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MI5’s Killing Spree in Northern Island

By EAMONN McCANN | CounterPunch | June 26, 2015

Derry, Northern Ireland.

“Cameron went completely off script at that point and he said ‘Look, the last administration couldn’t deliver an inquiry in your husband’s case and neither can we.’” Asked why by Jane Winter of British Irish Rights Watch, Mr.David  Cameron, according to Ms.

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Film Review - Spooks: The Greater Good (2015)

Spooks (or MI-5 as it was known in America) remained one of my favourite television shows throughout its ten year run on the BBC. Its dramatic plots, strong acting and the knowledge that no character was guaranteed to survive (who can forget poor Lisa Faulkener’s Helen in only episode 2?!) meant that Spooks became revolutionary television when it arrived in 2002 and I was rather sad when it ended in 2011. 889 more words



Well I kind of feel like that trailer is anti-climactic. It’s certainly not as good as the previous two trailers. It literally looks like it’s just reversed the order in which we see the various clips with little tiny bits added and removed. 63 more words

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Review for Chastity Black Part 1 by Tay Lawrence

Chastity Black is the first part in the Undercover Agent for the British Secret Service series by Tay Lawrence. I read the Paperback edition as part of my 2015 reading challenge – which was provided by… 357 more words



I have seen There will be blood and Punch Drunk Love by Paul Thomas Anderson, and I liked Punch Drunk Love better than There Will Be Blood, although the performances in There Will Be Blood were very moving and deservingly Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for it. 662 more words


Rupert Murdoch flips | Sunday Times article on Snowden rife with errors

Today, Times Newspapers Ltd (TNL), the company that owns the Sunday Times, issued a copyright infringement notice to the legal owners of First Look/The Intercept, the online news magazine. 674 more words



Today’s announcement that the Independent Police Complaints Commission will not be investigating police conduct at Orgreave should come as no surprise to anyone who has looked in to the IPCC in the past. 606 more words