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Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) [review]

This is a pure joy to watch as we not only have Ferris himself go through all we wished we could at that age. There is also Cameron Frye (Alan Ruck) and Sloane Peterson (Mia Sara) who come along for the ride. 402 more words


Mother's Day

by Mia Sara

My gangling pale
boy child,
telling me lies
as I drive downhill.
“They need me,” he says.
distressed damsels,
the bloated buddy, 304 more words


"Timecop" | Movie Review

Grade (A-)

“Timecop” starred of course; Van Damme, as well as Ron Silver, Mia Sara, Gloria Rueben and Bruce McGill. It was directed by Peter Hyams who also directed some entertaining films like “Running Scared” and “The Presidio”. 783 more words

Pure Sci-Fi

Throwback Thursday- 1980's TV Miniseries Edition-Queenie (1987)

When we have dreams, we sometimes have to make choices to see those dreams become reality. The question is, what happens when we make those choices and what are the consequences of the choices, especially when we deny who we are? 103 more words


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Viewed – 08 February 2017  Blu-ray

Throughout the eighties and to a lesser extent the 1990s, director John Hughes made some of the most memorable and fun movies I’ve ever seen (big breath: The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Home Alone, Plaines, Trains & Automobiles).  449 more words


Legend (1985)

Dir: Ridley Scott, 1985


This review is of the director’s cut.

The eighties was a ripe time for sword and fantasy films. Whether it be Ladyhawke, Hawk the Slayer or The NeverEnding Story, the genre gained a rather large cult following, creating a fandom that still exists today. 500 more words