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To Forget Or Not is the Question.

“I am telling you I am suffering from Alzheimer’s,”

“I tend to forget this is VitB12 deficiency ”

I forget the names of people who declare this, though the voices that ring . 801 more words


Discovering the definition of Faith

Haa! What a way to welcome New Year. Fortunately the Tuluva is me very strong, so I keep a straight face and say  Yugadi on 14th /15th of the month. 881 more words


8 Reasons to read, and a choice to get Educated.


Three books that I would like to read in the coming weeks.

  • The brothers Bihar – Sankarshan Thakur simply because I discovered the author and I appreciated the way he spoke.
  • 414 more words

What the Heck is important about a question?

“Man is the question he asks about himself, before any question has been formulated. It is therefore not surprising that the basic questions were formulated very early in the history of mankind” the Pop-Guru on the TV was sharing, of course he went on to clarify, “this is not just my thought, I am sharing  what Paul Tillich says in his Systematic Theology.”…this pop-guru is still seems to be playing, he said, she said and ad-infinitum!! 724 more words


Design of a Design Revealed.

It’s time that BlogAdda renames write over weekend to “points to ponder” the prompts actually need the activity of the grey  residents of the cranial cavity. 704 more words


The Route Of Being Flexible

There was a storm, and lightening.

The strong and sturdy oak tree did not bend, the grass bent right down. When the storm was over the oak tree was broken and but the blade survived. 882 more words


Seeking a True Soldier.

Pulwama attacks rules the headlines.  No anchor has the gall to ask the literati why are they not talking about returning the awards? No one even asks why is there not a whimper from the human rights activists. 720 more words