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Convert your Baking Metrics

I have done some metrics conversion for you to refer. All metrics are being round up to the nearest digit.

Easy Cooking

Marketing in the Social Media Age

I have to admit that until the last year or so I did not realize how extremely effective social media can be as a marketing medium. 269 more words

Mobile Marketing: A World of Micro-Moments

What are micro-moments?

A concept introduced by Google, micro-moments can be defined as the changing consumer behaviour brought about by mobile technology – an increasingly on-the-go culture, with consumers becoming ever more reliant on their mobile devices to guide their purchasing decisions and preferences at the last minute. 710 more words

One Thing a Campus Pastor Shouldn't Say

No senior pastor ever wants to hear: “I don’t have any stories of life-change from my campus this weekend.” You simply cannot have that response, ever. 610 more words

Americans spend 47% of time awake on TV, PC, Tablets, or phones

According to new research from The Diffusion Group (TDG), consumers spend a lot of time each week using a ‘screen’ — a television, personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  243 more words


#RelativeCitationRatio (#RCR) – A Leap Forward in #Research #Metrics

There is no perfect metric. There is no number or score which fully encapsulates the value, impact, or importance of a piece of research.

While this statement might appear obvious, research evaluation and measurement are a fact of life for the scientific research community. 228 more words


Dashboard celebrating 25 years of Linux development

To celebrate 25 years of Linux kernel development, we at Bitergia have produced the Linux development history dashboard. This dashboard visualizes the current Linux git repository from two points of view: the history of all commits (changes to the source code) up to now, and the history of all lines in the current version. 534 more words