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The Apostasy of the Church, Part 2.

I’m a little hacked off.

On second thought, I’m a lot hacked off.

I just happened to be perusing my Facebook feed when I came upon an article, dated June 11, 2017, from the Atlantic. 539 more words


Witful Compromise & Marriage

I’m a Methodist. I was a Presbyterian back when I got married – she was a Methodist, so I was Presbyterian; we compromised and I became a Methodist.

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Life Is About To Change

11 months ago I left my church, left LA, and left social media to come to Portland for a year-long appointment as the visiting professor of theology at the same seminary I had studied at 7 short years before. 379 more words

Quick Thoughts

KU Maybanke Preschool

In recent years there have been ongoing calls in Australia for state provided or heavily subsidised kindergarten and outside school hours childcare – a very literal example of the nanny state that Australia is fast becoming. 393 more words


Filled With The Spirit In A Pentecost Liturgy

My first Pentecost as a Catholic, and there I was, an altar server. I had also served the week before and had done the reading out of the Acts of the Apostles all the Month of May. 1,017 more words

Politics And Religion

Historic Savannah

Four hours and twelve minutes from Fayetteville is the historic city of Savannah. Founded February 12, 1733 by General James Oglethorpe, who designed the now famous ward system of streets and parks, the city was originally created as a buffer colony to protect South Carolina from Spanish occupied Florida. 518 more words


Methodism (service)

I woke up before six, dreary eyed I picked out a dress and cardigan with flats to wear. Emma was helping to lead the service so I had to drive to the church and enter it alone. 170 more words