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Checking in with nature

I’ve been thinking about what the workman said about the few days of rain that followed his planting of the seeds and the many other rationales why the corn and gungo did well in the rocky patch. 612 more words


"We're gonna kick somebody's behind" weatherman says

A frustrated Houston meteorologist threatened to “kick somebody’s behind” Monday after hearing social media reports that people were afraid they would lose their jobs if they didn’t brave historic flooding to get to work. 117 more words


Not Just Pretty Pictures

I’m not sure how much credit graphics people at TV stations get, but they should get a lot more.  And I think particular attention regarding computer graphics needs to go to meteorologists. 404 more words


What Makes a Good Weather Graphic?

Any good meteorologist must also be a good communicator. It is so incredibly important within this field to be able to effectively communicate the complex weather scenarios that occur over our heads. 846 more words


the first signs of spring

Robins are often credited with heralding the arrival of springtime, but here, in my little corner of the world, we rely on a more persuasive indicator: tornado sirens. 235 more words


#SOL16: March Challenge Day 9 - Stormy

The weather every five minutes! The meteorologist on the TV stands in front of a green screen and points to the radar picture to show where and how soon the weather will change.   225 more words

Slice Of Life 16