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When the Tides Turn

Throughout my entire life I have been notorious for exploring first and asking questions later, always in the name of curiosity. My curious and adventurous nature blossomed as I entered the world of adulthood, hiking quickly became my escape from the daily madness. 1,000 more words


Update: Month 1 of treatment

A month into treatment with methotrexate.  My symptoms have definitely improved – I can do much more now than before without my arms and shoulders freezing up.   660 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chapter 3: One year before

I’m sitting. In a wheelchair. The rheumatologist is consulting with the cardiologist and pulmonologist. My husband is texting someone. The nurse is preparing the steroid injections to be jabbed into my joints. 681 more words


I dread Sundays now!

I’ve had a couple of doses of this stuff now and can say taking systemic methotrexate IS different from the pill form. And for the better, overall. 809 more words


Happy Knitting: August Socks and Yummy Shawl

I am on drug holiday from methotrexate (the drug that was given to me to treat my systemic sclerosis) right now and I feel great. I have energy, my joints and muscles are happy, and there isn’t even a hint of dizziness. 680 more words


Being ill when ill. ..!

Well haven’t I had an exciting couple of days … really you say ! Yes I have!
One of the joys of having an auto immune disease is that whilst your immune system goes crazy and attacks you it is difficult for other more pesky illnesses or diseases  to take hold! 698 more words


Update 8/4

Well I visited with my rheumatologist today and……..I’m still on methotrexate. 😒. He wants to give it a full 6 months on this medicine before we even talk about switching. 134 more words

Autoimmune Disease