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Stayin' Alive for Citrus

In junior high I had several California Cuties. (The fruits, not the people. My game is proportional to my cup size. Then: non-existent. Now: adequate.)  When I bent the peal towards it’s orange outside, a soft spray of oil would color the air fresh and bright. 259 more words


When life gives you Lemons...

I mean that literally, not proverbially… life is actually pretty good around here, however it’s well and truly time that I got creative with the glut of Meyer Lemons that my 3 little potted trees have produced this year. 706 more words

Gather And Graze

Cornish Game Hens on Celeriac Nests

I don’t love birds.

This means I don’t really enjoy chickens, hens, or the like.

My preference is really for red meat over poultry.

There are some things in life, though, you’ve just got to do once in a while. 251 more words


Fruit Flavored Waters- Easy from the Freezer

I know that fruit flavored waters have been A Big Thing for a while. You can tell how Big of a Thing by how much stuff you can buy to support this latest… 312 more words

Food And Drink

Waste-Less Wednesday: Meyer Lemon Curd

So, let’s say you zest 10 or 12 Meyer lemons for Organic Meyer Lemon Limoncello, leaving you with a bunch of nekkid fruit. And then? 1,782 more words


Light and Summery Meyer Lemon Cake

I am a lemon freak everyone. And no, my use of the word “freak” is not a hyperbole. I use them in everything. I eat them like you would oranges. 682 more words


Lemon Ice Cream

What’s this? ANOTHER lemon recipe? We’re sorry, but we bought so many Meyer Lemons we had to make as many recipes as we could.

Now here’s a fun story, after we made this and the ice cream was churning, we went to take a taste and realized we forgot to add sugar. 305 more words