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Are we failing to scientifically educate the next generations?

Merope Tsimilli-Michael, after giving a talk at a conference in honor of George Papageorgiou, where John Allen also participated, asked his opinion on her presentation. 839 more words


Humane Social Media

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was headed to the Nebraska Human Society to listen to Elizabeth Hilpipre talk about running a social media strategy for the shelter. 475 more words

How to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing: 4 Metrics to Consider

Wondering how best to analyze your Instagram marketing? Want to know which metrics will give you the most useful assessments? Tracking the right Instagram metrics will help you identify successful marketing efforts and show where you can achieve better results. 41 more words

The Metrics Reloaded - Total (Precision and) Recall

Some years ago I was loitering in a trade expo where I was working. I found myself mesmerized in front of a big machine able to get rid of the impurities in a flow of grains of wheat. 1,050 more words


By the Lights on the Dashboard

Your vehicle’s dashboard can provide you with important information such as speed, distance traveled, engine status, etc. However, without the proper amount of light and information, you would not be able to see, process and understand the information provided by your dashboard. 513 more words

Small Business

What are you measuring (and why)?

Are you sick of hearing ‘you get what you measure’ yet? It’s one of those crusty old sayings that we (and by ‘we’, I mean ‘I’) really want not to be true, because it would be so awesome if businesses would just thrive without going to all the hassle of recording, collecting, and reviewing all that data. 805 more words