 37 meteors being detected by the SALSA3 camera system, respectively. 237 more words


Early September Meteors

It’s been hard to get a good idea of nightly meteor rates recently. There hasn’t been a single night over the past ~2 weeks that wasn’t affected in some way by clouds. 348 more words


The 8 Best Perseid Meteor Shower Photos of 2015

The Perseid Meteor Shower that occurs in August moves every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The night sky gets decorated by countless… 92 more words


The Heat Was A Bitch!

The stars took my breath away this summer. Or more accurately it was meteors that did it. Those diamonds of August racing and arching across the velvet black night sky. 797 more words

Clinical Depression

Labor Day geomagnetic storm creates incredible auroras

A Labor Day geomagnetic storm produced stunningly bright auroras as the Earth moved through charged particles from the sun called a “solar wind.”

According to SpaceWeather.com, the storm was a level G2-class event. 191 more words