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Morning Cognitive States Predict Daily Physical Activity Levels - Findings from an EMA Mobile Phone Study

Ever wondered how you feel in the morning might affect your overall activity levels for that day?  Analyzing data from Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) via mobile phones, we found that higher outcome expectancy in the morning as associated with more physical activity that day.

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Health Informatics

Quality data are essential in public health settings to facilitate good decisions on policy and service provision and to track health trends and the effectiveness of interventions. 117 more words


Telehealth Market Expected to Reach $17 Billion by 2020

Growth within the telemedicine marketplace continues to reach a fever pitch. Fueled by the shortage of physicians, increasing aged population, rising healthcare costs and expanding health insurance coverage for virtual healthcare, the emerging telemedicine market is set to soar in the coming decade. 338 more words


Patient empowerment: The rise of remote health monitoring. By Collette Johnson, Plextek Consulting

The rise of mHealth and consumer health devices is pushing healthcare delivery and monitoring out of the hospital and into the home. This change in patient focus is causing the medical industry to look closer at the future of the connected home and driving innovation in smart healthcare delivery. 710 more words


How secure is your doctor’s office?

As a CTO/CIO I must be my doctor’s worst nightmare.

When I walk into the office my eye roves about like a searchlight, looking for passwords under desks, removable media devices, unguarded networks and all the dirty little secrets daring me to unveil them from their dark hiding spots. 777 more words


Mobile connectivity: Revolutionizing the health sector and access to care

Mobile innovations are growing at an exponential rate. For example, a new attachment for your smartphone can perform an on-screen visual test of your eyes… 888 more words


Smartphone ECG aids real time diagnosis of palpitations in the competitive college athlete



Rapidly detecting dangerous arrhythmias in a symptomatic athlete continues to be an elusive goal. The use of handheld smartphone electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors could represent a helpful tool connecting the athletic trainer to the cardiologist. 74 more words

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