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DOJ To Give Oversight Panel More 'Fast and Furious' Documents

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will provide documents to Congress on the Obama-era program dubbed “Fast and Furious” that allowed criminals to purchase guns in Phoenix-based gun shops in order to track them into Mexico. 127 more words


Angel Baby, A Novel by Richard Lange, 2013; Neo-Noir/Thriller; Little, Brown/Mulholland

There’s a lot of running in Richard Lange’s brash thriller, Angel Baby. A vengeful husband chases his liberated wife. A dead end drunk flees from his past. 453 more words

Crime Fiction

HSBC Hired James Comey Former US Deputy Attorney General To Help Clean Up Mexican Drug Cartel Scandal

30 Jan 2013

Former US Deputy Attorney General joins HSBC Board

James Brien Comey, Jr. (52), former United States Deputy Attorney General, has been appointed a Director of HSBC Holdings plc with effect from 4 March 2013. 2,722 more words


FBI Nominee Anticipates $3M Payout From Bridgewater


FBI Nominee Anticipates $3M Payout From Bridgewater

Jul 08, 2013
Jing Chen

Former Bridgewater Associates employee James Comey will receive a multi-million dollar payout from the hedge fund if he is confirmed to be the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 115 more words


The Mennonite Drug Connection

Various Mennonite communities are connected to drug smuggling, Mexican drug cartels and to the CIA.

“Oh but they’re such wholesome people”.


The Fifth Estate… 124 more words