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Vermiculture experience

Vermiculture is an absolutely simple and amazing solution in a garden. Not only it turns kitchen waste into animal manure but very easy to set up, handle and maintain. 77 more words


How To Preserve Eggplant - 3 Methods That Might Surprise You

How to preserve eggplant – three methods that might surprise you. Really how many times in a month can you eat eggplant Parmesan?

d prime for dummies

We calculate:

Hit rate  = number of yes for signal stimuli / number of signal stimuli

False Alarm rate = number of yes for noise stimuli / number of noise stimuli… 73 more words


Market Segmentation. Dos and Don'ts

Identifying market segments is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for marketers and businesses. Still, market segmentation is of critical importance for a business to gain differential advantage over it competitors (McDonald and Wilson, 2016). 888 more words

Celery Soup

I have finally perfected my celery soup recipe. I added more onion and I used more celery.

Serves 4 massive bowls

You will need:


Annotated Bibliography - Week 4

Collins, D. H. (2015). Research and Evaluation in Medical Education. International Journal of Higher Education, 104-111.

This article explores the relationship between evaluation and research within medical education and their effects on each other as the field changes and grows. 303 more words


Blak Pantha New Website Blakpanthaserer.com

On September 20, 2017, Blak Pantha published his website focused on solutions using an African Centered Paradiagm.

“In an effort to solve problems that plague the black community and the Diaspora in general.

203 more words