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10/22/16: Daily Post

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday.  She passed away in 2013, however.  When I was an undergraduate, we used to write letters back and forth every month.   296 more words

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Satellite Image of the Week:  #43

This week’s satellite image is from this morning in the Gulf of Mexico.  I like this image as you can see cloud streets over the open sea, as well as some evidence of a land breeze, as none of these clouds are forming over the land. 15 more words


New Mexico Weather: 10/22/16

Yesterday was a pleasant day, with sunny skies and warm temperatures all day.  The evening was not as cold as it had been the previous two nights. 509 more words


10/21/16: Daily Post

Yesterday ended up being quite frustrating.  I had a good morning at Magdalena, teaching Algebra II to several students.

In the afternoon, I worked on my GIS lab.   278 more words


Bermuda Triangle solved?

The large number of ships and planes which have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle has puzzled us for many years.   Could the peculiar hexagonal-shaped… 56 more words

Long Range Forecasting: 10/17/16-10/24/16

It is time to look ahead at the long range forecast, as told by the GFS model.

The 300 mb GFS charts show that this week’s trough will pass north of the state, and we will be under a low amplitude ridge by this upcoming weekend.   197 more words


10/16/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I went for a very disappointing run.  Ionly made it 2.32 miles, and Ihad to stop multiple times to tie my shoe, watch for traffic, etc.   119 more words