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Celestial Rattle with Real Meteorite

I’ve added something special to this rattle…an authentic meteorite bead! The bead was quite expensive when I bought it and came with a certificate, but I don’t have that anymore. 18 more words

December 31 - Hairy Situation

Today’s factismal: The New Year will start with not one but two comets!

There is something special about comets in the sky. These “long haired… 777 more words


December 12 - Catch The Wave

Today’s factismal: You can see meteor tracks using radio waves.

If you are a radio history buff, today is a triple jackpot. It starts at the dawn of radio, back in 1896, when Marconi showed a rapt audience in East London how pressing a key could transmit a signal without wires. 387 more words


A not so tough week at the office

It’s a bright, frosty Monday morning in late November and I’m sitting in the Berrill Café at the Open University, waiting for Graham. He is stuck in a bit of traffic on the A5. 703 more words


The World's Smallest Meteorite Crater?

Let’s face it, a meteorite dropping out of the sky and landing in your garden doesn’t happen very often. In fact, it’s a pretty uncommon event to say the least. 481 more words