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Microsoft and Design: Greetings from Microsoft Design

This week Microsoft decided to profile a number of designers working at the company as well as do a podcast interview with Principle designer Katie Holmes and Principle researcher Bill Buxton. 428 more words


Microsoft and Design: New Hire and New Digs

Occasionally I want to do posts on Microsoft’s design teams when information pops up. I had planned to do this big opus about Microsoft and the evolution of design as part of the company but I don’t have enough to do it justice or enough sources to satisfy the OCD gods. 256 more words


Metro 2.0: The New Modern

Since the release of the second preview for Windows 10 I’ve been going over the presentation and the latest Build looking at the changes for Windows and the Metro interface. 634 more words


UI War

So right now I’m going back over the big Windows 10 event which beyond HoloLens had enough news to make one busy writing on it for at least a week. 659 more words


Office for Windows 10: A Visual Primer

So at the Windows 10 Event on Wednesday Microsoft showed off what was once called both Gemini and Office Touch. These apps are essentially the mobile versions of Office rebuilt for tablets and phones. 127 more words

Metro Design Language

Windows 10: ARMed and Dangerous?

With the reveal of Windows 10 Microsoft has begun the process of changing up its mobile offerings. We know that the desktop will be getting a makeover in the next release but phones and tablets will be changing too. 512 more words

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Đã có ứng dụng Viber với giao diện Modern UI dành cho Windows 8/RT

Ứng dụng nhắn tin VoIP đa nền tảng nổi tiếng, Viber, ngày hôm nay đã chính thức có mặt trên Windows Store với phiên bản giao diện  201 more words

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