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RA, Biologic Medication and the numbers

Reading the fine print on a medication insert is not done by many of those with RA. I suspect the big reason is the amount of time it would take to understand all the information or even to understand the information of value to you. 699 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The NHS cookie crumbles

Wow thanks for your response on my last blog! Great to know so many care about our NHS! Well, today was *that* hospital appointment. Despite a month of messages, I still didn’t hear back from my hospital to tell me if my chemo was ready aka ‘would driving in today be a wasted journey making me more ill?’ So I did my best ‘dragging a dead body around’ impression this morning, driving an hour in crazy traffic to get to hospital. 1,064 more words

Chronic Illness

All change

So for a little while I was doing OK. Even managing to not use crutches for a bit then bang!! My horrible immune system decided to let me know who is boss. 494 more words

Neverending Story

When the Rasuvo (methotrexate) injections began working maybe a year and a half ago, some naive part of me decided I was “done” with having to deal with medicating rheumatoid arthritis. 484 more words

Chronic Pain

Is Methotrexate Underutilized?

Methotrexate (MTX) is an accepted first-line drug for patients diagnosed with RA. Oral MTX was what my rheumatologist started me on after my diagnosis. For various reasons, the main one being I hated the side effects and I refused to take it, I was soon switched to my first biologic. 31 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

1 in half a million

Better late than never, eh?

I regret not starting a cancer blog when I was in hospital. If I’m honest, I kept regular updates on Facebook, but I wish I could have reached more people, or documented all of my experiences. 1,199 more words