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Climate Scientist Interview

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Can you tell us what you do?

Virendra Prakash Ghate, an atmospheric scientist at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, investigates the microphysics of low clouds, atmospheric radiation, and vertical velocity (mainly updrafts) within the atmosphere. 1,060 more words


Possible tornado touched down north of London Saturday

Weather specialists are investigating a possible tornado that may have touched down north of London Saturday afternoon.

Environment Canada issued a tornado warning for London and the surrounding area at around 1:50 p.m. 337 more words


Fridays with Fred: Strawberry Festival in Cheshire

CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — In this week’s edition of Fridays with Fred, Fred previews the 80th annual Strawberry Festival that is taking place in Cheshire this weekend. 201 more words


News 8 meteorologist Kevin Arnone bowls perfect game

(WTNH) — We don’t tend show a lot of bowling highlights on the newscast, but it isn’t every day when part of the News 8 team bowls a perfect game. 69 more words


Meteorologist Gil Simmons appears on Good Morning America

(WTNH) — From Good Morning Connecticut to Good Morning America.

You may have noticed Chief Meteorologist Gil Simmons is on vacation this week and it certainly looks like he’s enjoying it. 23 more words


That SOB is going to get someone killed

I’ve mentioned the idiot chief meteorologist at Jacksonville’s channel 4. I sometimes watch his segment just to see what stupidity he’ll come up with: the sun setting an hour early, the North Pole melting in the middle of winter, other dumbass stuff. 152 more words

This Storm Chaser Proposed To His Girlfriend Mid-Tornado [PICS]

This is pretty fantastic for a couple reasons – the couple have an awesome proposal picture, and also because there was no damage or injury caused by the tornado to the community. 144 more words