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Concentrate on just 1 method that works to make money from home

When you do a Google search on How to make money from home just on the first page alone it shows over 1110 ways. with 209 million results in total. 32 more words

Creating and using your own positive self talk affirmations.

I would recommend writing the affirmations two ways.   Write as though you have achieved them, but also as though they are gradually coming towards you.   The gradually towards yourself will more easily fool your mind into achieving your goal, along the lines of Emile Coue, Every day in every way I am getting […] 10 more words

Don't believe your eyes.

A research team of Bard Ermentrout from the University of Pittsburgh’s Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and Joel Pearson from The University of New South Wales in Australia have come up with a way to create hallucinations that could make them easier to be studied objectively, potentially leading to new treatment methods. 26 more words


Our Wood fired Oven Schedule of Events

This weekend was the first time we cooked a variety of food – all done to maximize the fire potential. I will post the recipes but here is the rundown of the sequence we used to get the most out of it! 132 more words


Let's imagine: "Methods vs. Functions"

Java language borrows quite a lot from the low-level programming language design, for example C. Let’s consider this: an entry point is a method, so the exit point, by symmetry, should either just return to parent branch point – or branch deeper to another method. 316 more words


Worst form of Communication

Email not effective form of communication. As much as I love email for the fact I’m usually the one sending emails out, it’s far less the best way to get an answer… 439 more words