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Timelapse video of the weather blowing over Seattle. 138 more words


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More time lapse video spam! Watch a storm develop that produced a massive hailstorm over Seattle earlier today. 134 more words


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Another time lapse! I haven’t seen clouds act like this in a long time. 120 more words

IT MIGHT BE SPRING . . . And Then Again . . . .

If Winter and Spring were two of Mother Nature’s four children, I’d picture them as twins, boy and girl.

Winter, the only boy of the four, is mischievous and teasing, sometimes rough and unkind, in everybody’s face, testing his powers during the season given him by his mother.   273 more words



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Another example of what Geo engineering would look like if it was being practiced today over the United States without consent of the taxpayers. 139 more words

Slow Roast Lamb

Hurrah, it’s March!   Although I am a little concerned at the speed of where the months are going and have a sneaking suspicion that someone is playing with time itself, I am still delighted that we are here. 361 more words