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Spring time

Spring is here, and it is school holiday time. Joe had a wonderful last week of term, going in for all ten sessions and staying for lunch every day for the first time since September. 96 more words


A Long One

Went to see the Rheumatologist Friday. We are keeping enbrel for 2 more months if still having high inflammation markers we move to remicade (question that spelling) infusions. 1,011 more words

What Fridays Are Like For Me!

In case you don’t know what this means and probably you don’t…methotrexate is one of the medications I take for my sarcoidosis. It is a chemo drug but taken in lower doses for my disease, with the goal of lowering my whacked out, overactive, high strung auto immune system. 139 more words


Methotrexate Monday

Today is methotrexate hangover day. I have spent most of the day in bed trying to keep my calm. I am nauseas, dazed, emotional, and depressed. 50 more words


I found the most accurate description for my depression–it feels as though I am being assaulted with the death of a friends’ puppy every day. It is torturous but I can sepperate myself enough from it to survive. 156 more words


Ever since I got back from MD, my med-y induced mania has been back. My sleep has been interrupted too frequently by my unsettled mind and racing heart. 183 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Methotrexate

In a previous blog post, I wrote, “To me, it felt like it really didn’t matter, though, because I felt just like Marie had mentioned that when I walked out of the hospital on the final day of the transplant that most people felt my battle with three deadly autoimmune diseases had ended.” I really have been struggling with this thought, too. 557 more words

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