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Donald Trump loved Mexicans

Donald Trump loved Mexicans. Sometimes when going out, he would find a few and bring with him to the party. Donald Trump would give a Mexican to everyone there as a party gift. 26 more words


Donald Trump was a huge fan

Donald Trump was a huge fan of Mexicans. He loved them deeply and used to chat with them often about the life, universe and everything. Donald Trump thought they may even understand each other if only he knew how to speak Mexican.


Once Hillary Clinton went to a town

Once Hillary Clinton went to a town hall meeting. Three people came to listen to her. Then five people left. Hillary Clinton thought to herself: “If two more people come, there’ll be nobody left.”


Goodbye, Donny!

Goodbye, Donny,
you’ve been crass.
I’m so glad you
fell on your ass.
Preaching hatred,
selling fear;
pray your fortune
falls in arrears.
not a wand… 372 more words


Ten Commandments

Ever wonder why Moses ended up with the Ten Commandments?

God went to the Arabs and said, “I have Commandments for you that will make your lives better.” 238 more words


Donald Trump as President? It's still no!

Donald Trump is winning only 72 percent of Republicans, compared to Hillary Clinton, who captures 85 percent of Democrats, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. 1,204 more words

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