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Can wearable fitness devices lower healthcare costs?

“A study by a healthcare analytics firm that tracks corporate wellness efforts found that employees using wearable fitness monitoring devices had lower healthcare costs over a two-year period. 55 more words


Human body, smartphone passcode may forge better mHealth security

“A human body passcode created via wireless data transmission using a smartphone fingerprint reader may provide stronger security for mHealth devices and wearables. The system could potentially replace today’s password approach that uses data encryption, creating a new physical security layer impenetrable to outside attack. 40 more words


A major update relaxes screen time rules for some kids

“In a world where we are surrounded 24/7 by all kinds of digital media, trying to figure out the maximum — or better yet optimal — amount of screen time that’s good for kids has been a challenge. 61 more words


New smart bandage provides instant updates on the condition of chronic wounds remotely.

Injuries that fail to heal within three months, such as many diabetic foot ulcers, can require years of treatment and significant healthcare resources.  Researchers are working on new kinds of wearable sensors that alert users outside the hospital environment of potentially concerning changes in body temperature, heart rate or blood pressure. 456 more words


Pokémon Go's immediate impact on public health: 144 billion steps and counting

“Pokémon Go was an instant summer sensation that many people in the healthcare and technology industries hailed as a harbinger of apps and devices designed to engage patients in new ways. 80 more words


ABI: mHealth wearables drive disruption in diabetic care

“The global diabetic population crossed half a billion, and it continues to grow. In response, device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients are looking for ways to manage this long-term chronic disease in an efficient and unobtrusive way. 46 more words


The mHealth app Market is getting CROWDED


There are 259,000 mHealth apps now

By Ralf-Gordon Jahns


Almost 100,000 mHealth apps have been added since the beginning of last year, amounting to 259,000 currently available on major app stores.

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