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Cutting methane emissions from oil and gas makes basic business sense

A group of investors that have interests in oil and gas companies are vocally supporting the Obama administration’s goal to reduce methane emissions, a harmful greenhouse gas, from the oil and gas industries. 384 more words


Meeting held over methane gas testing in Winston-Salem

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Residents living in a neighborhood next to Bowman Gray Stadium met with city officials Thursday night to learn more about the recent discovery of methane gas. 207 more words


More methane seeps discovered in the deep ocean

Over a course of 12 days Dr. Giuliana Panieri and her colleagues from Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate (CAGE) collected images from seven areas of known methane release in the Arctic Ocean. 318 more words


Alaska Burning

Alaska is on fire at the moment.

Well, not all of it, but the state’s wildfire Preparedness Level is at 4. The scale only goes up to 5, so PL 4 means the state is starting to have real trouble dealing with its fires and needs help from other states. 1,056 more words

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If there is life on Mars, it is probably underground—where our rovers can't see it

Apart from finding mundane facts about Mars, one of NASA’s Curiosity rover’s tasks is to search for life on the red planet. But new research suggests that, if there is indeed life on Mars, our rovers may not be able to see it. 321 more words

Scientists Squeeze Methane Out Of Martian Meteorites

One of the biggest clues to finding evidence of life on Mars – past or present – has been the existence of methane, an organic compound that is the principal component of natural gas here on Earth. 340 more words