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The US Is Finally Taking on Methane, Climate Change's Hidden Villain - EMMA FOEHRINGER MERCHANT: 05.02.16 3:23 PM

This story originally appeared on the New Republic and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Methane, carbon dioxide’s lesser-known cousin, is a big and growing problem for the planet. 209 more words

Point Of Interest

Spectra Energy pipeline explodes.

Spectra Energy transmission line explodes. I highlight transmission because, by all reports, transmission lines are advertised to be “much safer” than distribution lines. The pipeline in question, from reports, was installed in 1981 and last inspected in 2012. 327 more words


April 29, 1915: Sewer Gas Explosion

April 29, 1915: Municipal Journal article. Fatal Explosion in Sewage Disposal Plant. “Ocean Grove, N. J.-An explosion in the valve chamber of the larger of Ocean Grove’s two septic tank plants on the afternoon of April 25 injured three men, one of whom died the next day of his injuries. 406 more words


WATCH: River Set On Fire Near Fracking Site

An Australian politician, Jeremy Buckingham, set out to prove once and for all the dangers behind fracking. His target was the Condamine River in Queensland to investigate rising methane levels in the water. 295 more words


Sign Petition For Fee and Dividend NM

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Why we need an NM Fee  and Dividend System

We only have a political will problem, not a budget problem in NM due oil royalties. 335 more words

Fee And Dividend New Mexico

Sociology and the Environment

So I’m in a sociology class and yesterday we were discussing the environment, namely how to cut down on our carbon emissions. Everything was fine and good: my professor talked about how we could buy local food, drive less and not use plastic water bottles. 259 more words