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De-stressing Family Situations

Hello everyone, Alex here again. Lauren had her infusion today, so I decided to do another edition of Alex’s Caregiver Corner. Today, I want to talk about family and friends, those wonderful crazy people that helped raise you and made you the great person you are. 593 more words

Chronic Illness/Autoimmune

Maintenance - all good so far

We’re a fortnight in to Maintenance, and the smiling chipper Kip is doing amazingly well – so this blog has gone a bit quiet since there’s not really anything new to report. 99 more words


Medication Update

In recent months I’ve started to realise that my current medication (2g Sulphasalazine) just isn’t as effective as I’d thought. At my first appointment with my new consultant this week my hands were so swollen they looked like bloody sausages, really not a good look. 261 more words

Another flare and another study

I’m just getting over yet another flare. I had a few days of feeling fine, and then bam, one of those horrible all-over body flares. No individual joint was so bad that I felt the need to visit the doctor or phone the helpline or beg on bended knee (impractical in my case of course) for MORE steroids, but with what felt like every joint in my body stiff and achy, it was a pretty miserable couple of weeks. 364 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

#psoriasis - another chapter

This week has been an interesting week in the world of psoriasis, well if you are a sufferer of this horrible condition.

The Psoriasis Association… 723 more words