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And speaking of Poles in Mexico

Mexico and Poland: Centuries of Cultural Relations (Culture.PL, 13 April 2015)

The 19th century brought Polish soldiers to Mexico. After the unsuccessful November Uprising against Russia, many Polish political émigrés had to start their lives from scratch abroad in 1831. 282 more words

Mexican History 1824-1910

Snappy pair return to Tablelands

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KATH and Kim have come full circle and are headed back to the Atherton Tablelands. 4,081 more words

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Cuarenta y uno ( y uno más)

I either knew, or forgot,that yesterday was the anniversary of the “Baile de los cuarenta y uno”… the 41 Dance of 18 November 1901.  This was the raid on a drag ball (about half the men were in women’s clothing), that ended with the men … who were mostly from prominent Mexican City families… were arrested and “sold” as convict laborers for Oaxacan tobacco farms or into labor battalions for the army. 141 more words

Ciudad De México

Doctor Mora and Mr. Trump

Doctor Mora, José Maria Luis Mora Lamadrid, was a maddening bundle of contradictions — a priest who fought for a secular state, a liberal democrat who supported conservative dictators,  Santa Anna’s ideological foe… and the brains behind Santa Anna’s political success.   664 more words

Mexican History 1824-1910