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China believes it has nothing to do with the Philippines' drug problem, no matter what Duterte says

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte plans to make illegal drugs from China and tensions in the South China Sea a focus of his first official visit to the mainland on October, but Beijing appears to be trying to play down one of those issues. 558 more words

The man in the Ghost.

The leaves billowed from the heavens, a roasted brown or Sunkist yellow. Mixed into the mess is the liter of the ages; a pattern, a rhythm, a song of color against dismal grey concrete. 64 more words


Killing For Revelation

There are holes in the Ziploc bag.

Snow coated.

Breaks in the lines,

Sparking electrical wires

Melting alpine peaks

And itchy noses

Cut with methamphetamine… 44 more words


Auckland's Meth Housing Issue

Im constantly dealing with meth contaminated homes. Costing landlords tens of thousands of dollars to clean before they can rent out their houses again. Part of the issue starts due to the owner or the owners agent doing a poor job vetting their tenants. 155 more words

Property Management

Adolph Meth-head

It is my conjecture that only two groups of people are interested in the scholarship of Nazi Germany: Those who wish to understand it better in order to avoid its happening ever again, and those who wish to understand it better in order to re-implement it and… 188 more words


Lyft Line Conversations

Do you find yourself taking the Lyft or Ubering more? That’s usually the first question your driver asks you when you step into your ride with that complete stranger that you’ve basically handed him your life with the swipe of a button. 423 more words

LA Problems