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I Crave Alone Time More Than I Crave Chocolate

I crave alone time more than I crave chocolate, and even that is an understatement. A craving is just something I really want. Me and alone time are like me and oxygen. 362 more words

Full of Personality: Some Thoughts on Meyers-Briggs

I have an odd personality. I’ve done an extensive, twenty-five year study on the subject, complete with notes and field tests, so I think I can safely say I’m an expert. 1,566 more words

Life And Musings

Hello, World?

In my bed past midnight. Exhausted and terrorized by another long day in my head. I’ve ended every night this way for a long time. 69 more words


Discovering Your Personality Type 

I remember being about 12 when my mother came home from work and told me about a personality test based on the Meyers Briggs module that she and her co-workers filled out that day. 132 more words

Six Things Writers Should Know About the Myers-Briggs Distinction I(N)tuition and (S)ensing

This post is number 2 in a series about Myers-Briggs types, and will highlight six things writers should know about how their characters will generally favor either sensing or intuition. 556 more words

On The Writing Process

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Reblog from writer Victoria Grefer about characteristics of Meyers-Briggs Intuitive v Sensing personalities. As an INFJ and a writer, I find this series interesting and helpful.

My Love-Hate Relationship With The Meyers-Briggs

The Meyers-Briggs test is a personality test that assigns the taker a total of four letters, either I for introverted or E for extraverted, N for intuitive or S for sensing, F for feeling or T for thinking, and P for perceiving or J for judging. 661 more words

What Is MBTI |Video

Hello Gorgeous Souls!

Today’s video is all about MBTI!

If you don’t know what MBTI is, no worries, I explain it all in the video below: 19 more words

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