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Meteor explosion causes shockwave in Finnland. (video)

An eye-witness reported  a “huge shockwave. It shook the cottage.”

A bright bolide (extremely bright meteor) exploded over northern Finland at 18:40 on November 16, 2017, the latest of several meteor fireball events… 14 more words


Space Shuttle

It is crazy how life really is and how I portray life. Life to me seems like when you are born we all have our own “planet”. 1,082 more words


The predicted "fire from the sky". (Europe early 2018)

The Chinese space station is said to fall to Earth in early 2018, Descriptions of its projected fiery entry into the atmosphere with possible ground impacts sound much like those of natural meteor (fireball) impacts.

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'Like a dream:' Researchers find space rock that landed in B.C. Interior

CALGARY — Researchers have honed in on an area where chunks of space rock scattered in the rugged B.C. Interior more than two months ago. 449 more words


Introducing Larry Nittler

Larry Nittler is a staff scientist in the Dept. of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. He is a cosmochemist and planetary scientist whose research interests span stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis, interstellar and interplanetary dust, meteorites, and the formation and evolution of planets. 237 more words

Planetary Science

Meteorites- Lights

“You’ve been breathing fire in your sleep; I feel the heat.” –Meteorites, Lights