The Ongoing Debate

Yes. There is an ongoing debate about whether DNR endangers patients. It’s here on debate.org:


We may sometimes wonder, given a certain situation during these circumstances as a Doctor I would plan to save the patient’s life or if during a circumstance which I knew the facts of, I would recommend a DNR/NFR order on the patient’s life. 148 more words

Walk On Fire

Two guys from the circus go into the pub. And the lion tamer says to the fire walker, “Wow, walking on coals. That must really hurt.” And the fire walker says, “The first, sure.

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[TV Drama] Miami Medical

Miami Medical  is a medical drama television series created by Jeffrey Lieber. It follows the professional and private lives of a team of trauma surgeons. The series was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. 52 more words

TV Drama

Ten reasons I love 'Miami Medical'

Can you believe it’s been a year already? Yes, it’s been a year since the man in the Phish t-shirt with the James Bond voice first came through the ambulance bay of Miami Trauma 1 and stole our hearts. 2,328 more words

Jeremy Northam

Miami Medical DVD 'a long shot'

In the thick of the holiday season as we are, I have been wishing that I could deliver some good news by way of a gift to you all. 343 more words

Jeremy Northam

Jeremy Northam: gent?

I’m in a silly mood today. To my mind, silly is good, and to be encouraged (though my son’s teachers disagree …). And so, a silly poll at the… 357 more words

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