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2016 Reading Challenge Extra Books!

I’m down the the last 8 or 10 books on my list and they are harder reads…so I’m avoiding them!!  Books 55-59 have been a GREAT distraction from the tougher reads!! 263 more words

Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia was an Audible read. It is a fantasy novel set in modern day upstate Michigan.

My favorite MHI character is missing from this book, Z. 200 more words


National news 2

Too Much Turbulence, Malaysia airlines MHI hit with severe turbulence causing injuries the strong turbulence injured only 7 people on the flight the jet was flying from London to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday,  Malayasia Airlines said ” 378 passengers and crew on board the Airbus A380 suffered minor injuries and no deaths accrued when the plane landed everyone was able to  medical attention right way once the jet landed safely on the ground in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday morning. 113 more words

Indian names for FUE Hair Transplant

Recently got a message from patient asking about MHI technique.I told him I never heard about it.Then he asked about BioFUE .I said again don’t know about it but should be something related to FUE.I told him I know only two techniques for hair transplant one FUT and the other FUE.India and Indian hair transplant clinics are fascinated about new names for hair transplant. 116 more words


Holiday Book Giveaway

The holidays are here and in full swing. Decorations, mad rush to stores, wrapping and sending (or hiding). With all of that going on it may be hard to find the time to really sit down and read. 523 more words

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Congratulations - MRJ First Flight Live !!!

Press Release from Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

“The First Flight Schedule of MRJ

Nagoya, November 10, 2015 –



なお、飛行試験は、安全をすべてに優先させて実施し、今後の機体状況及び天候状況等によっては、予定が変更となる可能性もあります。 133 more words