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Mexico jumps on the 'big reserve' trend of ocean conservation

Mexico has established 160 million acres in biological reserves, surpassing UN targets three years early.

Last Monday, the Mexican government established the largest biological reserve in the country’s history, further driving a global trend of setting aside large swaths of land and ocean for conservation. 507 more words


"...la gente cambia"

​Hoy vino Adriana para que le ayude con su tarea de la prepa en línea, como parte del tiempo juntas me platico que parte de lo que la está motivando es ver que ella es ejemplo para su hermana menor que va en 4to de primaria y aparte trabaja de cerillito/embolsadora en un supermercado. 110 more words


The other face of immigration from Mexico is African - BY GEORGE ELIJAH OTUMU - 12/10/16 08:22 PM EST

When we think of our immigration legal or illegal along our southern border, we often imagine a poor Latino family, led by a coyote across the Rio Grande under the cover of night in a desperate attempt to reach America. 186 more words

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DAY 1: Before the Wall is Built


A couple months ago, Chan asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico for a few days. I hesitated, my status as an unemployed bum looming in the back of my mind. 662 more words