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Thinking of you, Nicklaus Ellison


A few months before he took a toxic mix of drugs and died on a stranger’s couch, Nicklaus Ellison wrote a letter to his little sister. 374 more words

Drug War

PHILIP ANSELMO: Methadone Is 'The Worst Drug In The Fucking World!

In the latest edition of Loudwire‘s “Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction?” signature series, former PANTERA and current DOWN and SUPERJOINT frontman Philip Anselmo was asked if it’s true that he stopped doing hard drugs in 2005, initially so that he could be cleared for surgery on his back. 761 more words

What you need to know about What is Methadone ?

A.S.K FactSheet MEA/25

Do you need Advice, Help & Support. Maybe you have a  Question that needs answering Such as?:

What is methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic opiate manufactured for use as a painkiller and as substitute for heroin in the treatment of heroin addiction. 660 more words


Kicking Heroin with Methadone

If you one of the many folks addicted to heroin or opioids, you have options, if you want to get clean and sober. There are currently three drugs being used to help deal with withdrawals. 1,041 more words



The feeling is one of “not knowing what to do” 

This feeling is not a feeling of depression, or even anxeity really, its basically a feeling of being lost.

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Clear mind and a new person

I just had someone walk in my office.

“Danny do you go to two churches”

“Nope I just come here (every Sunday night we have a church service at 6pm, in our drop-in center), Sunday nights.” 602 more words