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Mexican Government Responds to Trump's Taco Bowl by Producing a 3-Minute Video about Tacos

On the heels of the now infamous Taco-Bowl Trump brouhaha, the Mexican Government has decided to address the insult by going into full-on diplomacy mode and doing what it does best: Investing a ton of money on a three-minute video about … tacos. 13 more words


UN office 'concerned' over Mexico missing students case

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A U.N. human rights office said on Tuesday that it is troubled by a group of international experts’ complaints of obstacles to their investigation into the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico. 533 more words

Latin America & The Caribbean

What Is Happening in Veracruz?

Veracruz, located in the eastern of Mexico, is suffering.

The state where Javier Duarte-from the PRI party-is the governor has problems of security and impunity, mostly. 634 more words


Mexico and Its Achilles’ Heel

Why can’t Mexico run away from corruption, its worst weakness as a country?

There has been many initiatives, some real intentions to finish with the corruption or fight against it effectively; but until now they remain just intentions. 797 more words


The Route of the Clandestine Graves in Mexico

There is in Mexico a dance of numbers of clandestine graves and the people found there, and the unique certain it is that the data cross almost all the country. 501 more words


Fire-Fight during raid of "El Chapo"

Here you’ll find the video of what took place before the capture of drug kingpin “El Chapo” Mexican government and authorities worked together in order to end the manhunt. 17 more words

The Worst Profile of a Possible Minister in the Mexican Supreme Court

Alejandro Jaime Gomez Sanchez has so many hot potatoes in his hands as Mexico State Attorney, for that reason his profile is the experts’ top concern on the way to the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice. 615 more words