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Making a List of Posts.

i’ve been trying a new tactic for writing my posts.

one long document, with the titles and then the post material, something i can copy around and move, but something that will stay in one place. 247 more words

Life Tips

Plastic Smog and Horizontal Smoke Stacks: Representations of Pollution as Knowledge

“A central question is strategic and representational: how can we convert into image and narrative the that are slow moving and long in the making, that are anonymous and that star nobody, that are attritional and of indifferent interest to the sensation-driven technologies of our image-world?”

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Beyond Attention and Escape: The ABCs of Behavior in the Classroom

A Teaching Aside

This post comes from my experiences with more experienced teachers trying to help me run my classroom more effectively. The theme of these interactions were to use what are called functional analyses to identify why certain students were acting the way they were and how to help them not misbehave anymore. 2,075 more words


Start drawing by doodling - some ideas

I started drawing by doodling just for myself. It’s fun. Slowly I dared to doodle with colleagues while having meetings. The power of clarifying things visually makes me drawing more and more. 389 more words

Sharing & Learning

Join Nikola Tesla, Harvey Specter and King Solomon...

I wrote a post a few days back on why you should stand out from the crowd and not blend in (If you haven’t read that, please do. 604 more words


Sopley Minor Practice Wednesday 1st July

The plan this month is to do plenty of Singles in Plain Bob Minor, ring some Kent and give a couple of keen people the chance to work on their Cambridge Minor.
Please come prepared!

Special Practice

How to Find Joy in Reading and Writing #summerPD

If I could change just one thing about the elementary education and secondary English education majors I teach, it would be this: they would all love to read and write. 559 more words