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Successive over-relaxation

Successive over-relaxation

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In numerical linear algebra, the method of successive over-relaxation (SOR) is a variant of the Gauss–Seidel method… 122 more words


[PDF] Taking the Good, Leaving the Bad?! – Abul-Hasan Maalik Akhdar

Taking the Good, Leaving the Bad?! – Abul-Hasan Maalik Akhdar

This is a MUST READ document.

It was written by ustaadh Abul-Hasan Maalik Akhdar. Every people should read this, in shaa’ Allaah.


Research method: napping

Over the years as I worked through the #trudgery of academic assignments, napping has become an important aspect of my process. I read and write on a subject for a few hours. 345 more words


What Type of Actor/actress are You?

I’ve talked about auditions in my post Getting It All Started and about the first week of rehearsal. In theatre there are two main types of acting. 652 more words


Setting Density or Gaining Density

And then, its all set for a higher density?
In a previous post – I slide tackled the 5 key qualities of space that single family/low density locals like. 171 more words


Salted Caramel & Popcorn Eclairs

I think these are the best thing I’ve ever baked. I took eight of these bad boys to my boyfriend’s house last night and they were gone by 9 o’clock – I was even asked if they were from Greggs (not to blow my own trumpet or anything!) So clearly these are a crowd-pleaser… 753 more words

Lipsticks And Biscuits

Methods of Character Building

I apologise for how long it has taken for me to get this one written and up. I’ve been – and for about a month will continue to be – extremely busy with other things (such as editing the writing/characterisation advice book which I hope to publish soon). 3,903 more words