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On Method Writing

A number of weeks ago, I came across an article from BBC reporter Steven McIntosh titled Could ‘Method Writing’ be the Future for Novelists? The article, like many articles about writing, made me reflect on my own practice and I realized that I am, in a sense, a method writer. 879 more words


In Praise of Jack Grapes

Photo by Lisa Thayer

Today I would like to thank my Method Writing instructor and all-around good guy, Jack Grapes. Jack Grapes has helped thousands of writers find their voice using his brilliant Method Writing techniques. 377 more words


Method Writing

My wife sent me a link a couple of weeks ago from the Independent to an article by the columnist Thomas W Hodgkinson. It discussed (half-seriously, half-humorously) the introduction of a new movement in writing: the Method Writers. 654 more words


Gone Writing - Day 24

So… method writing.

A friend forwarded me a link to the BBC article: “Could ‘method writing’ be the future for novelists?” The article reports of the author Hodgkinson who launched his Method Writers project, for which he invites other authors to try techniques similar to method acting to find out if that works for their writing too. 476 more words


Gone Writing - Day 23

Poolside writing. Does that work? I thought not.

I was wrong.

It works. Just like writing in a café back in San Francisco worked.

I didn’t know. 328 more words


Stand up for the unborn? I can't even stand up for myself! {7QT}


It’s the 43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Decision.


Within the past 12 hours I’ve found myself in a situation where I either need to stand up for myself or lose a significant amount of money (money we paid to support a family member in an artistic endeavor when we could’ve spent it on, you know, replacing a couple of bald tires) in order to avoid having to rub elbows with… 597 more words


Relationships 101: The Introduction to Writing a Romantic Relationship

Internet Universe,

Today’s post is how to start understanding the psychology behind the real relationships to make your fictional relationships more believable.

We need to have realistic characters in order to engage our readers. 251 more words