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[opinion] The INTJ Internal Debate

On the outside, I look quite calm. My face may even be described stony… You might as me, “Hey, how are you doing?”, and I’d probably answer with the standard, “OK”. 736 more words

Thought Piece

Who Is Your Favorite Short-Story Writer?

There are a lot of amazing story writers–more every day, I think. What makes a short story brilliant? Well, that’s a matter of opinion. Some want to define it or find a formula; I used to be one of those. 416 more words

Reading & Writing

An Introvert's guide to thriving in an extroverted world.

For a long time, I tried to convince myself that I was an extrovert. In our culture we value extroversion. The person that gets up in front of the room, and is the life of the party. 227 more words


Hi, hello, welcome!

A few weeks ago I discovered that I am an INFP! For those not familiar, there is a very popular/controversial personality test that has taken the internet by storm! 246 more words

Your Parenting Type, Robots Write Poems, And How To Be An Expert Worrier

Wow…that picture is random. Well, so is this post.

It feels like my job is to be an internet sponge. I soak up what’s going on in the world and then squeeze it out through my craft. 143 more words

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MBTI Personality Types

Hi everyone! So, I know I haven’t been posting very often 😞 but I’ve been very busy. But today, I have a subject I can talk about for as long as you wish (or longer, just ask my friends and family): MBTI personality types. 969 more words


The Craft of the Social Persona


JOE Can I buy you a drink?

APRIL (looking about the room) Why not? What’s your sign?

Same scene 40 years later … 1,140 more words