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Lucifer's Lexicon—Meteorologists

Meteorologists — Scientists whose observational skills have a 30% chance of being better than their math skills.



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Lucifer's Lexicon

Defending Weather Forecasters

As I write this, Upstate New York is again looking at some more snow in the forecast.

Shock of shocks!


It’s Upstate New York. 809 more words

Enjoy This Meteorologist's Lively Improvised Forecast After His Weather Map Goes On The Fritz

Major kudos are in order for Cory McCloskey, a Phoenix weatherman who turned what could’ve easily been a painfully embarrassing technical snafu into a hilarious forecast segment. 95 more words


The Blizzard of 2015: Much ado about nothing?

WATCH: New York was shutdown in advance of a blizzard than never really hit the city. But head a little bit north and the storm showed no mercy. 850 more words


Thank You Meteorologists

This morning I woke up to an exceptionally large amount of snow. The whole world is now white as if a large cotton ball factory dumped all of its contents onto my yard. 336 more words