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10/7/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was a hectic day. I woke up late, but still managed to tutor at Magdalena. The most interesting AVID tutorial was one about tornadoes. I ended up talking about tornadoes, much to the freshman’s dismay. 144 more words


Evolution as algorithmic indeterminacy from rational agent competition

I have only just begun to watch Susskind’s lectures on statistical mechanics; my goal is to interpret algorithmic thermodynamics: to infer the meaning of a mapping between the seemingly nonphysical concept of algorithmic probability and apparently physical thermodynamic entropy. 739 more words


Dear Helen...

Dear Helen

I have to report that the cloud over England & Wales this afternoon was not fair weather cloud as you forecast. Fair weather cloud is synonymous with cumulus humilis (type 1 low cloud) like the cloud in the image above, and it’s most definitely not that. 115 more words

Synoptic Situation

Special Collections Visiting Scholars – Visiting Forbes’ coloured atmospheres

James David Forbes (1809–1868) was part of an early generation of natural philosophers interested in quantifying climate and weather in order to determine how the Earth’s atmosphere behaves. 795 more words

Rare Book Collection

Tilting at Windmills?

I was recently lucky enough to visit the Windmill Hill Windmill in East Sussex. The restoration of the 19th century windmill to working order is the most ambitious to be carried out in the UK. 276 more words


Proposed Cuts Open to Feedback

After proposing monumental cuts in funding across the college to remedy the current budget deficit, the Instructional Council is gathering feedback to prepare to make final decisions. 1,018 more words


TWZ Interviews: Chris White

This is the second interview in a series of conversations with leading professionals from the field of meteorology. I recently had the chance to sit down with Chris White, a Department of Defense retiree, weather blogger, storm chaser, and fellow Virginia Tech alum. 4,252 more words