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OTC e-commerce: China

The rise of e-commerce, especially in key markets like the USA and China, as well as certain European countries such as Germany and the UK, continues to alter the dynamics of the consumer healthcare market and this is a trend we plan to monitor ever more closely here at… 304 more words


mHealth Games Offer a ‘Fun’ Way to Boost Patient Engagement

Healthcare has been slow to embrace mHealth games and gaming technology, but advocates say they could score big successes in patient engagement, education and even clinical outcomes. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.


FDA OKs mHealth App That Uses AI to Spot Strokes, Alert Specialists

The FDA has approved an mHealth app that uses artificial intelligence software to analyze CT scans for signs of a stroke, then sends a text message to a neurologist. 20 more words

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Breaking up with your smartphone is really, really hard. Just ask these people.

Maya Oren wants to dial back her dependence on her smartphone. She plans to do it slowly by getting a new phone — a simple one that doesn’t download apps or take photos or send her notifications. 15 more words


mHealth Wearables, AI Used to Detect Diabetes in One’s Heart Rate

A new study launched at the University of California in San Diego has found that mHealth wearables integrated with an AI platform can detect early signs of diabetes. Read more at mHealth Intelligence.



In September 2007, 75 students walked into a classroom at Stanford. Ten weeks later, they had collectively amassed 16 million users, $1 million dollars in advertising revenue, and a formula that would captivate a generation. Read more at Wired.


This Week’s Best New Medical Apps

Hundreds of new apps hit the app stores every week. We’ve sorted through them to pick the best medical apps for doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers. 22 more words

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