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Before anyone reading this wonders what happened to the big reveal .. nothing yet!

I got the dates wrong, I think lol, but not the days. 1,198 more words


Once in a while, we must remember that a good life is also about having a good time. And I believe that this is true even when you deal with a tragedy such as Pan Am 103. 19 more words


6 Smartphone Xiaomi yang Dirilis Tahun 2015

Kesuksesan Xiaomi pada tahun 2014 dengan angka penjualan global mencapai 61 juta unit dan menembus lima besar produsen smartphone dunia, tidak lantas membuat Xiaomi berpuas diri. 1,521 more words

Dunia Smartphone

The Game confirmed for BBC 2 - Thu 30th April 9pm

Almost a full 18 months after filming in Birmingham completed the BBC have finally announced that 1970s spy drama The Game will start its six episode series, filled with espionage and intrigue, on… 400 more words


British Intelligence's Unsettling Relationship With Islamic Fundamentalism

Dirty tricks, fake fronts and blatant criminal activity are nothing new to British imperialism. However, an article in the latest edition of Proletariat (the month paper of the CPGB-ML) revealed to what shocking (and somewhat bizarre) extent the imperialists’ efforts to hegemonise the Middle East have recently been pertained to. 1,570 more words


The Monstrous Regiments

As promised the original post we intended before slim Jim got skewered by his own colleagues and it seemed only fitting that we doff our crown to Mr Knox and his historical (hysterical?) protest about this blog’s spiritual progenitor, because the last week seems to have been the week of those who would seek to be or, as per Knox’s opinion, actually are military style hordes of something grotesque. 1,811 more words

Bankrupt Britain

GCHQ mass surveillance threatened in ECHR legal case

GCHQ, via a court action against the UK Government, will soon be in the dock at the European Court of Human Rights, thanks to a number of pro-privacy organisations (see Statement by Privacy International below). 3,066 more words