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8 Questions To Ask About a Database Before Advertising

Recently a prospective vendor asked how big a client’s database was, to decide whether to advertise with us. “What other metrics do they want?” I asked.   295 more words


Las 4 métricas del Content Marketing

Si tu marca ya tiene algún tipo de estrategia de contenido, muy probablemente también recibes presión para que los programas tácticos se puedan medir para determinar algún tipo de ROI.  485 more words


Finding out more about me, for free!

Recently I’ve got more and more into the ideas of the “Quantified Self” movement.  The motto is “Self-knowledge through numbers”, however it’s probably best summed up as “measure everything about your life, then act based on the data”. 421 more words


Tracking Agriculture Price Index and other farming metrics? Your most important metrics in your overalls

Agriculture in the United States is a huge and important business that supplies food to the world.  There are of course important metrics that farmers, manufacturers, investors and politicians follow every day, week or month in this segment.   139 more words


Roadmap to a New Agency Business Model

The old digital agency model is dead. Almost a decade of running this agency has given me some insight into what’s on the horizon, and for those who are stranded in old-school-agency-mode, it’s not going to be pretty. 641 more words

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Metrics Reporting

Metrics can be a tough topic to convey to people who are used to deleting 50+ emails every day. It’s understandable that people will simply scan through an email without taking it in when the average employee spends 23% of their time reading mails ( 369 more words


Influencing Marketers

Yesterday’s inaugural #ITPLiveSummit event here in Dubai tackled one of the core reasons why ITP Live has come to exist – influencer marketing. The business unit was borne from the longstanding ITP Media Group, until the end of 2016 known as ITP Publishing Group, in order to capitalise on perceived digital growth areas of video content creation, digital sales representation, ecommerce, live events and training, and also launching the region’s largest social media influencers’ agency. 976 more words