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Magic Happens - Part 1, Chapter 10

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This is a continuation. Read the first post here. 

It’s night. We’re driving somewhere through bum fuk Nevada. Peering through the top of the windshield, I could see millions of pin pricks of light poking their way through the moonless sky. 498 more words


Perseus Meteor Shower Brings Inspiration

Upon viewing the recent Perseus Meteor Shower I thought of something amazing; a space shuttle floats through the atmosphere to enter their destination. Then when the space shuttle returns they gently re-enter through that same atmosphere. 818 more words

Spiritual Fruit

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sky

These Are The Dates To See The Best Natural Phenomenons Of 2018

January 2nd – Full Wolf Supermoon
The name derives from the Native American tribes, who would first start to witness hungry wolf packs howling, and this time it’s achieved supermoon status due to full moon coinciding with its closes approach to earth. 489 more words

Explosion From Meteor Causes Magnitude 2.0 Blast [VIDEO]

DETROIT (WWJ) – A meteor is to blame for scaring people all over Michigan and much of the Midwest Tuesday night as reports of a fire in the sky seen from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. 404 more words


(Video) Giant Meteor Lights Up Night Sky In Michigan

Whew doggie, this meteor right here is something special! Shooting star on steroids! I mean, this is something like the last thing the dinosaurs saw. Maybe I’m being dramatic but you can see for yourself. 109 more words


Description Of 'A Boom, Light-Filled Sky' From Metro Detroiters: Fireball Meteor The Cause

DETROIT (WWJ) – Calls came in from surrounding states as well as area residents with one question: What was the boom or blast heard minutes after 8 p.m.? 305 more words


Meteorite shower set to dazzle Salford stargazers

STARGAZERS all over Salford will be observing the sky tonight hoping to catch a glimpse of the Geminid Meteorite Shower reaching its peak of visibility. 419 more words