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Warby Parker develops eye tests via mobile app

Warby Parker has developed a new Prescription Check app that allows consumers to self-administer an eye test through their smartphone and computer. The results can then be reviewed remotely by an eye doctor who can provide a prescription, the company announced in a video on its web site. Read more at Mobile Marketer.


Emily Greene wins NCWIT Collegiate Award Honorable Mention

Congratulations to Emily Greene, an undergraduate in the Amulet group, who received Honorable Mention for the NCWIT Collegiate Award from the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).  44 more words


Wearable technology helps sustain employer wellness programs

Wearable technology, along with incentives and motivational communications, can help employer wellness programs attract and retain participants. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


Mobile health app for bipolar patients wins RWJF Mood Challenge

The mobile health app, BiAffect, helps healthcare providers and their patients identify manic and depressive episodes in people with bipolar disorder by analyzing how that person uses a smartphone. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


mHealth apps aid remote monitoring of elderly patients

The use of mHealth apps has strong potential to mitigate health risks of elderly patients through remote monitoring. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


How to design and develop a mobile health application

With hundreds of thousands of mobile health applications now on the market, the challenge for healthcare providers is to design and develop an app that works well, looks good, and can be sustained. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


DoD grant eyes mobile health devices as a pain management tool

The Department of Defense has so far invested some $9 million in a mobile health device company that markets a wearable pain management platform. In what could be a sign of bigger things to come for mHealth and pain management, the U.S. 21 more words