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On February 9 Mia Farrow was born...

On February 9, 1945 actress and former model Mia Farrow was born. She is best known for her work alongside Woody Allen (appearing in 12 of his films), as well as playing the titular character Rosemary in Roman Polanski’s 1968 film, “Rosemary’s Baby.” 134 more words


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Happy Birthday Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow has had to suffer the indignity of being over-determined in the media imagination in terms of her relationship with others.  Male stars (with the possible exception of Warren Beatty) tend to avoid this lack of perceived autonomy.   391 more words

Hey, who's your daddy?

Just bringing up the subject of biological fathers (as opposed to those whose names appear on birth certificates) is repugnant. Leave it to an orange cat to dive in. 271 more words


Rosemary's Baby

There’s a rare opportunity to buy a co-op apartment in The Dakota right now. I know this because an ad keeps finding me online this week telling me so; I don’t know who thinks I might want to buy a $1.8 Million one-bedroom on the eighth floor of a historic building – that’s not including the “maintenance fees,” which are higher than my rent in Brooklyn – but they should check their algorithm. 222 more words

All of Them Witches: Rosemary's Baby

When pushed to answer what is my favourite horror movie, I reply, “Rosemary’s Baby.” I’ve watched it nearly once a year since I first saw it as a preteen. 212 more words