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Satellite Image of the Week: #5

This week’s satellite image is from the visible spectrum over the Hudson Bay. I like this image because it shows a strong high-latitude cyclone. The entire image is filled with the cumulus clouds associated with this storm. 39 more words


Tennessee Weather: 8/1/15

Last night was beautiful on our drive from Jersey, VA, to Bristol, TN. I had the windows down most of the evening, until it was too cold, and I had to roll them up. 216 more words


The Winds and Clouds of Neptune

Neptune, it seems, gets little attention. Dwarf planet Pluto, which occasionally crossed the orbital path of Neptune and is closer to the sun than the ice giant, has certainly been in the news frequently in recent days. 956 more words
Solar System

Virginia Weather: 7/31/15

We are packing up and leaving Virginia today to head back west. The cold front passed through yesterday, bringing some strong storms through the area. One storm produced 3 inches of rain in under half an hour. 270 more words


New Weather Page on Facebook

A quick post tonight…I thought some of you who may happen to be on Facebook might be interested in following my new weather page: Meteorologist Nick Humphrey… 52 more words


Maryland Weather: 7/30/15

It is a hot and humid day today in Barclay, MD. I walked around my grandfather’s garden, and it was quite warm and muggy already this morning. 401 more words


Where most of us live (with apologies to southern-hemisphere readers)

Almost all of us live on land, not the ocean. And, most of us live in the northern hemisphere, not the southern. For the benefit of most of us, let’s take a closer look at how temperature has changed, in the northern hemisphere, on land. 1,107 more words

Global Warming

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