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How to Get a Great ROI on Your Influencer Marketing Plan

To most old school marketers, influencer marketing seems risky and without merit. More than a few have asked me, “Where’s the legitimate ROI?” Without a native knowledge of social media, those who have marketed the same way for years think that influencer marketing is flimsy and ephemeral. 759 more words


Facebook - Ad Set

An ad set includes one or more ads, a budget, and a schedule.  You can create an ad set for each of your audience segments by making the ads within the ad set target the same audience.   45 more words


Analytics Is Everyone's NOT Favorite Subject

Analytics–the word that strikes fear in many a marketer’s hearts. It’s the “accounting” of the marketing world. And while almost everyone understands and will admit that the data can be strategic to social media success, using analytics to access and guide strategy is not as rampant as it should be. 540 more words

Facebook Live

Argh Tuesday

Day 10. 141 pages, 63,858 words.

Nothing much to add today. I finally took the step of whopping all my Final Fall of Man books together into one PDF, to make it easier to search for references and plot points. 156 more words

Astro Tramp 400

The charmlessness of Utopia: Channel Four’s Naked Attraction

Once, on a first date, I had an interesting exchange along the following lines: my date mentioned in passing a spreadsheet that she was using to track and rate her dates. 1,458 more words


Best Quarterbacks Ever: Comparison

July the 24th, 2016: by Mike McCutcheon

I’m a numbers guy

I like having an objective component when it comes to making comparisons between players.  Too often, fans get caught up in friendly debates with no clear cut winner.   732 more words


Training Peaks

So I’ve downloaded the Training Peaks app.  This does all kinds of spooky, but kind of convenient stuff.  The web interface gives you an excellent calendar view of your training plan (in the picture at the top of this post), and sets up an iCal/Google/Outlook calendar which you subscribe to.   742 more words