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Repurchase Rate: The MRR of Non-SaaS Startups

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is perhaps the most-referenced startup metric, but MRR is only applicable to companies that provide services to their customers through an ongoing contractual relationship, e.g., SaaS businesses (For more on MRR, read my previous post: … 274 more words


Facebook Really Sorry It Spent 2 Years Overestimating How Long We Watch Videos

Video has been really important to Facebook in recent years, with the social media company pushing its live broadcasts and inserting videos in our feeds. The thing is, though, how long does the average user spend actually watching videos that pop up in our feeds, whether they’re an ad or just a clip of a friend’s kitten? 267 more words


Measurement can be fun, trust me!

Happy National Measurement Month! You didn’t know that September is national measurement month? Wow…

When I first heard about the measurement lecture we were having in place of class, I was less than thrilled. 375 more words

Reflections and a simple round-up of Peer Review Week 2016

It has been Peer Review Week this week: I’ve been watching the hashtag on Twitter with interest (and linked to it in a blogpost for piirus.ac.uk… 726 more words


Metrics For Your Server

Capturing metrics for a server is essential for following reasons:

  • Capacity planning
  • Traffic pattern
  • Server performance
  • Debugging

A valve can be used to intercept all incoming requests and gather necessary metrics required for the server. 301 more words

Apache Tomcat