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Happy 4th of July!

By louisfry1

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More of Spring 2015 on our Land

There is a natural progression to the wildflowers appearing on our land in central Texas. Verbena and Bluebonnets mark the beginning of Spring wildflowers. They give way to firewheels, mexican hats and the prickly pear cactus blooms. 12 more words


Penyaram, Pinjaram or Kue Cucur Gula Merah (UFO Kuih, Mexican Hats)


This is a niche recipe, basically it is a recipe that is well liked by East Malaysians and Indonesians. In fact, some tourist bought this kuih as a souvenir when the visited Sarawak. 713 more words


Nature | Mexican Hat

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By louisfry1

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Good bugs, Bad bugs

“Saturday in the Garden” was all about bugs – the good, bad and ugly.  Everyone should know what bugs look like at all stages of their lives.  578 more words


Hello Fellow Caboodlers!  Welcome to Fiddlehead Friday!  I have a problem this ‘Spring’ that I have never had.  Yesterday it was 82F today it is going to be 85F and 88F for the next several days!  426 more words