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Another SO2 paper!

Following on my recent paper about Sulphur dioxide from volcanoes, another one has just come out. This time, I am a lot further down the author list and wrote about 3% of the paper, rather than 99%. 134 more words


Anthony Sadar, meterologist discusses the socialists triple point delusions

The triple point is a meteorological term for a mix of air forces and masses that triggers a cyclonic event. 28 more words

Climate Change

LOCAL VIEW ---Boston nears all-time record snowfall---

For me it was Monday, back to work and back to winter. We had yet another “snow-event” overnight, and as I awoke my ears listened for the scraping of a plow, passing the house.   1,399 more words

New England Weather


There are at least five trees in this photograph, taken with my new camera. 😊

Daniel Engber: The notion of a wind chill factor doesn't make sense, and never will

If the weather makes headlines only when it’s horrendous out, wind chill is its PR agent. Last month, when temperatures in New York City dropped to single digits, newspapers and TV meteorologists breathlessly reported that the wind chill had hit minus 11. 1,370 more words

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Winter Weather Advisory Tuesday - Forecast: Messy!

As I mentioned in my Sunday morning Facebook update, things are going to be messy around here overnight tonight through the day Tuesday. Morning commuters should plan to leave extra time to get to their destination, as there will be a mix of snow, sleet, and a glaze of ice, plus wind, creating hazardous driving conditions. 229 more words


Bayesian change-point analysis for global temperatures, 1850-2010

Professor Peter Congdon reports on two Bayesian models for global temperature shifts in his textbook, Applied Bayesian Modelling, as “Example 6.12: Global temperatures, 1850-2010″, on pages 252-253. 275 more words