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How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay In Your System

What is Crystal Meth?
Crystal meth is a white colored crystal formed a drug, which is also known as crystal methamphetamine. Chalk, crank, or speed are another similar group of drugs, which contain methamphetamine. 9 more words

A Special Contradiction

Underneath the chin
Relax. Smell it. Collapse.
Let that sink in.

That we’re endlessly playing moonlight
Watching sunset
Like an approaching crucifixion.
Don’t we glisten… 35 more words

Crow Leads Police To Hidden Meth Stash

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This is a first! A surveillance camera captured a crow fishing a bag of methamphetamine out of a Perth gas station’s garbage can last week Monday. 128 more words


When Meth Was Medicine: Big Pharma Amphetamine Ads from the Days of Better Living Through Chemistry

Methamphetamine today is widely considered a scourge, its users portrayed as toothless trailer park trash and twitchy tweakers.  It’s the stuff of meth labs and drug raids, but it wasn’t always like that. 196 more words

Body & Mind

What to Expect from Meth Rehab: Sacramento Detox Center Explains

As you consider getting help for a meth addiction, the first thing to know is that the number of people who have used, or are using, meth is huge. 120 more words