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Metonymy (me-ton’-y-my): Reference to something or someone by naming one of its attributes.

Don’t iron your ideas so flat that they sound like cicadas humming somewhere in Kansas! 75 more words

Figures Of Speech

FTAC - Language, Islam, and 'Cultural Metonymic Stability'

Re. Language — https://www.amazon.com/Language-Cultural-Daniel-L-Everett/dp/0307473805 The author, Daniel Everett, challenges a substantial basis or claim in Chomsky’s theorizing about language.

My kernel for how languages work would be metonymy with paired, primary, and secondary sound/other signal associations. 496 more words

Conflict - Culture - Language - Psychology

Metonymy - WSJ Tweet

It’s nice too that in the beginning of the article at bottom there are competing metonymys: Beijing v. Washington.


Crimes Against Metonymy: a short story

Staff Writer

   The Boy had waited long enough. After two years and eight classes together, he still didn’t have the courage to approach Her. 467 more words

Sword And Shield

Hernández: Essaying the Borderlands

The essayist Daisy Hernández gives us a good deal to consider as we conclude our focus on the “rhetoric of the essay” and head into the Second Writing Project next week. 625 more words

Class Reflection

Washington as a Literary Device

Washington is a famous surname that has been honored in memorials.  Schools and universities also bear the name Washington as a tribute to our first president. 108 more words



               METAPHOR AND METONYMY.         


             I have discussed ways of deconstruction of fiction using psychoanalytical perspective in my earlier blog .In this blog , I would focus on deconstruction of fiction using linguistic perspective. 1,379 more words