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Industry News: Smith Optics adds Cale Meyer as new Promotions Manager

Image provided by Smith Optics
Smith Optics announced today that it has added Cale Meyer as its new promotions manager. As a veteran in the snow sports industry, Meyer’s new responsibilities include leading the development of outdoor sports strategies, as well as managing Smith’s…

Meyer Lemon Lemonade (multiple ways)

When life gives you lemon, push them aside, find Meyer Lemons, and make Meyer Lemon Lemonade, because it taste so much better.

Hey everyone! Today won’t be a lengthy post by any means as it’s just a simple beverage that everyone knows except with a fruit variation. 544 more words


Quadrants of opportunity - predicting attacks

Often I hear people say that we need to train speed to be prepared for anything. Although I do think that training your body to respond with a shorter reaction time is quite useful, we can’t really always be prepared for everything. 873 more words

Historical Martial Arts

Joachim Meyer's Longsword: Beware the Prellhauw!!

Joachim Meyer is sometimes criticized as being an example of a fechtmeister that focuses on schulfechten, or “school fighting”, meant more for exhibition or safe and artful practice rather than for duels or battle. 1,171 more words

Dakota Meyer's Family Won't Talk About Bristol

‘We don’t ever talk about Bristol Palin,’ said Meyer’s grandfather Dwight when asked about the pregnancy announcement.
‘We don’t ever discuss her in this family,’. 77 more words

Meyer's Joke

I just came across a witty Monthly paper from 1981 written by Meyer [1]. As they say, there’s a grain of truth in every joke.. 337 more words