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Humans, done in by Earth farts: "The Siberian crater saga"

“Global warming had thawed the permafrost, which had caused methane trapped inside the icy ground to explode.”


Funny, that article didn’t seem to mention how dangerous Methane is to humans as a greenhouse gas… maybe I skimmed that part. 41 more words


Death and Dog Fights

(25th of Febuary)

Dad had to put Dale down on Sunday night, he had already been sick for days. Though he showed the signs of a tick born disease none of the medicine we had for those helped. 610 more words


Methane Blowholes Erupt In Siberia

Siberia is a big place. So amazingly big that big doesn’t describe it. So, when someone was surprised to find a massive crater it was by luck, not intent. 100 more words


New study takes nuanced look at methane leaks

In some gas fields, leak rates appear close to official estimates

Staff Report

FRISCO — Boulder-based researchers have used thousands of detailed measurements taken during overflights to take a nuanced look at methane leaks from natural gas fields. 583 more words


METHANE: Entertainment Industry End Hunger Challenge #6

A few weeks back I did an artist spotlight/review on the band Methane. You can find that review HERE.

I said then, and I will say it again…There is nothing worse than automated ‘tweets’ or “liking” a fans comment of Facebook, without actually engaging. 174 more words


More Fracking in Store for Colorado's Front Range

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced last week its intent to auction off 86 parcels comprising more than 36,000 acres of our public lands to the oil and gas industry for drilling and fracking.   468 more words

Chart of the Day, 17 February 2015: How Scary Is Methane?

A doomer commentary on methane has been doing the rounds on social media. Pictures of  methane bubbles certainly look scary, but the overall atmospheric concentration of methane has been showing only a mild rise. 339 more words

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