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Diversity of methanogenic archaea in freshwater sediments of lacustrine ecosystems


Folguni Laskar, Sumi Das Purkayastha, Aniruddha Sen, Mrinal K. Bhattacharya, Biswapriya B. Mi

About half of the global methane (CH4) emission is contributed by the methanogenic archaeal communities leading to a significant increase in global warming. 182 more words


Protect Chaco Call-in Day Alert (please share far and wide)

Martin Luther King Jr. led efforts toward creating a just, equal, and loving world. In a show of solidarity, we’re asking people to take this message to their congressional delegates (wherever they are based) to uphold the principles of racial equality and environmental justice, as well as ask their delegates to support a federal protections bill for the Greater Chaco Landscape and surrounding communities. 441 more words

Climate Change

More "settled science" - Unexpected environmental source of methane discovered

Some nitrogen-fixing microorganisms contain an enzyme for the simultaneous production of ammonia and methane


An unexpected source of methane in the environment has been inadvertently discovered. 548 more words


The SIBO breath test result: positive progress?

So as I touched upon in my previous post, my private nutritionalist felt it was time to delve further into my disintegrating digestive health, and this time recommended me to carry out a Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) breath test. 285 more words

Sharing Saturday Seven

It’s another week and another Sharing Saturday.  Today I will be sharing an informative part of an article on methane that I wrote.  It’s not what I normally share but research articles can be just as interesting as stories.  109 more words

New Petition to Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Please Sign, Share and Talk about this, Letters to the press, please help to stop this plan in whatever way you can. Incredibly this mad, bad and dangerous plan has received far less media attention and discussion than the proposed Zip wires accross Thirlmere.  615 more words

West Cumbrian Mining