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The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) describes social studies as a diverse range of disciplines that demand high level critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative skills. These skills are essential to civic competence as well, and therefore social studies should be used to teach students how to become actively engaged citizens in American democracy and maintain a free society. When students enter the workforce, they should be informed and thoughtful, participating members of their communities, able to act politically, and morally and civically virtuous in order to be effective, responsible citizens. In order to instill these qualities in my students, I hope to utilize authentic, engaging activities as an integral part of my curriculum so that they learn meaningful content and skills rather than a few random facts for a standardized test. In order to accomplish this goal, I will emphasize that the way we learn and understand history and social sciences is not fixed, but rather a continually evolving process in which views change based on new information and interpretations. Furthermore, social sciences is not about the dates, historical figures, and other facts learned, but rather the way that information is gathered, evaluated, and utilized to comprehend trends, processes, and themes. In order to create a class where my students enjoy learning, I will encourage students to read a variety of primary and secondary sources and contextualize them, engage in discussion of current events and controversial issues in a positive, community-oriented environment, construct oral and written responses to key questions, conduct independent research to explore topics that are interesting to them, and more. The growth of these skills should be a priority in order to create meaningful lessons rather than being added on as a side note to a curriculum that focuses on learning content knowledge for a test. In addition to developing and implementing classroom methods to discourage passive learning and memorization of facts, I will encourage my students to become involved in service-learning opportunities, extracurricular activities, and student or local government to better understand and connect to the world around them. A vast majority of students in the United States today are unable to extend or elaborate on the meanings of materials that they have read, so I hope to contribute to the reversal of this troubling trend.


Leveraging Individual Users' Context of Use in Usability and User Experience Research

In order to understand the user experience of a product or service, one can not neglect the power of context therein. All applications, hardware systems, etc. 339 more words


Como Melhorar Sua Pronúncia Toda Vez Que For Digitar no Seu Smartphone

Já imaginou você conseguir melhorar sua pronúncia toda vez que você fosse digitar algo em inglês no seu celular.

Eu uso muito esta funcionalidade do Iphone e usei muito também no Android até muito mais que uso o SIRI (comando operacional do Iphone), devido a esta funcionalidade estar em simplesmente em qualquer aplicativo instalado. 110 more words


History and Improvement of Software Development

Normally we use our electronic devices every single day of our lives. We use our mobile applications, play with our computers or even argue about the new technology. 564 more words