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Report: 1 in 4 Americans has emailed or texted a photo to doctor

“Ketchum has just released the mHealth Monitor, mapping U.S. consumers’ adoption of wearable technology, apps and artificial intelligence for personal health and wellness. And the results are truly telling. 52 more words


Walgreens introduces mobile-first telehealth service

“Walgreens has launched a new mobile-first service that aims to connect customers with dermatological information, care and treatment, including the ability to access online consultations with trained specialists. 33 more words


What will augmented and virtual reality technology do for healthcare?

“Augmented reality, the technology behind this summer’s popular game app, Pokémon GO, and virtual reality – popularized by the Oculus Rift gaming headset – are poised to reshape patient therapy and medical training, some say. 36 more words


We need better patient engagement, not just more apps, says Cleveland Clinic

“Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience Officer Adrienne Boissy made the case last week that health apps alone are not a strategy – and in fact can hinder positive patient experience if they’re not deployed wisely. 34 more words


Following #Expo16NHS..I could be replaced... 'technically'

And so another NHS Expo conference comes to an end. It was a lively 2 days with lots of amazing people coming together to share new ideas about the future of health and social care. 732 more words

Promoting Better Healthcare Through Mobile Connectivity

As mobile and internet technology penetrate even the most remote corners of the world, so does the ability of individuals and organizations to leverage connectivity in humanitarian services for underserved areas. 225 more words