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Johnson & Johnson Is Using Pollen Data to Push Into Voice-Based Marketing

Even allergy recommendations are getting souped up with algorithms powered by brands. Earlier this month, Johnson & Johnson’s Zyrtec rolled out a Google Assistant skill that cranks out daily allergy and weather information as part of a bigger data initiative to personalize messaging. Read more at AdWeek.


Facebook knows a ton about your health. Now they want to make money off it

Let’s say you like a Facebook page devoted to breast cancer survivors. It has been a useful forum for comparing treatment options with others who have dealt with similar health issues. 32 more words

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With Google Glass, Sutter Health Sees mHealth Success in Workflows

California’s Sutter Health is using Google Glass and Augmedix mHealth software to reduce time spent by its doctors on administrative tasks. Those improved workflows lead to less stress and burnout. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


Controversial apps for kids make cosmetic surgery into a game

“Ouch, it hurts!” squeals Tess, who has asked for help getting ready for the prom. The character is part of an Android game by Bravo Kids Media called “Beauty Clinic Plastic Surgery” — one of many game apps targeted by a petition calling for Apple, Google and Amazon.com to remove or make the apps less appealing to children. 6 more words

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Educating the nurses of 2025: Technology trends of the next decade (Risling, 2017)

Educating the nurses of 2025 considers nurses to be key in leading eHealth and mHealth innovations in a rapidly changing Healthcare arena and highlights the need for Nurse Educators to Lead the revolution! 75 more words

MIT Uses mHealth to Help Cancer Patients Improve Chemotherapy Care

With remote patient monitoring looking to make a bigger impact on care management for patients with chronic conditions, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a mobile health device that would allow cancer patients to monitor their own white blood cell levels. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


Augmented Reality App May Help Patients with Parkinson’s

Six Rice engineering students have designed an iPhone app to help patients overcome a symptom known as “freezing,” in which the legs temporarily refuse to follow the brain’s command to lift and move forward. Read more at mHealthWatch.

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