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Finished With Fake Book...by John Meyer

Christians everywhere have been waking up to the fact they’ve bought into a fake belief system. One that makes them become something they’re not. This “system” of belief can be called religion or a religious spirit. 503 more words


Thriving Relationships...The Fight to Be Right...by John & Amy Meyer

We all want to be right, and maybe we are on some things. The way to have thriving communication is in the delivery of what we are conveying. 28 more words


Download Stephenie Meyer Books For Free

Download stephenie meyer books for free

Get age appropriate reviews of movies, books, apps, TV shows, video games, websites, and music by our expert editors. A series of 4 books by Stephenie Meyer, with additional stories set in this world. 531 more words

Video: Toxic Mindsets - (Thriving Relationships Series)....with John & Amy Meyer

This message called “Toxic Mindsets” is part of our Thriving Relationships Series on our site: thrivingculture.org

Many times we get stuck in old paradigms and wounded patterns that we drag into new relationships. 7 more words


Papa's Living Room Book Intro Video...with John & Amy Meyer

Papa’s Living Room began years ago when I first started personally talking with and listening to the Lord. I remembered hearing from a teacher about the importance of journaling what the Lord shares with us. 260 more words