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1 report too many? Put risk management into action.

Does this sound a little bit too familiar? Admit it, go on admit it. You forgot the last 2 slides didn’t you, you sighed when another power point metric was shown. 426 more words


Finding what you want to find: why metrics are open to bias

A few months ago I took the picture below on my iPhone. It was a piece of crumpled paper which had been scribbled on by my children, probably trodden on by the dog and left on my stairs on top of a pile of other rubbish. 365 more words

Data, data and data about your favourite community: GrimoireLib

GrimoireLib aims at providing a transparency layer between the database and the user. This helps to avoid the direct access to the databases while providing a list of available metrics. 781 more words


Snapchat's "Our Stories" are generating tens of millions of views

Snapchat is telling people how many views their “Our Story” clip receives if they make one in the collective, crowdsourced section. Based on people I’ve interviewed, it appears Snapchat’s Our Stories are hitting viewing numbers that television’s most popular shows see, although it’s tough to get a clear picture of Snapchat’s metrics. 668 more words

A Basic Introduction to Email Marketing Metrics

Successful email campaigns are hard to achieve. Having launched my share of them, I maintain that a successful email campaign is about 90% adherence to best practices and 10% dabbling in the Dark Arts. 763 more words


Book review: "Crossing the Chasm"

I recently read both Crossing the Chasm and Big Bang Disruption, which are two books covering a similar topic: how do you position and sell innovative products in fast pace market? 738 more words

Product Management

Big impressive numbers

I’ve said before that I think that software metrics should be qualitative not quantitative, but some times you just have to give in to the demand for big impressive numbers and generate them. 437 more words

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