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Who Speaks for New Jersey's Children of Undocumented Parents?

…and perhaps of undocumented children as well.  I taught children like these as a bilingual teacher several years ago.  And children like these – children with dreams as big as their hearts – are among the closest friends of my daughters.   54 more words

Rise to Power: A Dangerous Similarity

Well, what can I say? There have been tons of memes put on the Internet, a lot of jokes made, names called, fingers pointed, and what else is there to say about Donald Trump? 1,409 more words

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Washington D.C. – The class-action lawsuit brought by the 12,750 Mexican laborers who built President Donald Trump’s wall dragged on into its third year and will be taken up by The Supreme Court next month. 542 more words


Calamity and Hope: How the Trump presidency will help Latin American communities in the United States

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, most Latino activists and communities have crusaded against him. Their anger and frustration is being directed to the incorrect man and political party. 565 more words


The chilling similarity between Apartheid and Trump

I am originally from South Africa and grew up during Apartheid. I come from a political family, and fought elections against the Nationalist Party from a very young age. 406 more words

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The Wall

I read that Kansas Secretary of State and prominent anti-immigration activist Kris Kobach has successfully lobbied for language supporting Trump’s absurd Wall into the Republican platform.  138 more words