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Surprise finding: Arctic Ocean methane does not reach the atmosphere

From the CAGE – CENTER FOR ARCTIC GAS HYDRATE, CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT and the cancel the “methane time bomb” department comes this surprising finding: 848 more words


David Suzuki: How to Feed the World as the Planet Warms

Calculating farming’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is difficult, but experts agree that feeding the world’s people has tremendous climate and environmental impacts. Estimates of global emissions from farms range widely. 208 more words


DRC365 #146

I’m on a boat. I travelled the length of Lake Kivu today to our office in South Kivu Province. A documentary called Killer Lakes was screened during the journey, detailing the dangerous amounts of methane gas present in the lake, and the catastrophe it would cause should this ever explode. 8 more words

Humanitarian Aid Work

Why This Power Company Is Making Energy From Pig Poo

Power giant Duke Energy announced plans on Tuesday to buy gas generated by the waste from pigs on farms in North Carolina. The company will use the gas, made of methane, to generate electricity at two power stations. 353 more words


Songs of the Swamp

This summer, at (Art)ScienceBLR, we worked with The Indian Sonic Research Organisation and the Earth Co.Lab. Earth Co.Lab is developing a Swamp Song machine using environmental sensors. 77 more words


Of course, you can’t kill all of the bacteria, or the cow would die

There is always a catch with AGW “solutions

Most attempts to tackle climate change focus on cutting greenhouse gases from cars and factories, but a small group of scientists think the key may lie in cutting emissions of a different kind. 189 more words


EPA Issues Final Rule to Cut Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Industry

By Max E. Bridges

On May 12, the EPA finalized a set of regulations that will reduce methane, volatile organic compounds, and toxic air emissions in the oil and gas industry. 185 more words