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Donald Trump You Never Had My Vote!

They Shouldn’t Even Let People like this get a Chance to even run for any position  in Our United States. They are disgusting, horrible people. Who will run our country to the ground! 67 more words



NEW YORK, New York (Exclusive to The Adobo Chronicles® ) – It’s cliché, but the saying, ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ does hold true, especially in politics. 203 more words


The Obscenity of the Term “Anchor Baby”

by Brendan Beery

Chasing shiny objects at breakneck speeds, the media have mostly cruised right past the real problem with the use of the term “anchor babies.” … 372 more words

Not helpful: Jeb Bush declares that anchor baby problem 'more related to Asian people' [video]

Main Democrat rival Hillary Clinton recently scolded Jeb Bush over his use of the term “anchor babies,” tweeting in response, “They’re called babies.” Reporters hounded Bush over his use of the term, asking if he regretted it saying it and if it would cost him votes from Hispanics. 324 more words

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Hot Topic - Immigration

The topic of immigration has always been a hot topic in the US. However, since Donald Trump made his presidential announcement on June 16, 2015, it has been front and center on every news channel, political radio and TV talk shows. 636 more words


OM's Rant on Illegal Immigration

NOTE TO READER: My integrity as a blogger has been called into question by my statement that on  OM’s post on illegal immigration “all the commentary mentioned Mexicans.” I want to clarify that it was a particular commenter’s remark that triggered me into responding to the post: 716 more words


Trump's Message to his Fan Club: Hate with a Passion

Of course, Donald Trump is not directly responsible for two Boston brothers urinating on and beating a sleeping, homeless, legal, Mexican man with a pipe.  He is, however, responsible for tapping into and inflaming the fears that fire the culture of hate certain white Americans have for “minorities”, especially those pesky, rapist, Mexican illegal immigrants.  190 more words