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The Catalytic Role of ICTs in the #Post2015 Sustainable Development Agenda

In 2000, the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) galvanized global efforts to meet the needs of the world’s poorest people. The development agenda framework outlined 21 measurable targets across eight goals on issues such as poverty, health, environment and gender equality to be achieved over a 15 year timeframe. 594 more words

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This post from the ITU picks up on an important theme of the post-2015 era and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You might ask "what have information communications technologies got to do with sustainability?" Well, they are a vital enabler of sustainable health services, for example, and can be used in numerous ways to help people in poor and remote areas access health advice and care. mHealth via mobile phone services is a growing force in countries such as Kenya, where Safaricom is using its Jamii Smart alerts product to send alerts and reminders to mothers and health workers regarding clinic visits, expected delivery dates, immunisation schedules and other information (Source: Saving Lives Protecting Futures. Progress Report on the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health. Every Women Every Child, March 2015).


Pop quiz: which is more polluted, indoor air or outdoor air? 10 times out of 10, indoor air in your house, office or apartment is going to be worse than the air outside. 626 more words


Why Box.Com makes sense for medical apps

Next week I will be heading out to the Box Dev conference in San Francisco where eHealth Technologies‘ new referral pathways solution will be announced. 400 more words


What's in a Name?

From a patient’s perspective, the field of healthcare is notorious for it’s complex terms and seemingly infinite and ever changing acronyms. Clinicians are no stranger to adapting to this evolution either. 563 more words

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India bets on mobiles in battle on maternal, child deaths


India is betting on cheap mobile phones to cut some of the world’s highest rates of maternal and child deaths, as it rolls out a campaign of voice messages delivering health advice to pregnant women and mothers. 365 more words


Crowdsourced tool for depression Peer-to-peer application outperforms conventional self-help technique for easing depression, anxiety.

Written by Larry Hardesty, Reproduced from MIT News Office, initially published on March 30, 2015

Researchers at MIT and Northwestern University have developed a new peer-to-peer networking tool that enables sufferers of anxiety and depression to build online support communities and practice therapeutic techniques. 1,190 more words

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NHS launches mental health app library

Written by Thomas Meek. Reproduced from EHI News, initially published on March 25th, 2015, 

NHS England has launched an online library of programmes and apps to support people with mental health conditions. 479 more words

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