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Mexico’s great 19th century diplomat, Matias Romero (who, as a 20-somethng, had won the support of the Lincoln Administration for the Juarez government through the simple expedient of accompaning shopaholic Mary Lincoln through Washington department stores, and kept a well-stocked bar for his good friend, Ulysses S. 822 more words

Border Issues

Mad Max for Mex? ... and the Russians are coming!

Continuing the saga of the French intervention:

To save the “Latin” people, choice would fall on a German-speaking prince: Archduke Maximilian von Hapsburg of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. 1,584 more words


What a tangled web we weave, when debts we seek to retrieve

In revising Gods, Gachupines and Gringos I have been filling in the “back-story” on some of the more inexplicable events in Mexican history, one of which was the selection of an Austrian archduke by a French Emperor to be the would be ruler of Mexico.  1,392 more words

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I’m way, way, way behind in a promised revision of Gods, Gachupines and Gringos… I know, I know.  Running into trivia like this isn’t all that useful, but it is fun, in a twisted way. 274 more words

Mexican History 1824-1910