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Is farting contributing to global warming?

I know you’re thinking eww but no it’s not our farts. At the end of last year controversial Dr. Michael Mosley released an article (and subsequently a two part TV series that was aired on ABC a few weeks ago) on whether ‘eating meat could be eco-friendly’. 697 more words

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I. The most powerful, secret greenhouse gas emitter

As the world struggles to find and agree on methods of mitigating climate change, many individuals searching for answers aren’t looking in the right places. While many point fingers at the transportation industry for filling the atmosphere with carbon, a much smaller amount of blame is being placed on the largest carbon-emitting culprit: the livestock industry. 497 more words

Climate Change

Animal manure could create a new energy market in Iowa

Nick Fetty | April 23, 2015

Iowa could soon use the byproducts from two of its biggest industries – crop and livestock production – to create a new market in renewable fuel production, according to… 239 more words


Report says tackling methane leakage from oil and gas operations critical to meeting global greenhouse gas goals

Global methane leaks totaled 3.5 trillion cubic feet in 2012

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FRISCO — Reducing methane leakage from drilling sites, pipelines and storage tanks represents a huge low-cost opportunity in the battle to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report that says 3.5 trillion cubic feet of gas — worth about $30 billion — escaped from oil and gas sector operations in 2012. 629 more words


Effectiveness of methane-consuming bacteria in the ocean moderated by ocean currents

Ocean Currents Impact Methane consumption

Study in Nature Geoscience on interactions between marine microbiology and oceanography

Offshore the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, methane gas is seeping out of the seabed in several hundred meters depth. 753 more words


Methane Leaks from Oil and Gas Wells Now Top Polluters

Image Credit: Biz West

In 2012, cows overtook the oil and gas industry as the largest methane emitters (EnergyWire, Feb. 25, 2014). Now, bovine emissions have fallen back to second place. 446 more words


Writing plain English science into legislation; or Compost Eats Methane

By Su Wild-River

This post was first published at: http://nofunnybusiness.net/2013/12/writing-plain-english-science-into-legislation-or-compost-eats-methane/

Both legislators and scientists can struggle to communicate our work effectively in plain English. How much harder is it when we try to encapsulate science in a law? 593 more words

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