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Severe Thunderstorm Here Right Now! (Edmonton)

At this very moment, the second severe thunderstorm in the last couple hours is coming through. Strong wind, heavy rain, and very loud thunder accompanying the lightning which has been striking very near here. 83 more words


Tropical Update

It is a time for another tropical update.

In the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is expecting no tropical systems to develop over the next 48 hours. 123 more words


Storm Prediction Center Update

It is time for another Storm Prediction Center (SPC) update. This will give us some indication of what severe weather is possible this week.

Day 1: Slight Risk… 465 more words


Unusual Cloud Pairing

Fluffy, cottony

Clouds near the ground and with a

BIG white wash above.

On Saturday afternoon I noticed this combination of clouds in the sky – hanging out together – the cottony cumulus kind below, along with the big, white “wash” cloud above. 54 more words


7/22/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I had a meeting at Sandia, which went well, I do believe.  More about that some other time.

After that, I went to the National Weather Service (NWS) and volunteered there for the evening.   51 more words


Satellite Image of the Week: #30

This week’s satellite image was taken this morning over the Mid-Atlantic. Notice the checkerboard of clouds; these are interfering mountain-wave patterns as the winds pass over the Appalachians. 61 more words


Is It Hot Enough For You?

During extreme weather, we have a couple of idiomatic greetings to use in place of, “How are you?”. In the winter, there’s, “Is it cold enough for you?” In the summer we have, “Is it hot enough for you?” 679 more words