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Reblog: Electrical shavers and splashed saline

One morning, your friend and you go to a café and get two identical coffees. Without telling you, a barista gives you a regular coffee and your friend gets a decaf.

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Advances in in-situ ocean measurements

This chapter focuses on recent advances in in-situ ocean measurements. Recent interest in the ocean’s response to and impact on climate change has encouraged the development of improved sensor technologies for measuring oceanic parameters such as conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH. 72 more words


Child of the Home Front

East Cliff, Bournemouth, 1897; Merton Russell-Cotes commissions John Frederick Fogerty to build an Art Nouveau style house in the northeast section of his hotel’s garden (named East Cliff Hall) as a birthday present for his wife. 499 more words


Sample financial Dimension Methods

Use the below code to fetch ledgerDimension from Main account

Pass the Main account or Main account recid

DimensionStorage::getDefaultAccountForMainAccountNum() or DimensionStorage::getDefaultAccount()

Below code uses two parameters which is used to fetch ledgerdimension based on the enum example shown below. 25 more words

Bake in a Box, two ways


I have a long over due baking post for you guys! You know when you just get so busy and everything happens at once, well yes that is me currently. 817 more words


MoDIE: moderate dissolved inorganic carbon (DI13C) isotope enrichment for improved evaluation of DIC photochemical production in natural waters


• MoDIE allows analysis of very small DIC changes against large seawater background. • MoDIE eliminates DIC-stripping to quantify photoproduced DIC in natural waters. • Initial DIC photoproduction rates in blue water are reported using MoDIE. 337 more words


In situ detection of species relevant to the carbon cycle in seawater with submersible potentiometric probes

We report on the development of a submersible probe for the simultaneous potentiometric detection of carbonate, calcium, and pH in seawater. All-solid-state electrodes incorporating nanomaterials provide an adequate response time (<10 s), stability (drifts of <0.9 mV h–1), reproducibility (calibration parameter deviation of <0.7%), and accuracy (deviation of <8% compared to reference techniques) for real-time monitoring of seawater using a flow system. 172 more words