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Viral Video: Drunk Mexican Female Passed Out in Stopped Car in MIDDLE OF FREEWAY

It’s well known in Mexiturded areas of the USA that Mexiturds cannot hold their liquor. I have no stats to back this up, but I’m reasonably sure they drive drunk more than any other ethnic group. 90 more words

México - more than tequila, sombreros and cactuses

Mexico. Coastlines, mountain ranges, desert plains and the wilderness of the jungle. Mexico. 31 federal states, bordering 3 countries and the 5th longest border crossing in the world. 267 more words

To love Mexico (or not)

Professional chef Anthony Bourdain, host of the culinary travel show PARTS UNKNOWN, poignantly critiques the United States’ treatment of Mexican people, bolstering his argument with personal experiences both in the realm of the kitchen and beyond. 59 more words


Mis Amigos

Our time in La Cruz has ended, tomorrow we depart bright and early!

We arrived three months ago on December 17th and since that time we have met some fantastic people.  445 more words