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Video of the Week: 9/24/17

This week’s video shows the inside of the Duluth National Weather Service radar dome.  This video was taken as they were making some repairs to one of the drive gears.   24 more words


Satellite Image of the Week #38

This week’s satellite image shows clouds from both a land breeze and a sea breeze.  The land breeze clouds formed during the night, and make up those narrow bands clouds that have drifted into the ocean.   34 more words


Storm Prediction Center Update: 9/20/17

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Outlook shows some severe threats this week.

Day 1:  Marginal Risk

The SPC has issued two Marginal Risks, both of which are very small bullseyes. 337 more words


Update on Hurricane Maria (1:30 am EDT)

The hurricane…which is currently undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle with a double eyewall structure…is moving just to the southwest of St. Croix. Wind gusts up to 140 mph have been reported on the western edge of the island just miles from the inner eyewall. 44 more words


Hurricane Maria continues to intensify this evening as it makes approach to USVI and Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria…after devastating the island nation of Dominica with maximum sustained winds of 165 mph and gusts over 190 mph…is now threatening the highly populated US territory of Puerto Rico and also the US Virgin Islands as a Category 5 hurricane. 340 more words


Weather Photo Emails #6

Every so often, I receive an email message from a friend, family member or coworker with various weather photos attached.   The photos are always neat to see and I am happy that these folks think of me when they see weather-related photos.   336 more words


Florida Weather and Climate

“An outstanding explanation of Florida weather and climate processes and phenomena. A valuable read for all residents of the Sunshine State who spend time outdoors or on the water.” 325 more words

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