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Preston & Child's 'Beyond The Ice Limit' Left Me Speechless [REVIEW]

In Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s new novel, Beyond the Ice Limit, something is growing on the ocean floor… something so insidious that if it isn’t stopped, it will mean certain extinction for the human race. 492 more words


Interested in studying planetary science at university level (and beyond...)?

Have you always had a fascination with space and wondered how the Earth fits into our understanding of how planets form and evolve through time? Have you ever wondered what the conditions were for life to start and how geological processes such as volcanism and impacts may have enabled and hindered life to start and stop on Earth and other places in the Solar System? 949 more words


The Ice Limit - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

While it took me a while to get through, Ice Limit is an amazing book. The two author dynamic seems to work well with this pair as I could not tell when one was writing or the other was. 515 more words

Douglas Preston

Mars meteorite 1st look at Red Planet's ancient crust

Published November 21, 2013

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Sawn surface of the Mars meteorite NWA 7533 showing both light and dark clasts in grey matrix. 469 more words

Humor And Observations

Sleepless, Under Shooting Stars {a Flashback}

If I’ve managed to convey one thing in my little series about insomnia, I hope you know this: insomnia is hard … but also, it can be pretty special. 765 more words


Meteoritos de Guerlain

¡¡Hola a todos!! :)

La casa de maquillaje Guerlain es una de las más antiguas que conozco desde que empecé a interesarme por el mundo del maquillaje unos años atrás. 676 more words