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Can Hollywood Still Muster Enough Wonder for Alice in Wonderland?

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"I believe when you've been stuck too long in one spot,
it's best to throw a grenade and jump. And pray."
- Robyn
Dir: John Curran… 53 more words

Review: Alice Through The Looking Glass

It is only fitting that the plot of Alice Through the Looking Glass is centered around the concept of time because for a movie so enamored with this idea of recovering lost bits of it or enjoying the moments you have within it, it sure doesn’t value the time of the audience. 819 more words


Crítica | Alice do Outro Lado do Espelho (2016)

  • De: James Bobin
  • Com: Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter
  • 1h53min

Das pequenas experiências que resultaram da parceria entre Tim Burton e a Disney, devo dizer que… 611 more words


'Alice Through the Looking Glass' review: All grown-up with too many places to go

Alice is no longer a child, that’s for sure.

In Through the Looking Glass, the sequel (prequel?) to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland, her usual worries about fitting in and being too dreamy, things kids and teens care about, are long gone, replaced with more adult concerns about what to do for a living, maintaining connections with family and realizing that time is a precious commodity. 771 more words


He didn't direct the sequel, but Tim Burton (unfortunately) leaves his mark all over Alice Through The Looking Glass

After Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland made a billion dollars worldwide, the guarantee of Disney releasing a sequel was virtually certain. Six years later, our palates sufficiently cleansed, we can repeat the masochist ritual of seeing another Burton film with Alice Through the Looking Glass. 587 more words


Lewis Carroll Would Have Loathed 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'

There are a handful of trusty through lines in new reviews of Alice Through the Looking Glass. To begin with, it’s apparent enough that Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays “Time,” is doing a not-at-all veiled Christoph Waltz impression. 665 more words