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Several Methods to Compute Fibonacci Sequence with esProc

Fibonacci Sequence is also called “Rabbit Sequence”, because it can be described by a problem related to rabbits: After the second month of their life, a pair of rabbits can give birth to two little ones every month. 617 more words


Researching the media and cultural studies

Research into media and cultural studies is increasing within Britain and the USA. This is an interesting topic to explore, as the research carried out leads to the decisions of what media is used and what is exposed to the public. 427 more words

PR And The Media

April 13th Session of the Guild

The Guild will meet at 7:00 pm – Monday, April 13th in the BAPA Community Room – 11109 S. Longwood Drive, Chicago

Writing Prompt:

He/she/I saw that the gate was closing and started to run even faster.

See you there,


Defrosting Meat 101

So you go to the store and buy a bunch of meat on sale. You get home and store it all in your freezer since you know you won’t be cooking it anytime soon. 153 more words

Maternal body composition and breast milk transfer in the context of the nutrition transition

Femke Hitzert won the NIDI Master Thesis Award in 2014 for her research on the association between maternal body composition and breast milk transfer. This guest post by Femke describes her findings. 1,122 more words


Neon is not a cliche

Neon is a cliche, but then most things are, and not just in art. It’s 2015 and everything has been done. It’s one of the first things they tell you in art school – originality is impossible, everything is a referent. 156 more words


Methods : Shadow

I’ve included this because it’s a method of presentation that I’ve never seen before. Obviously the content is corny as hell. Although in the context of recently looking at Doug Aitken it does make me wonder whether he’s made that piece.

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