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Types of Errors in Numerical Methods

What are numerical methods?

Many engineering problems are too time consuming to solve or may not be able to be solved analytically. In these situations, numerical methods are usually employed. 924 more words


Towards an autonomous microfluidic sensor for dissolved carbon dioxide determination


•A microfluidic sensor for dissolved carbon dioxide determination in aqueous environments has been developed.
•The design of a microfluidic chip coupled with a white LED and a colour detector successfully formed the detection system. 239 more words


Classroom Layouts to Inspire Cognitive Demand

This week we continued to discuss the same portion of Principles to Actions that we read last week which focused on the varying levels of cognitive demand in the classroom, as well as a little bit of reasoning and sense making. 662 more words

The Challenges of Drought Prediction

The article below, by Zengchao Hao, published on 16 February 2018,  discusses the challenges that still exist in terms of drought forecasting despite the many advancements in the field. 6 more words


The Rostock Retreat on Visualisation

Retreating from conferences

Picture it. You’ve been working on your presentation for a big conference for months. Last night, insomnia took hold and you were running through your slides in a sweat. 1,142 more words


Boron isotope-based seasonal paleo-pH reconstruction for the Southeast Atlantic – a multispecies approach using habitat preference of planktonic foraminifera


• Coretop foraminifera δ11B accounting for intra-annual peak flux variations.
• Coretop data in agreement with established boron isotope calibrations.
• Multispecies downcore record demonstrates seasonal changes in SST and pCO2. 418 more words


Five principles of holistic science communication

Community member post by Suzi Spitzer

How can we effectively engage in the practice and art of science communication to increase both public understanding and public impact of our science? 969 more words