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Sunday fiction from Cat

new fiction from Cat Howard
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It was the murder of the young hag that started it all. 1,910 more words


Sleepless, Under Shooting Stars

A week ago.

It’s three a.m. and I’m lying in bed, feeling the slow wash of the oscillating fan stirring the sheets.  I settle closer against my husband, stare at the ceiling and wonder — a familiar question — if I’m the only one awake. 588 more words


The Meteorite Hunter by Alexandra Lethbridge

Isn’t it exciting to think about the journey that a meteorite undertakes before finally coming to rest somewhere on our tiny speck of a planet?! These space rocks might have been orbiting our planet for hundreds of years and for me it’s pretty cool to think that something so small, something that fits in the palm of your hand can in fact have come from outer space. 305 more words


Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

This is a remarkable Museum that details the history of the Yucatan peninsula beginning with the Chicxulub meteorite room.  The building itself is an incredible looking modern edifice, that appears to be wrapped in ribbons.  214 more words


The stars clung stubbornly to the sky, the sunrise a pale blossoming in the east. As if extinguished by the breath of a god, one-by-one the stars disappeared before the growing light. 4,670 more words


Falling Balls of Flaming Dust Particles!

LOL Sometimes, calling something by it’s definition can be more fun. ;)

Last night and this morning was the peak of this year’s Perseid meteor shower… 187 more words