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"Mi Vida Loca" (My Crazy Life) by Allison Anders (USA, 1993)

Cast: Angel Aviles, Seidy Lopez, Jacob Vargas
Written and Directed by Allison Anders
Music by John Taylor
Cinematography by Rodrigo García
Film Editing by Richard Chew, Tracy Granger, Kathryn Himoff


The Deportation Bus Might be My Free Ticket Back to Mexicou!

If you thought American politicians had run out of ideas to get rid of those pesky Mexicans, think again.

I give you The Deportation Bus… 94 more words

Why I Love Mexico

Trying To Find A Bathroom With A Toilet In Alabama

I had more dreams, but I did not record them.

All that I can remember of this dream is that me and my brother GC were driving around The United States during the evening and night, either through it or in a circle, and I was driving. 262 more words

Dream Journal

GRINGO DE MAYO!: A Counter-Celebration for May 7 - American Digest

By my count that’s three less places that will be serving up the ” hand-wrapped garbage disposal delight” known as the “Burrito” (so named because it contains scraps of otherwise inedible food that was, in the past, fed only to Burros.)

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History Of Cinco de Mayo

(Dallas, TX) – Celebrations will be held all over the nation today in honor of Cinco de Mayo, which means May 5th in Spanish. It was on this date in 1862 when the outnumbered Mexican army defeated the invading French forces of Napoleon the Third at the Battle of Puebla. 65 more words

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Happy Cinco de Mayo Day!

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The Mexican Hall of Fame!

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The Black hall of shame!