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Fernway's EP Release Show Rocks Mohawk Place To Its Core

If you think the local music scene in Buffalo isn’t as big as it once was, Fernway’s show at Mohawk Place, 47 E. Mohawk St., on Wednesday night reveals that it’s alive and well and better than ever. 461 more words


Round 3 - The Storm is Building...

Plots resolve, cauldrons boil, you monsters move through the shadows and advance your hideous agendas. After the all the terrible excitement of Fitiarn and the idiocy of Vrzt you hold your breaths to see what violence comes next. 401 more words


"Little Dark Age" by MGMT

Like many of my favorite songs, I happened across this one while clicking through suggestions on YouTube. I wouldn’t say this one is in my Top 10 or even my Top 100, but I like it. 249 more words

Comprehension Checks as MGMT

Classroom Management is paramount. Without it, none of the strategies to provide students with CI stand a chance. They don’t stand a chance because students who aren’t paying attention aren’t receiving any input (I) at all, let alone input that’s comprehensible (C)! 278 more words

Teaching With Compelling CI

Little Dark Age: MGMT's Creepy Comeback

You might remember MGMT for their catchy 2008 hits such as “Electric Feel” and “Kids,” but band members Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser have released much more eccentric music since then. 753 more words


What Does This Year Sound Like?

At the beginning of this year, I told myself I would branch out and listen to different music. Well, as I suspected it hasn’t happened. I’m stuck on these albums that came out years ago.I think the music god’s heard my prayers. 454 more words


Special Review #65 - 'Oracular Spectacular' - MGMT

Oracular Spectacular
Album by MGMT
Released 2 October 2007
Synth Pop / Psychedelic Pop
Produced by David Fridmann & MGMT
Rating – A (8/10)

Recently, I wrote about MGMT’s latest album ‘Little Dark Age’. 936 more words