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Daisy on metonymy

There is a stick that Daisy carries around with her. By association, I treat the stick as if it was Daisy. This is metonymy. I do not stroke it or pat it or have conversations with it – but, if I was to have a dream about the stick, I know I might be dreaming of her. 65 more words

Daisy On Life And Literature

Metonymy / Synecdoche - Fox Sports Tweet

One of those classics metondoches (should I add this to the portmanteaux list…?) that could go either way. As a metonymy, the bat of course suggests the power behind it, if not the batter himself. 34 more words


Beyond words and pictures 3: metonymy and synecdoche

If metaphor is the greatest of the verbal figurative expressions (tropes), but in painting appears comparatively rare, I move on now to consider the other great tropes of metonymy and synecdoche. 2,222 more words


Commonplace Book Entry #4

The point of this assignment was to analyze an array of (creative) nonfiction in the hopes of better understanding rhetoric and the various techniques of writing style.   353 more words


Beyond words and pictures: 1 The quest for tropes

We are so used to words not meaning what they literally say, that most of the time we do not even notice figures of speech. But when it comes to images, it gets more difficult. 681 more words


Essay as Uncanny: Once More to the Moth

You will recall that Jeff Porter, in his “History and Poetics of the Essay,” discusses the Freudian, psychological concept of the uncanny, and applies it to White’s “Once More to the Lake.” As he notes, the uncanny is not simply an experience of the foreign or strange, but rather, of the commingling of the two, the unfamiliar in the familiar. 236 more words

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