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Can any of my sleever friends here give recommendations for macronutrient goals setting in the app?

I know Protein at 90g/ day, but where should I be for fats and carbs ratios? 23 more words



125.9 miles for the month! I logged 27 activities so I only missed 3 days this month and 2 of those days were yesterday and the day before, haha. 144 more words

Weight Loss


Push-ups yesterday… owwwwwwwwwwwww. It was super hard and it just got harder. The final set I had to pause for a second to finish. I don’t know if that’s cheating or not. 348 more words



Successful week of getting back to MFP. I have a cake mix in the house that I’ve been craving but last night instead of making it I rode my bike and then folded laundry until it was time for bed. 31 more words

Weight Loss


I DID IT!!!!!!!

120 pushups yesterday broken up into 8 sets and today was my exhaustion test to continue onto the last week of this program. 962 more words

Weight Loss

[200915] Another Late Night


I’m a bit fed up of these late nights. I’m so tired my eyes are stinging but I’m in so much pain I doubt I’d sleep if I went to bed. 171 more words