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Teach Me Intuition

It’s time for the second part of my Meyers-Briggs series. The second letter of INTJ stands for intuitive (the ’n’ is used because ‘i’ was already taken.) To me, intuition sounds like some kind of ESP, which allows people to divine truth out of thin air. 423 more words


Intro To Introversion

As promised, these blog posts have been terrifically irregular. I don’t really have regular thoughts, I guess. Then again, who wants to read regular thoughts? Thoughts come as they will, so thanks for sticking with me. 441 more words


Introverts or Extroverts as Continuous Improvement Leaders

Today’s post is from a guest blogger.  Connie Tolman has a career that has spanned the aerospace, military, medical device and biotechnology industries in Southern California.   528 more words


Diaries of Denial

There has always been a part of myself that I have denied. I am one to capitalize on strengths and not necessarily improve weaknesses, which leads to a host of both successes and failures in my life. 853 more words

Global Health Corps

PSA: Shyness ≠ Introversion

America is a little obsessed with labeling people as either an introvert or an extrovert. Most of us took the Meyers-Briggs personality test in school as a teenager to find out if we were an “I” or an “E” & then spent the rest of our school years hyper-aware of our labels. 143 more words


Dear Russell and Friends,

I was truly thankful for Russell’s last post on personality types and on the possible correlation with belief.  I had previously taken the brief version that Russell had recommended and remembered that my type was INFJ.   777 more words

Belief Positions

Movies at the Fox

So the Fox Theatre in Atlanta has the Coca-Cola Movie Festival and my aunt invited me to go with them. It was Beetlejuice playing and I went, cause, you know, movies rock. 283 more words

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