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It has been a really warm February in Mississippi. Along with the weather, my insides began to heat up and cause tremendous discomfort. I finally got so uncomfortable that I looked hard enough to break out of a cycle. 1,304 more words

Kick-Ass Fictional Ladies: Princess Bubblegum

Well well well, we haven’t done one of these in a while. Recently the Ladies did a little research into our own Meyers-Briggs types. You have to pay for the real test but here is a… 805 more words

Things To Love

Why Do Introverts Enjoy Watching People (Alternatively: Is People Watching an Olympic Sport?)

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It can be the most blissful of afternoons for an observationally inclined introvert: Sitting quietly in a crowded mall, bus stop, pier, or store, watching people as they swarm in every which direction, ebbing and flowing with the twisting tides of the ever ticking clock. 515 more words


Finding Strength: Starting a Blog

The internet, as is obvious even from this website, is positively inundated with blogs, on any topic imaginable. I can’t imagine that anyone is particularly interested in what I have to say. 357 more words

Hello Innocence

“What does your more innocent side look like?”  I wrote the words down in my journal, took another sip of my coffee and listened as the podcast continued.  826 more words

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