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In “Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job” by Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan, the authors discuss about how there are many job openings on farms, but no one wants it. 111 more words

Deporting People...Deporting Jobs?

Many people have different opinions on whether the immigrants in the United States should be deported or allowed to stay here. There is not a right answer because there are pros and cons to both decisions. 315 more words


This Land Was Made For You & Me. Wasn't It???

I recently visited what would be considered by society as a right-wing Facebook page. Please understand, the entire right/left conservative/liberal thing is overrated and hypocritical. We believe what we believe and we’re sometimes known to lean either direction depending on the particular issue. 666 more words



Five days ago Jussie Smollett, American actor, singer, songwriter and producer spoke to my soul in his new heart wrenching music video F.U.W. The acronym standing for F*cked Up World. 974 more words


Dude Rides the Subway Wearing a Chapo Shirt, Because El Chapo Is the Shit

Do note that his t-shirt reads something like “From rags to riches” en español, of course…

As spotted by an anonymous source of this blogger at the Chicago subway (Red Line). 10 more words

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The day when the color of your skin determine your capacities

When I first came to America –that, by the way, is the United States and America is an entire continent– I was surprised by the many times I had to add my “race” in official papers. 408 more words


February 16th, 2017

By Cynthia Suarez

The 16th of February. A day without immigrants. Charlotte. Chicago. Detroit. Los Angeles. Minneapolis. New York. Pittsburgh. All major cities that boycotted for the rights and opportunities of thousands of immigrants. 1,465 more words