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Los Mascogos

If there is a “typical” Mexican, perhaps a Mascogo fits the bill… after all, what’s more Mexican than being of African-indigenous-mestizo-gringo-refugee heritage?

Descended from the “black Seminoles” … a tribe descended from slaves who had fled the English colonies into Spanish Florida and intermarried, the “Black Seminoles” — while ostensibly “Indians” had maintained numerous African customs and folkways.  491 more words


Just desserts

Today is the 176th anniversary of the end of the Pastry War, the world’s most expensive pie fight.

During the coup of 1828, cadets from the military academy (i.e., teenaged boys.. 370 more words

Mexican History 1824-1910

Was it so hard to understand? Is it now?

Migrants… and the children of migrants… oppressed in their own homeland, thanks to imperialist forces, seek freedom and a better way of life.   If they find not a refuge, but economic and social oppression, their religious and cultural values denigrated, honor and logic might suggest joining similar struggles to those lost in the mother country.

Mexican History 1824-1910

His master's voice

Enrique Sada Sandoval, “La voz del amo: Peña Nieto en Washington“, Milenio (13 January 2015).  My translation:

In 1909, when Porfirio Diaz condescended to his famous interview with United States President William Howard Taft, the national and international context for Mexico as both promising and broadening. 560 more words


Romance! Intrigue! Mystery! Daniel Thomas Egerton

Apparently, it’s “National Novel Writing Month”… somewhere or another (never heard of it myself)… but for those stuck for a plot:

Daniel Thomas Egerton (born 1797), a founding members of the Society of British Artists married Georgiana Dickens in 1818, , had three children, and by all accounts made a comfortable living producing humourous lithographs of British street life.   780 more words


Moral force?

That Mexicans are speaking up in favor of the Palestinians, and calling for a break in relations with the State of Israel should be no suprise.  397 more words

Mexican History 1921+

To the palace!

I’ve been invited to the Palace this evening.  Not the Palacio de Hierro (the famous department store), but the real deal… the Palacio Nacional … for a lecture on the Second Empire (Maximilian and Carlota’s “Phantom Crown”)… which makes it perfect to put up this rare photo by court photographer François Aubert… who stuck around after Max’s execution (15 May 1867) for at least a month, when he photographed the Zocalo, dolled up for the celebration of Benito Juarez’ formal return to the Capital. 40 more words

Ciudad De México