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How do you read the Bible?

On my Facebook page, I posted a blog from The Gospel Coalition called “Sola Scriptura or Sola Cardia?”  It is a great read, dealing with the question of how much we really believe that the Bible alone guides our faith and life.   1,591 more words

Christian Living

The production line: painting miniatures in bulk, part 3: from undercoat to base colours

It’s important, as I have mentioned in previous parts, to know what you want in terms of a colour scheme before you start painting. It makes the process a lot easier, and avoids any mid-project slow-downs. 600 more words


Subway - The Unhealthy Choice?

So everyone has heard the story of Jared and Subway and have thought to do the same..

But in fact you can become extremely obese eating at subway. 544 more words

Nutrition Tips


Method: n. a frequently orderly frequently logical way of doing a subset(s) and/or how to achieve a goal(s)

A method is really a way of doing something or a way of achieving a goal(s). 354 more words

Common Sense

nostalgic play and paper pulping!

Recently I felt drawn to create a new collection of artwork and this time something more sculptural was calling.

I don’t have access to a kiln so firing clay was out of the question. 445 more words

Mixed Media Art

Quick Tip: IntelliJ - easily updating method calls when method signature changes

The What

I wrote a Java method, whose signature contains a number of parameters. This method is called by many other methods (i use the method in my tests). 293 more words


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Generate independent normal distribution.
Polar form adopted.

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