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Want more proof of liberal bias in media? NBC accuses Donald Trump of racism but George Takei goes on racist rant against Clarence Thomas...

NBC boots Trump for comments about Illegal immigrants NBC celebrates George Takei as "human rights advocate" pic.twitter.com/gorrf6wVQb

— Aaron Robinow (@aaronrobinow) July 2, 2015

While I’m a huge fan of the original Star Trek series and I love that Sulu character, I’m not a big fan of George Takei as a person.

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Why Donald Trump Spells the End of the Republican Party

Donald J. Trump is officially a front runner in the GOP race. Trump leads all other Republican candidates – with the exception of Jeb Bush – at a 13% support from the GOP base. 660 more words


Telling the truth is a punishable offense these days? It seems so...

While what Donald Trump is going through isn’t fair, it’s not going to weaken his president run at all ’cause remember the Donald’s poll numbers are surging so he’s doing GOOD! 304 more words



WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexicans continue to wreak havoc on his business relationships, first with Univision, then NBC Universal, and now Macy’s. 196 more words


Due to Trump's Recent Remarks...

Due to the recent derogatory statements made by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, specifically Mexicans; Tacos and Politics’ staff (myself and my mate who proofreads the posts before I publish them), its board members and collaborators (still my mate and I), is ending its business relationship with Mr. 214 more words


In Re: Macys dumps Donald Trump - CNNPolitics.com

Macys dumps Donald Trump – CNNPolitics.com.

Carusone, the executive vice president of Media Matters, told CNN. “There’s a line between being very opinionated and expressing yourself and communicating that and being reckless and destructive.” I agree with this statement and just had to chime in on this! 309 more words


The Donald surging in the polls... Why? It's because he's honest and people respect him for it!

I kind of figured that Donald Trump is gonna get himself into a lot of controversy for the elections now that he’s running but controversy isn’t always a bad thing. 489 more words