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Faculty Feature: Lewis Glaser, Graphic Design

The academic year is off to a great start in the newly-formed Department of Graphic Design!

Our students continue to achieve attention for their design work with 55 entries selected for publication in the… 334 more words

Yoga & Writing

Last week, I had some funky energy and had to take care of myself emotionally, so that affected my flow (hence my lack of post). But everything turns around… 498 more words


Day 10: Ignore the Prompt of the Day and Write a Renewed Fairytale

Today’s assignment was to write a fairy tale and transport the reader to a new world but instead I chose to rewrite one of the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales, The Willful Child. 359 more words


ADFS MFA with Office 365

We wanted to implement MFA (multi-factor authentication) for our ADFS servers when authenticating to Office 365.  If you just want basic “MFA for all users” then the AD FS GUI will allow you to select your MFA provider and enable.   421 more words


Day 9: A Writer's Greatest Limitations in the Presence of a Captive Cyborg.


What do you perceive are your greatest limitations at the moment? They don’t necessarily have to be related to writing. What’s getting in your way of your fullest expression and your daily practice? 1,675 more words


On Those Blue Feelings

It’s been a gray day, not cold compared to the Midwest or the East Coast but chilly for Tuscaloosa, with the temperature in the mid-40s. And the truth is that it’s been a hard few weeks. 1,376 more words


Day 8: The Emotional Turmoil of a Writer Coupled with the Extremes of an Adventure


Compare the person you are before you write to the person you are after creative alchemy takes place. Focus on details: how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally — before & after. 946 more words