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Fractured Air 41: Notturno Italiano (A Mixtape by Andrea Belfi)

Andrea Belfi is a drummer, electroacoustic musician and composer. His extensive output to date encompass diverse sonic terrain from rock to electroacoustic experimentation, from avant-folk to radical improvisation, from audio-visual performance to sound installation. 229 more words


HHV.de Mag: Kreng - The Summoner

Love at first fright: Das neue Kreng-Album. Gute Erinnerung, wie ich dazu des nachts durch die spießigste Ecke des Prenzlauer Bergs lief und alles noch viel bedrohlicher klang als sonst. 66 more words

Kristoffer Cornils

Noveller - Jóhann Jóhannsson & BJNilsen - Kreng

Noveller – Fantastic Planet (fire records)

Ισιώνοντας την ματιά πέρα από ένα ντροπαλό παράθυρο ακούς φωτεινές μελωδίες στην διαπασών (βλ. “Into The Dunes”). Χωρίς φωνές ή ρυθμικά τεχνάσματα ένας ήλιος δίνει ζωή στα πάντα (“Rubicon”). 37 more words


Kreng ~ The Summoner

Don’t be fooled by the incredible teaser, which features the grinding doom and screaming vocals of Amenra.  The Summoner is a subdued album that culminates in cacophony.   354 more words

Richard Allen

Chosen One: Machinefabriek

Interview with Rutger Zuydervelt.

“I see the sound more as a part of the space it’s played in. Just like the walls, the smell and the temperature, the sound is “just there”, continuously.” 1,779 more words



I found some old party footage in the archives of my own family.
27 years later it turned out to be a great video for the Kaboom Karavan track ‘Lovzar’, from the album ” Hokus Fokus ” ( Miasmah Records 2013 )

Kaboom Karavan