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This is Codi Hart with Forever Changed Ministries in Tacoma, Washington. We wanted to share with you, just a tad regarding the women that we have coming into Forever Changed Ministries. 409 more words


What An Upper-Middle Class, Bay Area Homosexual Journalist and his Drug Addicted Boyfriend Have In Common With Two Suburban, Mormon Grandparents, Their College-Educated Daughter Who Runs An Online Heroin Blog And The Junky Musician From Across The Pond Who's Posts On Addiction Treatment Have Been Recently Discovered After Penning The Song "Lady Heroin".

What An Upper-Middle Class, Bay Area Homosexual Journalist and his Drug Addicted Boyfriend Have In Common With Two Suburban, Mormon Grandparents, Their College-Educated Daughter Who Runs An Online Heroin Blog And The Junky Musician From Across The Pond Who’s Posts On Addiction Treatment Have Been Recently Discovered After Penning The Song “Lady Heroin”. 2,459 more words


Dr. Mitchel Fagin Arrested In Central Islip, NY, Charged With Prescribing Drugs For "Sexual Favors"

Newsday — A Smithtown physician, who once had his license suspended for practicing while under the influence of drugs, was arrested by federal agents Friday on charges of illegally prescribing narcotics and tranquilizers, including oxycodone and methadone, according to court papers. 91 more words


“I’ll never ask for another pain pill again”: ℞ database damage in Utah

For the most part, attorney Tyler Ayres practices criminal law in Draper, Utah. If you Google him, the first result reads “Utah DUI Attorney.” But recently, Ayres has grown into a de facto voice against the third-party doctrine and Utah’s drug database, a combination allowing authorities to access citizens’ prescription drug histories nearly carte blanche.

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The Truth about Medications for Addiction

We often dream of a magic pill that can undo our problems and bring us back to the beginning, before our addiction grabbed hold. The truth is there is no magic pill. 331 more words

Congress, Help Combat Prescription Drug Abuse



Commentary by Cynthia Reilly (directs The Pew Charitable Trusts’ prescription drug abuse project)

Experts convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded in 2012 that PRRs have the potential to save lives and lower health care costs by reducing opioid use to safer levels. 310 more words

Chronic Pain

Alberta's worsening fentanyl crisis cripples middle class families as doctors struggle to keep up

New data suggests Alberta’s fentanyl crisis is worsening with a stunning death toll from overdoses this year, but health officials warn that doctors are struggling to find treatment for patients addicted to the drug and other opiates. 1,571 more words

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