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Propagation of uncertainties in mesocosm experiments on ocean acidification

Observations from different mesocosms exposed to the same treatment typically show variability that hinders the detection of potential treatments effects. To unearth relevant sources of variability, I developed and performed a model-based data analysis that simulates uncertainty propagation. 219 more words


Assessment of net community production and calcification of a coral reef using a boundary layer approach

Coral reefs are threatened worldwide, and there is a need to develop new approaches to monitor reef health under natural conditions. Because simultaneous measurements of net community production (NCP) and net community calcification (NCC) are used as important indicators of reef health, tools are needed to assess them in situ. 244 more words


Real Estate Appraisal Methods

Prior to graduating from the University of Florida with his BSBA in finance, Christopher Dabney did an internship as a credit analyst at Ameris Bank in Gainesville, Florida. 148 more words

Christopher Dabney

How to research your assignment

Some students from the Universtiy of Westminster prepared this video to show how to research assignments. Great ideas in less than 5 minutes!


Methods to Make Your home More Appealing in order to Buyers

If you are looking to market your house the coming year, now is the time to begin thinking about ways to get more whenever you put it on the marketplace. 25 more words

(Rambling Writer #7): Not knowing where to take a story

Ah yes… that moment when you’ve got a great idea and you think it out to conclusion and you realize that the story is a dead end. 360 more words


... Unbelievable ! Miz Hillary ' s E Mail Security Lapses [#failures]...

.. information from a multiple of intelligence agencies was included in her e mails . They were among ones sent over her unsecured server and her unsecured e mail accounts . 146 more words

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