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Horse and Cart

You can look at a good Scout Troop like a horse and cart.  The horse has to be strong and steadfast.  The horse has to be trained so as not to buck and run when it’s not supposed to.   321 more words


Silence is argument carried out by other means.


Spicing Up Your Routines

What‘s up

Today I want to share with You something that‘s been on my mind ever since I started taking this workout thing seriously.

Whenever I decide that I want to do something for a long period of time I always love to get familiar with the matter. 1,163 more words


A climate change vulnerability framework for Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo National Natural Park, Colombia

Assessing the vulnerability of resources to the potential impacts from climate change is critical in implementing management strategies aimed at resource conservation. A conceptual framework of climate change vulnerability was developed for Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo National Natural Park (PNNCRSB), Colombia, a park designated to protect coastal and marine ecosystems. 242 more words


Avail DAOC Platiunm for sale | Methods to check out amount

Guild Competitions is a good activity. This is also the methods that one could earn extra income into the Guild Competitions. Your standard basic principle of your electrical power investor is always that get merchandise with large amount plus resell merchandise with large amount. 331 more words


Nelson, I.L. 2013. The Allure of Privileging Danger over Everyday Practice in Field Research.

Nelson, Ingrid L. 2013. “The Allure and Privileging of Danger over Everyday Practice in Field Research.” Area 45(4): 419-425.

  • By privileging “danger” or sensationalized phenomena in our research, we encounter the possibility of missing out on other underpinning phenomena/relationships/dynamics that may be critical to understanding an issue as a whole.
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