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Medication for Addiction - Naltrexone (Part 1)

Fast Facts about Naltrexone.

  1. Naltrexone helps you avoid relapse. It is legal and is administered under a doctor’s care. It is NOT just another drug to abuse.
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'I would do anything in the world to have my baby back'


As Kim Krummrich clutched her son’s lifeless body she thought, “This isn’t real.”

“I was holding Dalton and pleading to him to, “Please, come back,’” she said. 968 more words

Day 30 - Positives (How to remain positive)

There is little to report from today (Sunday) as the day was spent pretty much in the same way as Saturday, if you read my blog ‘the unseen diary of the day after the fun before ( 733 more words

Year Of Positives

Man says he'd likely be dead if addictions treatment wasn't available on Blood reserve

When Keegan Shouting walked into his sister’s home on the Blood reserve one morning in March, he found a man and woman unconscious. They didn’t move when he tried to wake them. 874 more words

Local News

Medication Management Treatment and Narcotics Anonymous (NA): Time for an Open Mind

Imagine if people living with HIV had been shunned, shamed, alienated and stigmatized for utilizing Antiretroviral therapy (ART) medications.  Imagine if people living with cancer were told that using chemotherapy or radiation treatment was “taking the easy way out” and that they weren’t really in recovery, or if people using blood pressure management medications were told they should be able to lower high blood pressure all on their own. 1,108 more words


Mind over Matter: Things I Didn't Learn in College

My psychology degree taught me a little about the mind: cognitive psychology, the study of consciousness…. mostly, it taught me about the brain and behavior. I guess it gave me a introductory framework, but most of the valuable stuff I’ve learned seems to have come after college, once I got beyond the craziness of adolescence and became more curious about the mind. 1,086 more words


Administration Proposes Critical Investments to Tackle Prescription Drug Abuse, Heroin Use, and Overdose Death

The Obama administration this year proposed $133 million in new spending to curb overprescription of opioid painkillers, the drugs that have proved to be the primary gateway to heroin use, and to expand the use of suboxone and methadone, drugs that are used as more benign substitutes to wean addicts off the powerful urge to return to heroin. 45 more words