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Have Some Decency! Respect Bristol's Privacy

On May 18th Sarah Palin re-posted a note from Bristol explaining that “we have faith that our privacy will be respected at this time by those with decency. 285 more words

Insights from Willow on the Wedding that Could Have Been...

“Willow” was kind enough to provide a glimpse into what could have been…

What a Palin wedding would have looked like: “Epic Wedding Fails”

“Epic Wedding Fails Part 2″ on YouTube

“Best Wedding Fail Compilation 2015

Sarah Wears Bristol's Ring- SICK, SICK, SICK!

What mother buys a wedding ring for her daughter? What mother would insult a young man who wanted to marry her daughter by suggesting that her daughter is worth a better ring than the man could afford? 262 more words

Timeline of Bristol/Dakota Publicity Stunt

Now that there is an announcement that the Engagement of Bristol and Dakota has been cancelled due to lack of interest in the media, let’s reflect on the timing of various events: 436 more words

Dakota Tells Bristol-Get Away From Me!

Nobody really knows who broke off the engagement…Bristol or Dakota. We know that Bristol has been engaged twice before to Levi and neither time did a marriage occur. 175 more words