Update: Metrobank Credit Card and How I Got it!

Hello to everyone! I got another credit card. This time it’s from Metrobank. It’s only a blue card or a credit card with low credit limit. 296 more words

Credit Card Addiction

3 Reasons Why Yuppies Should Invest on Real Estate

Metrobank encourages yuppies to invest on items that appreciate in value like property through offering their flexible terms to their clients. Find out more in the article below.  449 more words

Real Estate

How to Settle your MMDA Traffic Violations

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) re-implemented the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy last April 15, 2016.  This approach in monitoring traffic flow and violations in Metro Manila utilizes CCTV cameras and other gadgets to identify drivers that go against traffic rules in Metro Manila.  344 more words


MetroBank - MetroBank Panama

MetroBank Panama

****** MetroBank Panama ******

MetroBank Mobile Banking allows to take your banking with you easily and safely.
Now users can keep themselves updated with their account statements by viewing account balances and transaction history. 25 more words


What rights do banking customers still have?

I received a letter out of the blue from Scott Miller, Head of Customer Services at Barclays. It’s a pro-forma and it included a new credit card, if it hadn’t, I’d have not read it. 819 more words


Dear Metrobank (an open letter)

Dear Metrobank,

I just received a call from a lady who claims to be affiliated with you using a regular mobile number. She rattled off a long spiel about card protection, card errors, etc.  500 more words


The Cebu Pacific - Metrobank Experience

I don’t really know what to do with this company. I tried to be reasonable, called them numerous times and still no resolution.

It started back in October 2015, I was paying for my grocery and a lady approached me asking me if I wanted to apply for a credit card.   588 more words