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Weather Watching

Over the whole month of May 1V students were actively watching the weather.

Students firstly made their own hypothesis about what they thought the weather would generally be like over the month of May. 209 more words


Local News Meteorologists Pay Tribute To Prince

Local news meteorologists take any opportunity they can to spice up their daily forecasts. And who can blame them? When it goes well, themed forecasts… 187 more words


Poem: Hurricane Donald

By: Chuck Orloski

Mainstream meteorologists
never saw such Jersey winds brewing
and aimed at the South Carolina coast.
An age old knowledge about
“no W.M.D.s in Saddam’s arsenal” 119 more words


Happy National Weatherperson's Day!

They’re the people we turn to when we want to plan an outing. They’re also the people we turn on when things go wrong. But today’s their day: cut them some slack. 480 more words


Winter Storm Prep Steps

As the East Coast braces for a massive winter storm, people begin scampering for bread, milk and water. I get how you’ll want water if you are hit with 3 feet of snow and power outages. 868 more words


Global BC meteorologists weigh in on TV wardrobe criticism

A Reddit post that has now gone viral showing female meteorologists across the United States all wearing the same dress has again sparked a larger discussion about gendered style expectations women on TV still face. 884 more words


Here is the forecast...

When I used to visit the USA and found myself sitting in a hotel room, not wanting to work, in need of R&R, I would switch on the television and either watch one of the God channels or the 24-hour Weather Channel. 543 more words

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