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Alien Days – AKA How MGMT are the most interesting songwriters of this decade.

 If you haven’t heard Alien Days by MGMT, check it out:

(the video is creepy, but bare with me)

MGMT’s first record is overall a rather straight forward, electronic psych pop album. 1,568 more words

Kelsey's July Playlist

July has been a bit of a stressful month for us three – with mock exams coming up and lots of internals due all at once – so I’ve put together a little playlist of my most listened to songs this month that have helped me chill out and zone out for a while. 100 more words

What is Half Agile?

You measure being lowercase agile by being successful, by being able to thrive in a changing environment, (e.g., the usual environment of changing requirements, diverted resources, and moving deadlines).  180 more words


Is the Scaled-Agile-Framework Agile?

The Scaled-Agile-Framework is at http://www.scaledagileframework.com.

Definitely, SAF has an “Agile” in its title.  Let’s take a rough quick peek to see what they espouse.  For this, we turn to the Scaled-Agile-Framework Lean-Agile (SAF-LA) nine Principles and see how they are related to the Agile Manifesto principles and preferred values. 434 more words


Playlist: Sueños psicodélicos

Por: Pilar Hidalgo.

Sí señores, el rock psicodélico está de vuelta.

… O más bien,¿nunca se ha ido?

Guitarras que derriten tus oídos, solos de batería que agudizan tus sentidos, voces que retumban en tu interior. 378 more words


The Point of Agile Story Points

I’ve come across different interpretations of Story Point estimation.  This is my take.

The reason for Story Points is to estimate the amount of “team personnel time” (AKA staff hours) involved in a task, and the point of estimating staff hours (even if some tasks are “earmarked” by the team toward certain developers) is to get an initial determination of the tasks that will be involved in the next development period (Sprint) and this is true even if shirt sizes (S, M, L, XL) are used as estimates.  352 more words