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Methane interview from Gefle Metal Festival on Youtube

Last week Tomas ‘Hellscream’ Lönneryd interviewed Tim at The Gefle Metal Festival 2017 in Gävle Sweden for his special “Aftermath” eddition of his show Deathwish… 36 more words


Uninhabitable (Review)

I didn’t notice that Uninhabitable: A Case for Caution by C.S. Goldsmith is an older book because it is a very recent addition to the collection at the Norfolk (NE) Public Library. 990 more words


Methane Seeps Out as Arctic Permafrost Starts to Resemble Swiss Cheese

In parts of northern Canada’s Mackenzie River Delta, seen here by satellite, scientists are finding high levels of methane near deeply thawed pockets of permafrost. 126 more words


Strong geologic methane emissions from discontinuous terrestrial permafrost in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada | Scientific Reports

Our study suggests, first, that thinning permafrost in a warmer climate may not only result in the frequently reported and discussed increased emission of biogenic CH4, but also in increased emissions of geologic CH4, that is currently still trapped under thick, continuous permafrost, as new emission pathways open due to thawing permafrost.

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Abrupt Climate Change
Measurements over Canada’s Mackenzie River Basin suggest that thawing permafrost is starting to free greenhouse gases long trapped in oil and gas deposits.

Global warming may be unleashing new sources of heat-trapping methane from layers of oil and gas that have been buried deep beneath Arctic permafrost for millennia. 257 more words


NOAA’s Climate.gov Says Natural Wetlands, Tropical Agriculture Responsible For Methane Increases, Not Oil and Gas

From Western Wire

by Michael Sandoval July 18, 2017

“Agricultural and wetland emissions” from the planet’s tropical areas, not oil and gas activities in the United States, are more than likely responsible for a post-2007 global increase in methane levels, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s… 526 more words


A cautionary tale

The latest in a series of journal articles based the MAMM project field work has been published today. The article (A cautionary tale: A study of a methane enhancement over the North Sea… 963 more words