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August 14 Meteors

The peak may be passed but the Perseids were still producing healthy numbers on the night of the 14th. Since this night was the clearest of the past few, my system actually detected more meteors tonight than the two nights bracketing the peak. 112 more words


Sky Gazer

The night of the recent meteor shower was, so mesmerizing. I’m trying to take my mind back to this moment and my feelings of love, excitement and bliss. 241 more words

The Meteor Shower

I heard once that lyrics in John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High were inspired by a night he was in the mountains soaking in a hot spring (and probably smoking pot and skinny dipping, but that wasn’t part of the story) and watching the Perseid meteor shower. 443 more words

Meteor Shower

30DOSL♡: Days 2-5

Day 2: Meditate

I actually try to meditate fairly often but it had been a while since I had done it. Personally, driving is where I’m able to really quiet my mind and shut out the world. 247 more words


Crap Burning Up

I think I’ve said before on this blog that everyone and everything is made of star dust, but it’s worth remembering that when I slightly disappoint anyone that doesn’t know much about shooting stars in this post. 244 more words

One of the Biggest astronomical events ever

The peak of this year’s Perseids meteor shower has just passed. It happens when the Earth passed through the orbital path of the Swift-Tuttle comet, and is only visible from the Northern Hemisphere.

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Next Year: Lights Out For the Perseids

Yesterday, even if I’m located in the light polluted Montreal suburb, I decided to head out at quarter to midnight to see if I could by chance spot one or two bright meteors from the Perseids shower. 238 more words