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Take New Chances

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

— Henry Ford

Cultural Appropriation (or, there ain't no guilt like white guilt)


Apparently, at some point at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival, some British woman offended every minority ever by saying something to the effect of Cultural Appropriation is a fad that will go away. 222 more words

Year of the Mexicans

A guest post from Terbo Ted, the first DJ at Burning Man (1992) and first Mayor of the Techno Ghetto.

Burning Man 2016: Year of the Mexicans… 1,553 more words


Teach me 

I love learning. It can be from simple every day things to complex ideas. I just love learning. I like listening to everyone opinions and I respect them if they support them with actual facts. 127 more words

Immigrants' Complaints

I can’t watch or listen to the liberal media without hearing reports of immigrants complaining about how badly they are treated by the wider American society. 1,071 more words

Current Events

Two Armies In America

By Peter Huessy ~

$24 billion is sent back to Mexico every year by Mexicans living and working illegally in America. That is the new estimate of immigration experts illustrating how important the flow of cash from America to Mexico is to Mexico’s economy. 965 more words

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