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My Cheerful Young Friend

My young friend Alfredo is one of the most optimistic people I know. He is the son of Mexican immigrants and has gone through the hardships many people of that background have also suffered. 460 more words


June 16, 2015—Day of Infamy

That was the day Donald Trumpf and his wife Melania rode that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his run for the presidency. And that was the day he decided to attack Mexican-Americans and promise to build a “big beautiful wall” for which Mexico would pay: 104 more words


Not Tacos, or Garnachas: NAFTA Is Making Mexicans Fat

It’s not me saying this, no señor. The information comes from a supposedly legitimate media outlet, and I’m nobody to dispute the fact that it’s Americans *and* Canadians who are making my people fat –and not our delicious garnachas or our penchant for Coca-Cola.



The Wall

 The imaginary wall dividing our shades of skin

Has now become reality

And we have become a sin



The cartel is what you say… 69 more words


Finding Land | Barack Obama And Michelle Obama At A Basketball Meeting?

Dream 1

This dream is very unclear but I think that it took place inside a building and maybe outside the building, and that it involved maybe me and some people who were possibly from Mexico (Mexican) including a lot of children who were at this building and outside. 423 more words

Dream Journal

Mexican Olympic Skier Finishes Last, but He Finishes... So ¡Viva México, Cabrones!

German Madrazo, the 43-year-old Mexican who had NEVER skied until last year, finished last in Friday’s 15km cross country competition at the Olympic Games at the PyeongChang’s Winter Olympics in South Korea. 89 more words

Why I Love Mexico

Chicano Batman

LABASED poorly written Just gonna rant see where this goes so I’m Mexican first gen kid I FUCKING HATE Chicano Batman they’re fucking phony poser asshole profiting of the bs white culture and shitfaced 2nd and 3rd gen non working(you know like secretary or office cubical shit)class Mexican kids who wanna be some activist and like shitty art the bourgeoise quit playing victim when you don’t know shit OH you have to work retail boohoo I gotta fucking reroof this fucking house and get paid peanuts the posers fucking hate them FUCK OFF the plugz are real Latino shit idk any other mexican teens feel this way or what? 11 more words