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Illegal Aliens

by Chuck Howe

Republicans are afraid of
The wrong kind of

They’ll need all
The Mexicans they can find
To help fight off the spacemen


Radically Reshaping Latina/o America

What’s in a name? The label “Latino” is often used to describe a monolithic interest group or voting bloc. And while criticized as inaccurate because of Latinos’ diverse national, ethnic, and racial manifestations, as an organizing principal the label still conveys significant meaning—a narrative of shared experience—in both Latin America and the United States. 637 more words

Urban/Global Politics

The Problem With The Politics Of Hollywood, As Demonstrated By The Oscars

Last night were the Oscars, and they were great. It represented of a small fraction of time where Hollywood utilized their platform and used it to advocate for a greater good. 2,002 more words

Stereotypes & Roadmaps

Stereotypes &Roadmaps Art.1

#Blacklivesmatter….for entertainment purposes only. That is what that hashtag should actually read. Ironically enough it’s Black History Month and I have just semi-completed reading an article in this month’s Essence magazine. 848 more words


Laura Sánchez

Originally from Mexico City, Laura Sanchez has lived in Knoxville for the past four years. After having a successful career as a lawyer in the criminal courts of Mexico City, Laura moved to Knoxville to marry a friend from childhood. 416 more words


Shock Video: How Mexican 8th Graders Act in Public Schools

This is an older video that offers the testimony of a teacher before Congress.

Youtube comment:

I’m half Mexican but I am well assimilated. I was actually born here, and I have a healthy love and respect for my country of the United States, even I find myself saddened by dirty fucking beanners and spics that come here to take advantage of what Americans worked so hard to build, a free nation.

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