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The Long Awaited Trip Home

My car spent some time in the shop.

And then she spent some time at the shower.

Why? Because my time in Arizona had come to an end. 261 more words

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One of the BEST

This week is going to be one of the best weeks. BECAUSE I’M GOING HOME!!! I’m smiling to tears at writing this. I’m so excited that it’s becoming emotional. 297 more words

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Counting My Lasts

Last weekend I was talking to my family about my Arizona life. Courtney told me that I’ve done an amazing job of making poop sparkle. The rest agreed. 975 more words

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There's a reason...

Why would someone spend over $20 on a pair of workout pants? You’re just going to sweat in them.

Why would someone spend over $60 on a pair of workout pants? 629 more words

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Almost seniors! Gluten-Free too!


– I wish I could tell you guys what I’ve been doing in class, but it’s a secret. Literally. But I’m learning how to do my job as if I were deployed. 942 more words

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Paisley Answers Questions

I wasn’t going to post again today, but I had to when I found such beautiful surprises in my inbox this afternoon:

Pictures from New Years weekend in San Diego! 716 more words

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I pretty much love 90 degrees.

No internet requires a catch up agenda… Lezzzz do this…


Raglin came home from the hospital. He’s doing great – so I’m told. Grayson is quite worried about him. 964 more words

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