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What is PHPMetrics and how can I use it?

  • PHPMetrics provides tons of metrics:
    • Complexity: Cyclomatic complexity, Myer’s interval, Relative system complexity
    • Volume: Vocabulary, Data complexity, Lines of code, Readability…
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Creating a coaching culture

If you wants to deliver a differentiated service to mark you out from the competition, the first place to look is within your existing team.  Your best  people deliver your values and behaviours in their customer interactions, but from a line manager’s perspective, it’s not easy to bring these aspects to life in brief weekly meetings (which invariably focus on operational performance.)  Whilst your SLAs and KPIs get frequent focus, nurturing the right behaviours that deliver the best customer experience can get overlooked. 539 more words


Source & Medium: A Medium Sized Dilemma

Subtitle: Source, Medium, Attribution, Stale Information, and The Future of Data

Here’s our situation – we want to be able to slice reporting and dashboards by a number of dimensions, including source and medium. 741 more words


The tyranny of metrics and algorithms

I just read a short review by David Lorimer of a book The Tyranny of Metrics, author Jerry Z. Muller. This problem of over-reliance on metrics was apparent during my career in industry, and is increasingly apparent in the world today, particularly in management and government. 337 more words


BLEU in Different Languages: Dont use it for German

I recently wrote a paper on a structured review of the validity of BLEU, where I brought together evidence from previously published studies on how well BLEU correlates with human evaluations.  813 more words

A guide to identifying author gender for bibliometric analyses - Guest post by Stacy Konkiel

In this post, Stacy Konkiel summaries feedback of a recently posed question in identifying authors’ genders based upon names listed on ~2,000 journal articles–too large a corpus for manual analysis. 1,220 more words