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Myers-Briggs: Being an INFJ

I love learning about myself. And in learning about myself, I never pass up an opportunity for growth and a developed sense of self-awareness Out of the 16 personality types, I have the  678 more words

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ENTJ and a slave?

So I just figured out my Meyer’s Briggs personality type, and I’m an ENTJ. It’s super accurate. Almost scary accurate. But here’s the thing… I’m also a slave. 122 more words


A Decade

As I have been getting the ball rolling on starting college I have realized it has been a full decade since I was a student. 461 more words


Personality Types: Meyers Briggs and Ennegram

At my core, I’m still that fourteen year old girl pouring through the latest Teen Magazine, looking for a fun quiz that will tell me who I am – who I should love – what career I should pursue – what dog matches my personality – what my car says about me. 664 more words


INTJ Female: Rare as unicorns

Until I found out about the Meyers-Briggs personality test..I honestly thought everybody were right..I am weird. But then I did the test..and it turns out I’m not weird after all…INTJ females are just really rare, and people are intimidated by them… 8 more words



That’s my Meyers-Briggs personality type.


I guess the F are pretty accurate, as I’m a teacher. I truly feel for those who are struggling, and I hate when I see my students in any sort of distress. 81 more words


What is your personality type?

I love personality typing. I feel bad for the people in my office because every few months i’ll be in a personality typing phase and insist that EVERYONE take a test (and then explain that this is actually typical of my personality type; we like to figure people out). 309 more words

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