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How I would've answered A level sociology paper 3: crime and deviance with theory and methods, June 2017

Crime and deviance with theory and methods is the third and final exam paper (7192/3) in the AQA A level sociology specification – below are a few thoughts on how I would’ve answered the paper from the June 2017 exam… 534 more words


A simple global Budyko model to partition evaporation into interception and transpiration

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences | Mianabadi et al.


Evaporation is a very important flux in the hydrological cycle and links the water and energy balance of a catchment. 292 more words


A bootstrap method to estimate the influence of rainfall spatial uncertainty in hydrological simulations

Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences | Zhang et al.


Rainfall stations with a certain number and spatial distribution supply sampling records of rainfall processes in a river basin. 219 more words


How to Line Dry Laundry Without Losing Your Mind

AKA, How to Break Reliance on a Dryer.

Do you like to see how people do things? I certainly do. But what I dislike is seeing how people start a new system and then never getting to see a system they have had in place for years – a tried and true method, including variations and insights that just don’t exist on the very first day we try something new. 904 more words

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New evidence on the domestic policy influence of global performance assessments

Using a multilevel linear model to account for the hierarchical structure of our survey data, we find evidence that performance assessments yield greater policy influence when they make an explicit comparison of government performance across countries and allow assessed governments to participate in the assessment process.

230 more words

Autonomous observing platform CO2 data shed new light on the Southern Ocean carbon cycle.

While the number of surface ocean CO2 partial pressure (pCO2) measurements has soared the recent decades, the Southern Ocean remains undersampled. Williams et al. now present pCO2 estimates based on data from pH-sensor equipped Bio-Argo floats, which have been measuring in the Southern Ocean since 2014. 75 more words


Temporal-Spatial Monitoring of Extreme Precipitation Event: Determining Simultaneously the Time Period It Lasts and the Geographic Region It Affects

Journal of Climate | Lu et al.


A method is developed in this study to monitor and detect extreme precipitation events. For a rainfall event to be severe, it should last for a long period, affect a wide region, while maintaining a strong intensity. 141 more words