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Mexico Law: Government Can Steal Property / Assets for ALLEGED Tax Evasion

“Mexico’s elite are quaking after leftist lawmakers passed a new law that makes tax evasion a type of organized crime that could justify the seizure of assets even before judges rule on the validity of charges. 81 more words


U.S. Border Crisis: "Surge of Mexican migrants is new challenge for Trump border crackdown"

“A sudden increase in the number of Mexican families and asylum seekers trying to cross into the United States has raised fears of a new border crisis… 113 more words


Why some say Mexico already built Trump's wall -- and paid for it

The commander paces in front of a line of troops, preparing them for the day’s mission.

“We are in our country. We are in Mexico. We are enforcing our laws,” he says, his voice getting louder with each point he makes. 1,296 more words



UPDATE:Both dogs show severe signs of neglect and abuse, have several older and newer wounds/scars, dislocated toes and strange marks and even some growths under the skin and umbilical hernias that need to be analized. 188 more words