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I’ve always harboured feelings of sardonic superiority (accompanied by supercilious sneers) over those who abuse access to column inches whining about personal commercial travails.

Not anymore. 797 more words

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

Overwatch's Mei Buff Is Useful, But Only If You're Smart

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Yesterday’s surprise Overwatch patch brought with it some balance changes—most importantly (to me), Mei’s buff, a thing of both immeasurable good and evil. 159 more words


City looking at paying parking meters with smartphones

Local drivers fed up with searching for change will soon have an ability to pay for parking at municipal meters or lots with their smartphone. 420 more words

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Panoramic view of Workshop

Panoramic taken with an iPhone6

wide view of poets

deep view of poem structures

rhymes, rhythms, meters.


City upgrades smart meters in Honolulu

Over 1,000 parking meters in Honolulu’s urban core are about to get a high tech upgrade. The new smart meters will take coins along with credit cards with the new chip technology. 146 more words


#bigbinkshow Brazilian Police Say Swimmers were Not Robbed

#bigbinkshow   I didn’t know that the circus was a part of the Olympics!!!  The story about the U.S. olympic swimmers getting robbed may not be true at all according to CNN….What has started out as a high profile crime against some high profile athletes is just some BS……here are the latest details… 12 more words

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Reigns Combines Ruling A Kingdom With Tinder

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Swipe right. Long live the king! Swipe left. The king is dead.

I just got done spending an hour with Reigns… 455 more words