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7 tips for researchers: Handy hints from the Library

Hello all!  I’ve been intending to write this post for a while.  Here in the Library we get asked all sorts of questions from research staff.  602 more words

Research And Innovation

La bibliométrie, indice de valeur scientifique ou de notoriété ?

Journals and researchers are ranked in different ways through the use of specific metrics. In this post, our colleague Isabelle Vuillemin-Raval gives you a short introduction on what metrics are, why they were created, and why they are problematic and should be used with care.  987 more words


Analyser ses dépenses (4)

Récemment j’ai publié un post sur mon dernier rapport de dépense du trimestre en cumul sur 3 mois glissants. Voilà le détails sur comment je m’y prends pour mettre au point cette vue dans Excel pour ceux qui serait intéressé pour faire de-même. 336 more words


Comment: Mobile offers lessons for maximising digital signage content says Branwell Johnson

Digital signage plays many roles within store but arguably the most important is helping maintain a seamless customer experience as the consumer moves from online to offline. 610 more words

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