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British link site

Here you will find methods and links specially for Croatia. This should help you to get some inspiration, ideas and hints for your outdoor activities and science learning with your pupils. 149 more words


sort and reduce redundancy in FASTA files

we had a fasta file with unwanted redundancy.

Reads were mapped to a reference and than each match was extracted with an ID and  sequence where this ID mapped. 87 more words


Extracting Sequences from a Fasta using ID list

I often have to extract specific Sequences from big fasta. I found this nice script here and with some slight modification you can also use it for other file types. 94 more words


Lost and found: A tale of first-year folly, chance, and the nature of field work

So, funny story…

In summer of 2014, I had just finished my first year as a grad student at UT. I had spent the year coming up with questions and designing research projects to carry out for my PhD work. 517 more words



We are now using more accurate GPS’ to record our field data. Brian here is testing out the EOS Arrow. It is in the orange and black case attached to his vest. 37 more words


Performance Critique essay with annotations from lecturer.

I am going to be adding some of the essays that I have completed in my first year of university in an attempt to help guide first students into academic writing. 970 more words


Beginner's Guide to Note Taking and Organization.

Back in late 2014 I was a note taking king. I had made a 16 page notebook similar to this one. I had color coded notes, that I hand wrote and then typed in to… 1,890 more words