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Configuring the time frame that vROps uses when calculating capacity and time remaining values

The challenge: Configure vROps so that it will perform capacity based calculations in a way that is less susceptible to historical events.

By default, vROps will use all available data when calculating the amount of capacity and time remaining for an object. 771 more words

Capacity Planning

Vanity metrics are out

Stop the insanity of fixating on the number of people paying attention to you. We have come full circle in the digital marketing world.

Remember 2007, ten years ago? 161 more words

Social Media

New GrimoireLab packages! (and how to use them)

We’ve just uploaded to pypi a new collection of GrimoireLab Python packages suitable for direct installation with pip. Please, upgrade your virtual environments!!!

These packages allow for a very easy use of most GrimoireLab tools. 266 more words


On Gravitational Waves

With LIGO (pioneered by the greats like Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne, and Ronald W. P. Drever) going nuts in September 2015, and twice later, gravitational waves seem to be physical reality, not just predictions. 1,098 more words


Metrics - Avoiding the Pitfalls

This week’s course reading focuses on metrics, and how to introduce metrics to measure an organization’s foundation for execution. As I discussed in my last post, reports of how well you’re executing are only anecdotal if you don’t have metrics attached to them. 396 more words