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The biggest meteorites in history that have plummeted to Earth and survived

Often, when rocks from space hurtle towards Earth, they burn up in the atmosphere before actually reaching us. The ones that vaporise become a meteor — or a shooting star. 45 more words

Meteor fireball observed across 11 southern U.S. states

If you saw a bright flash in the sky around 6:16 a.m., it wasn’t lightning. It was a short trail, exploding fireball that lasted around three seconds. 100 more words

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Mystery object (possibly a meteorite) lands in UK garden after loud thump in middle of night

This mysterious rock like object is causing quite a stir in Lowercroft.

Now the couple in whose garden it was found are hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what it is — and where it came from. 324 more words

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The Top 10 Largest Meteorite Craters in the WorldSadly the size of all these craters listed and many, many others is always in dispute with geologists.

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Human meteorites

Recently, there was another news report of an unusually bright alien rock entering the earth’s atmosphere, briefly lighting up the night sky like noon before breaking up and disappearing.   477 more words

February 6 - The Sky's A Rockin'!

Today’s factismal: Nearly 42,000 meteorites hit the Earth every year.

Odds are, you’ve seen the really cool dashboard video of the meteor that light up the sky in Illinois and Wisconsin… 384 more words


Tunguska Event: Russian Scientists Debunk Meteorite Theory


Many thought that Lake Cheko was an impact crater of a large explosion that occurred near the Tunguska Riva in Siberia, detected hundreds of miles away. 554 more words