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Refactoring to Patterns: Replace Constructors with Creation Methods

This refactor deals with organization of class constructors in a way that allows developers to easily read what form of the class’ object is being created and what parameters should be passed in. 336 more words


How to Make Your Brain More Resilient While You Sleep, According to Neuroscientists

(Source: www.inc.com)

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: A neuroscientist, a Greek philosopher, and a Tibetan monk walk into a bar. They start talking together and all of them agree on one thing: that it’s really good idea to take control of your dreams while you’re asleep. 638 more words

Money Matters

Method Cleaning Donation

One of our donors for Ms. Emert’s classroom was Method Home. Method was kind enough to donate 5 coupons for hand soap for her classroom. She normally has to buy her own hand soap for her class sink, but these great soaps will make all the difference. 13 more words


The Beginning of the Beginning of the End

I never really believed in the outlining process until now, if that pic is evidence enough: 60,000 words of notes, commentary, self-criticism, and outlining. A literal novel’s worth of revision notes, 3/4ths the length of the actual novel itself. 1,505 more words


C# - Tasks - Async/Await

What does Asynchronous mean?

In general, Asynchronous means that one thing can occur at the same time as another. Within C#, Asynchronous programming allows the developer to be able to wait for a method to complete before continuing execution of the code. 192 more words


The best school pudding- Chocolate Concrete



When I was a kid I loved this school pudding, I can remember it so well. 561 more words


The Target Baby Box Rocks My Socks.

I love the Target Baby Box ($7.41 with tax). I really appreciate the ability to try out baby products without a huge investment. Ok, I MOSTLY appreciate getting a package of fun little travel size products in the mail for less than $10, but I like the… 569 more words