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A Monster Storm's Weakness

Over the course of the last century or so, we have developed all sorts of ways to predict the weather. Lately, as in the last few decades or so, meteorologists have noticed some trends when it comes to global weather: the Earth is getting warmer, the Ice Caps are melting, and storms (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) aregetting stronger and worse. 171 more words


Severe Weather Today: 4/18/15

I missed several severe weather events over the past two weeks, and did not get to post about them. However, it looks like I will get to forecast for today’s severe weather, before attending a conference later this morning. 623 more words


I chose Brockport because of my major, but I stayed because of the people.

Katelynn Groh—Remember that time in high school when you were trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life on top of trying to narrow down which college you wanted to go to? 601 more words

Student Life

Meteorological Throwdown

In any given location in America, one can usually find three local TV stations affiliated with each of the three major broadcast networks. I suppose, in some of the more populated regions, you’ll find news outfits that are affiliated with the Fox Network. 414 more words


New Mexico Weather: 4/15/15

Yesterday tricked me. The weather turned cloudy and rainy in the afternoon (in Socorro). However, the one large cloud that caused all of the trouble moved over the town and then we had clear skies again by evening. 475 more words


Titanic and the Impenetrable Iceberg

In the early hours of this morning in 1912 the Titanic hit an iceberg and, 2 hours and 40 minutes later, she sank.

We all know the story: despite six separate iceberg warnings from other ships, the Titanic was travelling only two knots short of her top speed and so couldn’t manoeuvre in time. 468 more words


4/13/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted to Magdalena for tutoring. The regular teacher was out, so we went through some math game worksheets in every class. It was like Sudoku, but had a few other elements present. 93 more words