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Long Range Forecasting: 7/25/17-8/1/17

It is time to look ahead at the long range forecast, as told by the GFS model.

The next week will be hot, though precipitation is possible most days this week.   203 more words


93 degrees...

Feels like Devil’s Spit. Well that was probably the 110 I felt last week but still. My glasses were steaming when I opened my car door earlier. Horrid 😂

United States

A Few Photos

I took several long-exposure lightning photos a few days ago.  I have no photo editing software (other than MS Paint) on this computer, but I will show you these photos anyhow. 35 more words


Illinois Weather:  7/25/17

Yesterday, we drove through mostly sunny skies and warm, still weather from eastern Kansas into central Illinois, without any incident.  The evening was clear, mild and still in Forsyth, IL, and so we watched the International Space Station (ISS) pass overhead. 475 more words


1840: A Line Drawn Through the Eye of the Observer and the Centre of the Sun

All rainbows are portions of circles, and the eye of the observer is always opposite to the centre of the circle. The quantity of the circle seen, depends on the height of the sun above the horizon at the time ; for, as the eye of the observer is always directly between the sun and the centre of the circle, of which the rainbow forms a part, if the sun be high above the horizon, a line drawn from the sun through the observer’s eye, and so forward, would pass below the visible horizon on the opposite side, and he would see a rainbow of only a small portion of a circle, as in the lowest figure of the scene ; where, it is evident, the centre of the circle is below the horizon.

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Video of the Week: 7/23/17

This week’s video commemorates the fourth anniversary of the so-called, “Hurricane Green  Chile.”  On 7/26/13, we had two outflow boundaries interact, right in the middle of the Rio Grande River Valley.  24 more words


Satellite Image of the Week #29

This week’s satellite image shows a large cumulus field over Canada.  I simply liked this photo; I like that some areas have open cell convection and others have closed cell convection.   23 more words