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Cultural Appropriation? What the Hell IsThat? Cinco de Mayo Fight at UNH

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is in the national news, unfortunately. Last week a big controversy erupted on campus when a black student, Danique, filmed a run-in with another student, Michael, who was wearing a poncho to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. 659 more words


How To "Piss Of Mexicans 101"...

(READ UNTIL THE END! This whole situation has finally come to an end. Thank you, Subject A, for apologizing. I forgive you and totally understand that we are not perfect human beings. 1,274 more words

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Who Needs Banks When you Can Have Tacos Instead?

If there was any doubt that Mexicans have taken over the USA, take a walk on the wild side… of The Bronx; more especifically, around Webster Avenue, one of the borough’s longest throughfares, and you’ll come across El Rancho, formerly NY Capital Bank, and now home of some of the most delish Mexican food in the area. 29 more words


White People in the United States and its Future as a Minority

We are in the countdown of an approaching “social revolution” that swears to overthrow the current order of the establishment. This transformation is not going to ignite as the result of a civil war, as did the one in the Saint-Domingue colony —now Haiti— in the 1971, led by black slaves who sought liberation from an oppressive economic system known as slavery, and vengeance against their French-white-masters. 878 more words


Why Bernie Sanders Would Have Won - Thomas Frank Interview with The Nation

Tom Frank: “You want to know the biggest lesson I learned touring Trumpland? People hated Hillary Clinton. To a degree that even I, with my cynicism, did not understand. 194 more words

The Audacious Epigone: Euronation

Anyone who claims America is a nation of immigrants is appallingly ignorant, lying through his teeth, or both–and there’s a good chance he has to go back.

Source: The Audacious Epigone: Euronation


116-year-old Mexican pensioner too old for bank software -- not allowed welfare check for 3 months

Mexico News Daily

❝ Born at the turn of the past century, Maria Félix is old enough to remember the Mexican Revolution – but too old to get the bank card needed to collect her monthly 1,200 pesos ($63) welfare payment.

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