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on net promoter and data golems

There are many variations on the Golem legend, but it usually goes something like this: a village is under frequent attack, so they make a superhuman creature out of clay and put it to work defending them. 97 more words


Interlude: Metrics

Day 30. 97 pages, 46,319 words.

We interrupt our weekend of absolutely bugger-all with another lazy set of book-creation metrics for you. Here is where… 179 more words

Astro Tramp 400

Basic Metrics: NPS versus csat versus CES

This week, I’ve been reflecting on metrics – what measures really matters, can you pick one single metric to reflect how well you’re delivering the customer experience, and what might that metric be? 659 more words

Customer Experience

Time to Smile: the new killer internal customer experience metric?

While support executives have made great strides in making sure our teams think about the customer first, this way of thinking runs smack into reality when we reach across internal departments to get an issue solved for a customer.  579 more words

What Is a 'Download?' Defining Podcast Metrics Reveals Industry Faultlines

Public radio came out with a new “podcast audience metrics” standard last night. The plural there may slightly oversell it: the big guns of public media have come to an agreement on what a “download” is. 1,070 more words


Analyzing journalists' Twitter bios?!?

ACCORDING TO THE GOSPEL OF THE ONLINE AGE, personal branding is key to building a career in journalism. Of all the tools journalists have at their disposal in their hunt for digital glory, the Twitter bio reigns high. 1,448 more words