A Monk's Chronicle: 31 July MMXVII -- Gardening as a Vocation

Gardening as a Vocation

It dawned on me the other day how barren the gospels are when it comes to wintertime imagery.  As near as I can recall, Jesus never told a single parable about shoveling snow or about the Samaritan whose cart slid off the icy road and into the ditch.   1,002 more words

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jackson Pollock, Pasiphae, 1943

Jean Dubuffet, A Window, 1943

Salvador Dali, Crucifixion, 1954

Max Beckmann, The Old Actress, 1926

Maurice de Vlaminck, The Seine at Chatou, 1906… 158 more words

Art & Architecture

A Night of Passion in a Museum - no not that kind


I am back! Well, other than me working part time for several months at a Japanese bakery/cafe and surviving that… How was your week or weekend? 2,238 more words

Qin Warriors Come To The US and their horses have buttholes!

NI HAO Old Friends, Sorry only 5 of you could make it. In 2017 The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York announced that there would be a show called Age of Empires, featuring terracotta soldiers from Xian. 392 more words

Travel Humor

NYC to link funding for arts and museums to diversity, de Blasio says

From Fox News: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday the city will begin linking funding for arts groups and museums to how quickly they increase diversity at their organizations… 292 more words


An Unusual Material: Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer

We have covered lacquer in previous blog posts (here, here, and here), but today we are going to focus on a very specific form of lacquer that has been highly prized since its first appearance many centuries ago. 291 more words


An Afternoon at the Museum

There is nothing more worthwhile than spending an afternoon in the cool, quiet halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  If you come, expect crowds, but don’t let that spoil the fun as there are many places inside to get lost.  455 more words