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Is An MFA Write For You? (#shamelesspunning)


They say you don’t need an MFA to be a successful writer. As a principle, I believe that.

For me, though, I needed it. Once I joined one ( 1,507 more words


Why I'm #MfAProud

Two years ago I drafted a post entitled “MfA and its Impact on My Career.” I knew at the time that I had a lot to say, but I could only compose one sentence, a thesis of sorts: … 592 more words


This Is An Introduction

This only exists to introduce you to the words hereafter that I expect to come out of my fingers.

To understand what you can expect from the words I expect to materialize from these fingers, you need know only one thing: these words, they’re not meant for you. 366 more words


Wrapping Up: It's A Start

Image: Ignacio B. Peña

I wish I had more time.

Invariably, this is the one consistent thought that creeps into my thoughts, time and time again. 1,342 more words


More Thoughts on MFA Applications

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a series of posts about MFA applications, beginning with “What to Say in your Statement of Purpose… 844 more words


Devin Koch Introduction (Virginia Tech ’19)

Image: Robert MacDonald

Let’s jump right out of the gate and do the all important, “Say your name and tell everyone at least one interesting fact about you.” It’s that time of year where syllabus week marks the silence of fresh students and when my mind is scattering with panic thoughts of… 1,079 more words


USC community

I’m heading into my third week at USC, and as the youngest in the program, I’m just now shaking off my quixotic vision of my future as a writer. 502 more words