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The year continues to speed by and we are now in Scorpio only about 12 days from Sagittarius. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the green of Nature has given way to bright Fall colors and, now, bare branches as Winter approaches. 1,554 more words


3 reasons to keep an eye on the sky in the next week - KING

If the skies clear, here’s a low cost piece of entertainment, especially if you have a hard time sleeping!

Look up! There are a several cool things happening in the night sky over the next week or so.

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{Stargazing}: Fall & Winter Skies

It turns out that as the season cools down, stargazing warms up. The skies are clearer, and light pollution tends to tone down a bit. Some might be deterred by the cold, but look at fall and winter stargazing as an opportunity for a real event… bring blankets, a thermos of hot chocolate, a stocking cap, and your favorite cuddle buddy. 666 more words

From AAS NOVA: "The Search for a Missing Parent"

Amercan Astronomical Society

14 October 2015
Susanna Kohler

A stacked photograph capturing two Kappa Cygnid meteors (top left) and nine Perseid meteors, taken 12-13 August, 2007. 498 more words

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A Few Notes on Meteor Showers in October

Two eventful meteor showers will occur in October 2015. The first is the Draconid meteor shower, which are expected to peak on the 9th of October. 234 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

As my birthday is on Thursday, the 1st of October, I found it fit to select one of my favorite quotes. :)

“Better was it to go unknown and leave behind you an arch, then to burn like a meteor and leave no dust.” …
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