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Mvolyé - Yaoundé 

Man sieht es nicht, aber hinter dieser Grundschule am Mvolyé liegt die drei Millionen Stadt Yaoundé. Bis ins Stadtzentrum sind es gerade mal 2,5 km, es ist kurz vor Sonnenuntergang und es hat den Anschein als würde es diese Nacht noch heftig regnen. 6 more words


Focus on the Positive

Joyce Meyer says that the battlefield is in the mind and there is a full blown war going on within our thought patterns. While this could seem strange it’s important that we begin to pay attention to our thoughts and open ourselves up to adjusting them. 237 more words


Palin Promotes Lies and Fear Mongering Through Her New Puppet Dakota Meyer

We haven’t heard from Sarah Palin recently. Maybe the reason is that we now have a replacement for Sarah and his name is Dakota Meyer. Unlike Sarah, he knows how to shoot a gun. 473 more words

Christ Made Sin- For Us

Unto a solilary land. Lev 16:22 (R. V.)
      This chapter is full of Christ in His most precious death for men. Its various aspects are set forth under these diverse sacrifices, as light reflected from the many facets of a diamond. 270 more words


Karen Anderson- Smaart woman

By: Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato

Rational Acoustics is the owner and developer for Smaart and is dedicated to developing the next generation of acoustic measurement and optimization software.  2,127 more words


OMG!!! This Should Be a Wake-Up Call to Anyone Who Cares for Tripp!

Sharon sent this link to a video featuring Dakota Meyer on Patrol in his own house with a very frightening weapon. Imagine the trauma to Tripp when he wakes up in the middle of the night with this man pointing a gun at him. 187 more words

Blauer Himmel über den Wolken

In ein paar Minuten können wir aus dem Bus steigen und die Sitzplätze im Flugzeug einnehmen. Heute fliege ich wieder nach Kamerun. Der Hinmel über den Wolken ist blau, es scheint ein schöner Flug zu werden. 164 more words