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Last Night I Saw A Shooting Star

Last night while heading outside for a jog, I saw a shooting star. It streamed downward within the sky like the last flickering embers of a firecracker. 231 more words

Friday's End Of Week Musing

Meteors over Montana

We sat under the stars
and watched the meteors
fall from the sky
We had another glass of wine
your brother cried about his father… 20 more words


2014 Geminid Meteor Shower at Templin Highway

The week of Dec. 13th I had been daydreaming about shooting stars, astrology and much more. The 13th came and I had an aching to go somewhere new and explore something I’ve never seen before. 360 more words

Southern California

We Are Stardust

You are a child of the universe.  No less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. 454 more words

What have they done with the sun

Really! This is ridiculous. They promised sun today, but we woke up to frantic snow showers, then drizzle, then just more grey. I am wildly optimistic for tomorrow, because I need to believe that there will be sun there at least for awhile. 207 more words


Have Yourself a Merry Little Meteor

“The Geminids are expected to peak just before dawn on Dec. 14, with a predicted peak rate of 100 to 120 meteors per hour,” reports NASA.  219 more words

Physics In The News

Geminid Meteor Showers

Tonight will be the start of the Geminid Meteor Showers and if your skies are clear, you’ll be able to get a good look at them. 66 more words