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LAPD Under Fire After Arranging Mexican Mafia Leader To Wealthy Dinner For The Entertainment Of Business Executives

There is a bizarre story out of Los Angeles where the Los Angeles Police Department spent $22,000 (and had 38 LAPD employees work 320 hours) to bring Rene “Boxer” Enriquez, the infamous ex-Mexican Mafia leader, to an exclusive dinner for private executives. 293 more words


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Seal_of_LAPD In this reblog from Professor Jonathan Turley's website, we learn that the USA, instead of jailing for life or executing the leader of the Mexican Mafia in the USA, that he was the honored speaker at an expensive dinner hosted by the Los Angeles Police Department. Truly, as more Mexiturds wield influence in the USA, the more violent and corrupt the country becomes. A woman commenter wrote this excellent observation on Dr. Turley's site:

And for all those who don’t live in border states, supporting open borders and the US becoming more of a region than a nation, this is a timely mention of the savage Mexican drug cartels pouring in. I really think that those who support amnesty should be forced to live in one of those unsellable properties by the border, where the owners can’t be home alone and have to sleep with a gun by their bed.

Chief To Review LAPD's Role In Ex-Mexican Mafia Member's Speaking Engagement

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Police Chief Charlie Beck says he will review the LAPD’s involvement in a Jan. 28 speaking engagement featuring a convicted former member of the Mexican Mafia. 637 more words


Execution Alert: Manuel Vasquez to be executed for killing Juanita Ybarra, who refuse to pay the Mexican Mafia a 10% street tax

From Manuel Vasquez appeal: According to Cruz, appellant was a member of the Mexican Mafia. Two days before the incident giving rise to the present prosecution, Oligario Lujan and appellant told Cruz that Juanita Ybarra “had to go down” because she failed to pay the “dime,” a ten percent tax on the sale of illegal drugs collected by the Mexican Mafia. 755 more words


Mexican Mafia Enforcer, Manuel Vasquez, 1 of 6 Scheduled to be Executed In Texas in Coming Weeks

Yahoo News: A gang enforcer convicted of beating and strangling a San Antonio woman who refused to pay a Mexican Mafia-imposed tax on her illegal drug sales is set to be executed this week. 59 more words


Psst, Hey Buddy! Are you interested in forming a transnational criminal enterprise?

Are you interested in forming a transnational criminal enterprise? If so, the Los Angeles Police Department will host and provide security for you and your friends to spend 90 quality minutes with Rene Enriquez, a former “shot caller” for the Mexican Mafia who is serving two life terms for murder. 496 more words

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Ex-Mexican Mafia Leader Makes Bid For Freedom

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Records show an ex-Mexican Mafia leader whose talk with a group of business executives and police officials drew criticism this week… 666 more words


Police Commissioner Calls For Probe Into Meeting With Mexican Mafia Hit Man

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A decision to use LAPD resources to set up a meeting between a convicted member of the Mexican Mafia and members of the law enforcement and local business community in downtown Los Angeles has prompted calls for an investigation. 271 more words