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mHealth for Behavior Change Communication Brief: Why mHealth messaging?

Evidence has shown that effective communication message programs can improve a number of health behaviors for a variety of populations. Mobile messaging has been shown to be successful for many health behaviors, including medication adherence, chronic disease self-management, and disease prevention. 167 more words


Tools for Practice Tuesday: Start App via @Iodine

Starting an anti-depressant seems like a simple process as it is often common practice. You might have lots of questions prior to starting one. What are the side effects? 215 more words

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Making Sense of Meaningless Exchange

While exchanging healthcare records is the darling of the media, it is far from the greatest challenge in healthcare interoperability [1]. The problem of transmission of records is now on the cusp of being solved by… 916 more words


HIPAA: Helping or Hurting?

Much has changed in the years since HIPAA was first passed into law, not the least of which is the use of mobile technology in healthcare. 518 more words

Good Practices in Issuing Mobile Devices to Healthcare Workers

Mobile health, or mHealth, is defined as the use of mobile computing, medical sensors, or other communication technology in the delivery of health-related services. mHealth has the potential to empower patients with information to inform their healthcare decisions and link them to health services. 202 more words


The Responsibility of Storytellers

This post is written by: Trish Garrity

At the heart of communities there is always a story and a trusted individual carrying it forward. Spanning generations, stories have the power to inspire us, change us, and educate us beyond what we know to where we must go. 652 more words

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Fitness Trackers, Not so Accurate After All

As employers continue to push ¬†employee health improvement or Wellness programs, they are looking at gathering¬†more “validated” results instead of relying on the always questionable self reported data. ¬† 337 more words