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mHealth sets its sights on lupus in new Apple ResearchKit study

Pfizer and the Lupus Research Alliance are using Apple’s mHealth clinical trial platform to help patients of the debilitating chronic disease connect with healthcare providers through an iPhone. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


How doctors used virtual reality to save the lives of conjoined twin sisters

For decades, increasingly sophisticated imaging techniques have allowed doctors to peer into the human body before they cut it open, reducing uncertainty and helping them prepare for complicated procedures. 51 more words


Apple’s hush-hush foray into personal health records

After the high-profile failures of Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, can tech titan Apple find a way to centralize personal health data, and could it solve medicine’s interoperability problem? Read more at iMedical Apps.


Apple wants to change the way doctors and patients talk to each other — by giving everyone an iPad

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is offering some patients the option to check out iPads during their stay for free, to provide more insight into their health. The program offers a glimpse of how Apple is trying to further tap into the $3 trillion health-care market. 6 more words


Contest finalists envision Alexa as an mHealth management tool

Five finalists in the Alexa Diabetes Challenge are designing platforms that would enable people with type 2 diabetes to use the digital assistant as an mHealth management tool at home. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


Chance of leading Pharma companies producing a successful app has decreased from 2.0% (2014) to 0.5% (2016)

Pharma Report Findings

By David Ireland Berlin

Leading Pharma companies continue to struggle to gain significant reach (downloads) within their target groups. While companies have cumulatively over doubled their number of active apps available on Apple App and Google Play stores (2014 – Q1 2017), most have added to the growing tail of under performers. 851 more words

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Global Kinetics launching large randomized study of wearable for Parkinson’s Disease

Global Kinetics Corporation (GKC), a digital health company from Australia that makes tech for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), announced new sets of data gleaned from reports of PD patients who use their product. Read more at iMedicalApps.