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"Peace & Power" for the classroom

A scattering of nurse educators have used “Peace & Power” for classroom group process for a number of years, myself included!  A few of us who have worked with this model for teaching and learning occasionally connect with one another to discuss the challenges we face, and to share ways in which we have created novel ways to enact the values of “Peace and Power” in the classroom. 148 more words



    Fear is defined as: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc.,whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. 339 more words


Who Cares About Eye Tracking?

Gaze position can tell us a lot more than just where the eyes are pointed. In this section, we explore eye tracking.

What is it? 566 more words

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A Limerick (and a reply to a response to a critique of a study)

John Rose posted a response to my critique of his study this morning. Almost immediately after I was alerted to the posting (via Kerry Gold… 583 more words


Book review of "Digital Ethnography" in Social Media + Society

Super pleased to see my review of Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practice published by Social Media + Society today. 42 more words

Learning Goals, Objectives, & Outcomes: They're All the Same

Assessment has always struggled with language and definitions. One area of confusion is the distinctions between different statements of intentionality. These usually include goals, objectives, outcomes, targets, performance indicators. 496 more words


Calcification in Caribbean reef-building corals at high pCO2 levels in a recirculating ocean acidification exposure system


  • A recirculating OA system can be utilized as long as off-gassing measures are taken.
  • Aeration, water retention and algal scrubbing are effecting off-gassing measures.
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