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Google Adsense Methods-- Preparing for And Making best use of Holiday Season Profits

Google Adsense Strategies– Anticipating And Making the most of Vacation Season Profits

While the Christmas holiday season is usually among the most lucrative for merchants of all types, numerous participants in the AdSense program have observed a significant reduction in AdSense revenueRead more…

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World Pinhole Photography Day

Did you know that a pinhole can focus and project light? A pinhole in an opaque material is the world’s simplest camera!¬†Yesterday was World Pinhole Photography Day… 463 more words


The 80/20 Rule

My dad always use to talk to me about the 80/20 rule in regards to various business, finance or marketing strategies which occurred in his industry. 618 more words

The narrative to the numbers: Focus groups

Assessment may use many sources from which to collect data (e.g., surveys, pre/post-tests, etc.) – especially when you’re working with assessing learning (due to its the blessed messiness). 737 more words

Focus Groups

Plyometric Training.

Relevance of Plyometric Training to Football

Plyometric training involves exercises where active muscles are stretched prior to its shortening (Ronnestad, Kvamme, Sunde and Raastas 2008), and plyometric exercises have been shown to increase power, jump height, and sprint performance (McBride, Triplett-McBride, Davie and Newton, 2002; Rimmer and Sleiverty, 2000; Wilson, Newton, Murphy and Humpries, 1993). 799 more words

A Response to "15 Reasons Why We Should Still be Using Hymnals"

I recently stumbled upon an article that had been shared over social media several times and so I finally read it. The article can be found… 2,254 more words