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Orange County cops can't keep criminals from doing crimes...even when they're already behind bars

A long-time Orange County Mexican Mafia chieftain, who continued to control crime in local neighborhoods and jails from a cell across the country, was sentenced Monday to 15 years in prison for federal racketeering charges. 67 more words

Sacramento Update

Mexican Mafia's O.C. Boss Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison

Peter “Sana” Ojeda, reputed godfather of the Mexican Mafia in Orange County, was sentenced Monday to 15 years in federal prison for federal racketeering charges. 89 more words

Local News

The Nature of Control

How organized criminal groups work to control their environment

Students of the history of organized crime in North America must invariably come to the notion of territory or control in their readings. 2,213 more words

North America

Latino Gangs The New KKK

Latino Gang Targeted Blacks, U.S. Says

LOS ANGELES—Members of a Latino gang affiliated with the Mexican Mafia conspired for nearly 20 years to drive African-Americans out of the Southern California city of Azusa through violence and intimidation, federal authorities alleged Tuesday. 507 more words

Profile Response: Teresa and Bill Meister, Brawley, CA

The afternoon I entered California, almost two months ago, I pedaled past Pelican Bay Prison and stayed at the home of that prison’s social worker. More than one thousand miles later, I spent my last night in the Golden State with career veterans of the state’s penal system. 510 more words

The Real Nightcrawler

The Summer of 2015 was a deadly one for a few major cities in the United States. Police officials aren’t sure what’s at the root of the uptick in violence. 301 more words

The True Story Of A Mexican Mob Killer: Life Inside The Mexican Mafia

A special interview and topic I’ve been looking forward to discussing sometime now. An exclusive look inside the inner workings of La Eme, the Mexican Mafia. 2,242 more words