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Prof. of Political Science at UCLA Raymond Rocco discusses roles in citzenship and democracy

Kaitlin Martinez


A relevant discussion of citizenship in modern-day America, Professor of Political Science at UCLA Raymond Rocco gave a talk yesterday called “Transforming Citizenship: Democracy, Membership and Belonging in Latino Communities”, which offered an inclusive version of citizenship that expands our conceptions of democracy and participation in the political process. 480 more words


LAPD Under Fire After Arranging Mexican Mafia Leader To Wealthy Dinner For The Entertainment Of Business Executives

There is a bizarre story out of Los Angeles where the Los Angeles Police Department spent $22,000 (and had 38 LAPD employees work 320 hours) to bring Rene “Boxer” Enriquez, the infamous ex-Mexican Mafia leader, to an exclusive dinner for private executives. 293 more words


Paladin Justice reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:

Seal_of_LAPD In this reblog from Professor Jonathan Turley's website, we learn that the USA, instead of jailing for life or executing the leader of the Mexican Mafia in the USA, that he was the honored speaker at an expensive dinner hosted by the Los Angeles Police Department. Truly, as more Mexiturds wield influence in the USA, the more violent and corrupt the country becomes. A woman commenter wrote this excellent observation on Dr. Turley's site:

And for all those who don’t live in border states, supporting open borders and the US becoming more of a region than a nation, this is a timely mention of the savage Mexican drug cartels pouring in. I really think that those who support amnesty should be forced to live in one of those unsellable properties by the border, where the owners can’t be home alone and have to sleep with a gun by their bed.

The People Who Pick Your Organic Strawberries Have Had It With Rat-Infested Camps

A great article from Mother Jones on inequality and what the US needs, what Mexican’s supply and what Mexican’s are not getting in return.

Article by Tom Philpott, March 2015… 741 more words


EPISODE #14: Rainbow Eclipses for Young Girls


As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to listen to Discharge. To me, listening to Discharge was better than listening to This American Life. 146 more words


My Teachers

Another day in the city of Mexico. I’ve been feeling more at home. These people have opened up my heart and my way of thinking. They’ve helped me in so many ways, ways that I would have never thought I could possibly learn in America. 214 more words

Mexican Journalist Carmen Aristegui fired by MVS Radio

Los Angeles Times: Carmen Aristegui, the award-winning Mexican journalist behind the exposure of numerous scandals involving the government and other holders of power, has lost her popular daily radio show in a dispute with the station’s owners. 70 more words

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