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Thursday Thoughts--I Feel Sounds, I am an HSP

I have read about HSPs over the years–a highly sensitive person. I have a wonderful, treasured friend who is one. It’s more common, I believe among INFJ’s than other Meyer-Briggs personalities, and no matter how many times or ways I take that test, I am an INFJ.   960 more words

5 Things INTJ Personalities Need to Have in Order to Be Happy

There are many things INTJs absolutely hate but only a handful that bring them the most joy. There’s a reason INTJs are one of the rarest personality types, and that’s because not many can keep up with them. 430 more words


I'm Not Going To Let Insecurity Tell Me Who I Am, Anymore

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. – The Queen B, Miss Brené Brown…

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10 Things INTJs Love!

  1. Reading about themselves. Not because we are famously called narcissists but because it makes us feel less alone. So rarely do people understand us. We get the sardonic humor and let’s say hidden sarcasm (or not so hidden sarcasm but we appreciate it nonetheless).
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Personality tests!

day 46/365

It may be the english major in me, but I can’t get enough of analyzing. I’m always reading people and I’m always simultaneously looking for deeper meanings to people’s words and a deeper, more comprehensive understanding to their thoughts.   595 more words

The Rarest of Them All

“Mirror mirror, on the wall. Who’s the rarest of them all?”

Meyers-Briggs personalities…. what are they?

Well, there are essentially 16 personality types that are characterized using 4 categories: 1,116 more words

Tell A Story

EduBlogsClub Prompt #16:

Prompt: Write a post that tells a story. 

Tell a story about a time in your career as an educator that you want to share.

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