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Permafrost thaw and methane release from Arctic lakes

Friday, February 24, 2017| 9:30-10:30 am, 401 Akasofu

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate warming. Permafrost thaw beneath lakes leads to large emissions of methane gas to the atmosphere. 133 more words

Katey Walter Anthony

The Meat of the Matter: Four ways what's on your plate can change the fate of the world

Studies suggest that curbing appetites away from meat is probably the most unpopular way to reduce our environmental impact.

It’s one of the hottest days of summer and you can see the smoke from the barbeque before you find the latch to open the gate to your bro’s back yard.

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Governor, How Much Methane is Leaking?

Monday Action for the week of 2/13/17:

Methane is leaking from the old pipes across the state. There could be one right under your street. Look up where the… 716 more words

Climate Change

Critics warn Congress not to roll back Obama-era methane rules

As part of its wholesale rollback of Obama-era legislation, Congress is looking at voiding safeguards that control methane gas leakage from oil and natural gas installations on public lands controlled by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 40 more words

Dept. Of Justice

Good news: Methane hydrate breakdown unlikely to cause massive greenhouse gas release


The breakdown of methane hydrates due to warming climate is unlikely to lead to massive amounts of methane being released to the atmosphere, according to a recent interpretive review of scientific literature performed by the U.S. 754 more words


Compatibility of Cows, Conservation and Climate Change?

I’ve been asked a number of times why I advocate for cattle grazing in prairies when cattle are such strong contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and rapid climate change.  1,553 more words