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Out of My Country

Mountains and palms and desert dirt
Obsidian darkness glimmering from the descent of the sun
A terrain called Arizona
A piece of Mexico that once was. 407 more words


On Being Different

Different. I think that word is so overused for a reason. As a teenager you always feel as if you don’t fit in. As a Mexican-American straddling two cultures the gap was even wider for me. 599 more words


Conjunction Junction Que es tu Function?

Much like many Latino Millenials out there, we’re growing out of the traumatic parts of our teen years, and coming into our own beings.I will say it is a bit nerve wracking for me to do this whilst raising 4 children-3 full time…but in particular 2 girls. 1,068 more words


Latino Quote Of The Day™ - Sergio Troncoso

 “Rich people don’t have to have a life-and-death relationship with the truth and its questions; they can ignore the truth and still thrive materially.”


                   –   Sergio Troncoso, Mexican-American author. 77 more words

Latino Quote

Identity Crisis

I used to think I had nothing to say; my voice was not unique; my experiences, generic. But after being encouraged by some friends, I am abandoning that notion. 271 more words

Identity Crisis

A Message to Donald Trump: Your America, Isn't OUR America

By Jimmy Preston

KTSW Web Content Contributor

*KTSW consists of and respects varying opinions within its staff. Opinion articles do not reflect the opinion of KTSW as a whole. 231 more words


Virgen de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Woodcut)

Hey everybody!  A while ago I shared some process photos from the Virgen de Guadalupe print I was working on.  Today I would like to share some images of the completed piece. 50 more words