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A to Z Challenge: Few K words in Spanish

K is for Kilogramo and Kilómetro.

Not acquainted with the metric system nor thinking it had much importance proved that ignorance is not bliss.

I was in my twenties when I traveled to Mexico and had no idea that it was important to know what a kilómetro (km) or kilogramo (kg) meant. 227 more words

Latino Culture

Texas OKs Mexican-American Studies Curriculum Under New Name

AUSTIN (AP) — The Texas Board of Education on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to creating statewide academic standards for a Mexican-American studies high school course — but only after changing the name to “ethnic studies,” which conservatives argued is less alienating for other groups of people. 653 more words


"Un-American" and Identity Erasure

In the documentary Precious Knowledge, a film about Mexican-American/Raza Studies being taught at a high school in Tuscan, Arizona, two words that I kept noticing were “culture” (or cultura) and “un-American.” When the students were asked about these courses, many of them stated that these classes were more engaging than the other curricula and it was especially beneficial for the Chicano students to connect with their culture. 523 more words

Power Of Words

Mulling over my own RPG

I’ve almost exclusively run 5e for the past few years. The simplified ruleset makes running sessions a breeze. However, for most of the past 10 years I have run, read and obsessed over other game systems. 381 more words


Book Review: Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide

Reviewed by Lila Quintero Weaver

From the book’s back cover:

“I see reality in another way with a camera. Looking through the lens, I peer into another world… “ 1,331 more words

Latinx Literature

Mexican - Americanish Part 2

That summer of 2009 passed by and seemed to skip me entirely. In June I thought that I was going to live with my uncle in LA. 1,560 more words