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Lyrid Meteor Shower AND Northern Lights this weekend!!

Lyrid Meteor … sprinkle, photo by Ken Scott Photography

I got an alert this morning that the Kp levels that predict the likelihood of northern lights is at… 287 more words


DON'T MISS: Clear skies this week offer view of celestial light show

A lengthy pause in celestial flamboyance ends this week under a shy waxing crescent moon and skies scrubbed clean by a cold front.

The annual Lyrid meteor shower peaks late Saturday into early Sunday, but the approach of another weather system and a growing moon means watching earlier in the week may offer a better chance to see a line of fire scratch into the inky night. 469 more words


An April “Meteor” Shower

As spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, backyard observers return their gaze toward the sky. Gone are the frigid nights of winter, and the lengthening days of spring bring warmer temperatures affording the opportunity to comfortably sit under a starry sky. 500 more words


Lyrid meteor shower: How Canadians can catch a glimpse of the celestial show

One of the oldest known meteor shower is set to light up the sky this month.

The Lyrid meteor shower takes place between April 16 and 25, and will likely peak the morning of April 22. 360 more words


Poem by Anne Whitehouse


A silvery light
takes over the day,
a visible gloom
thought by the ancients
to presage disaster:
the forces of darkness

I would not stare… 148 more words


"Dance in a Drugstore" by Anne Whitehouse

The dark-eyed salesgirl at CVS
jumped into the toy collection box,
bobbing like a jack-in-the-box,
tossing her long, dark, silky hair.

She jumped out laughing, 120 more words

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'Out of control' space lab to become celestial fireball Monday: China

A defunct space laboratory is set to become a celestial fireball as it re-enters earth’s atmosphere in the next 24 hours, China’s space authority said Sunday, hitting speeds of over 26,000 kilometres an hour before disintegrating. 423 more words