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Know Thyself Part 1 of 2

I mentioned previously that I had gotten a new job, and now I’ve been here for just about two months. I work in the digital signage industry, and my specific job is very detail oriented, technical, and precise. 684 more words

Meyers-Briggs test gives interesting but potentially insufficient insight into personality

Kindergarten exhausted me. Being with 24 to 30 five-and six-year-olds would drain my energy. I’d drag my feet getting off the high steps of the bus and come home drooping like a wilting flower, needing a nap and a lot of peace and quiet. 7 more words

UWRF Student Voice

Being INFP: Tips, Insights, and Friends

Warning: This post has “generalizations.” But I can speaking mostly from my perspective, and my own research on INFPs.

I would like to mix things up a bit. 1,070 more words


6 Things to Know about Introverts

So in my dystopian series (The PostPlague Series), the government uses a Meyers-Briggs type of test to place kids in appropriate schooling and later in appropriate jobs.  1,639 more words


Introverts, Extroverts, Can't-we-all-just-get-along-overts?

DISCLAIMER: This post has not been backed up by any sort of scientific research, and I’m not a psychologist or trained to administer the Meyers-Brigs test or anything like that. 1,162 more words


Meyers Briggs Followed Me Here

I’ve talked a lot about meeting new people on this blog. Coming here and knowing absolutely no one has meant that every single person I encounter is a new life to get to know. 1,460 more words

Au Pair

What Do You Mean By "Nerd"?

OK, so we’ve established to my total audience of myself and . . . and let’s not examine that too closely . . . just what “Hot” means to me as a goal in my future Love.   676 more words

Hot Nerd Girl