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Reddit Forum: Create the best/worst Mets roster of the past nine seasons;


Somebody created this Reddit forum today and it’s been going around the interweb. So pretty much the point of this is to remind yourself on paper how brutally bad the Mets have been over the past nine seasons. 209 more words


What if the 2015 Mets were a romantic-comedy? (Cast attatched)

If there was ever a genre that encapsulated a baseball team as well as the 2015 New York Mets, it would 1,000% be a romantic comedy/drama. 829 more words


2015 WS Game 5: They Were The Better Team

This game was a snapshot of our entire season. It’s sad to have it end this way, but we’ve had a great run and no doubt overachieved. 231 more words


It Takes Four Games to Win

I have been getting annoyed the last two days with people who claim to be Mets fans on twitter or calling in to WFAN sports radio. 376 more words


2015 WS Game 2: They Are Good. Really Good.

   Having seen two games with KC, I have to say this is a really good team and the kind of team I wish the Mets could be. 1,012 more words

I only went to get a free t-shirt

And considered staying for a helmet full of nachos

Met’s at Citi Field

I have now seen the 3 New York baseball stadiums and the 2 main teams… 86 more words

New York

2015 WS Game 1: David Wright Lost This One

I have a soft spot in my heart for David mostly for what he’s had to endure and the values that he lives by. He’s certainly had his moments over his long Met tenure, but this game displayed what he has been as a baseball player: just too stubborn and inability to come through in clutch moments. 175 more words