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The Journey to Perfection

I came to Mississippi to have my yearly meeting with the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) where my ordination candidacy resides. On my way down from Kentucky, my car started having some trouble and it’s currently undergoing automotive surgery, therefore I have been spending some extra time down south. 484 more words

Random Thoughts And Ramblings

Obscure Paragraphs About Hartwell "Victory" Weaver (1750-1822)

A couple of years ago, I submitted a DNA sample to the company, 23 and Me, for analysis. It was interesting and fun to learn about my various ethnicities and regional origins. 463 more words


Looking for Utopia

We work hard for the principles that we are passionate about. Whether it be raising our children in a manner that will be best for their health and moral growth or keeping our home free from outside influences. 681 more words


Page 21, The church picnic

1992, Today I was telling a little girl (5-year-old) at Sunday School about the happy time I had at her age. 

The Methodist Church in the little town of Cheshire would have their yearly picnic right across from our home in a big cow pasture, and it had a brook where all the children went swimming. 21 more words


Religious nuts--a joke

Here’s a joke I read on the Internet the other day. I found it hilarious.

A small town had three churches– Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist. …

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Number My Days

A prayer that I love in the Bible is when Davis ask God, ” to teach him to number my days.” I admonish all to pray this over your own lives: 111 more words


Propelled Into Ministry

Several significant experiences preceded my decision to enter the Christian ministry. Although I continued struggling with what I believed concerning the reality of God, I had no doubt whatsoever about the way of life exhibited and taught by Jesus Christ—it was exactly what human kind needed  to hear and heed.   325 more words