City Students, Metropolitan Talents

For over 15 years, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has hosted P.S. Art, the museum’s annual celebration of artwork created by City public school students. 241 more words

Beyond The Classroom

Versace at the Met

After visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I fell in love with the elegant display of fashion throughout the decades from both American and European designers. 282 more words

Specific Trends, Pieces, Or Products

Rockstar Series: Curating a Career in the Arts

I’m delighted to introduce the latest chapter in the Rockstar Series, featuring artist and arts professional Lauren Bierly! Lauren and I were roommates in grad school, but we actually go all the way back to elementary school. 872 more words


New York City (2011)

New York wasn’t new to me — I was born upstate and spent my early life there — but it took me decades to ever make it to New York City. 211 more words

Mug Parade

Also at The Met

The main reason I went to The Met was to see Irving Penn. But once I was inside and after I finished with the Penn show I wandered around and checked out a few other exhibitions before I got too tired. 867 more words


Irving Penn

After viewing the Met’s Irving Penn Centennial, I can’t remember ever having had to reevaluate my understanding of an artist to this degree. This is different than recognizing that someone who I hadn’t paid attention to is actually a legit talent;* I knew and respected Irving Penn’s work as a portraitist and the Met’s show made me completely reconsider whether that was what he was. 1,619 more words


Gustave Courbet, Jo, La Belle Irlandaise, 1865-66

Gustave Courbet, born on June 10, 1819, in Ornans, Doubs, France! Courbet was a leading pioneer of Realism, a movement that chose realistic representation of objects and people, in their everyday life, as opposed to Romanticism, a movement Courbet outspokenly opposed, which tends to glorify and exaggerate life and nature. 446 more words