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How to make rice healthier for you and the environment

What do congee, paella, risotto, and chimichangas have in common?


Nearly half of the world’s population eats rice on a daily basis, making it a staple food for roughly 3.5 billion people. 1,771 more words

Climate Change

GMO Rice Makes More Food, Less Greenhouse Gas

No word on how the rice tastes ;)

When it comes to major anthropogenic sources of methane (an important greenhouse gas), livestock and leaky natural gas wells and pipelines might come to mind.

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Growing GMO modified rice eliminates Methane pollution. An inconvenient truth for Green Heads. A Limerick.

A true GMO revolution.

Grow rice without Methane pollution.

Half the world fed with rice.

Feed the hungry, how nice.

“Green heads” will explode: – Wrong solution. 126 more words


The perfect storm for environmentalists: GMO engineered rice reduces greenhouse gas emissions to near zero

From the DOE/PACIFIC NORTHWEST NATIONAL LABORATORY and the “you can hear green heads exploding” department comes this bit of news sure to short circuit some people that are anti GMO but think the planet is doomed unless we do something about the threat of greenhouse gas emissions. 828 more words


Save the Planet: Boycott Ben & Jerry's

It comes as no surprise to some of us that Ben & Jerry’s spreads false propaganda about the environment. For instance, they have a fun “fact” sheet that claims there will be 40% more Category 4 and 5 hurricanes in the future due to climate change.  389 more words


Sweating like a pig

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Note: In the interests of transparency, transgenderparency and Saran Wrapency, the purpose of the above stated training is to make sure that the travel agents being trained can read without moving their lips. 595 more words