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Michael Hayden’s Pro-Drone Propaganda Piece in the Sunday New York Times

I have long been disturbed by the New York Times’ coverage of the drone campaigns. Particularly appalling was the President-as-Godfather feature published on May 29, 2012… 1,511 more words


Number of Bombs the United States Dropped in 2015 and where.

How Many Bombs Did the United States Drop in 2015?

by Micah Zenko . January 7, 2016

The primary focus—meaning the commitment of personnel, resources, and senior leaders’ attention—of U.S. 534 more words


The Vanishing Crossover Point

I just finished reading Nick Turse’s terrifying reveal of the American war on VietNam– Kill Anything That Moves.  I am filled with horror and sorrow and rage…and even moreso when I realized that the US is pursuing exactly the same doomed-to-fail tactics in the War on “Terror”…which really is a regional War on Islam and muslims.  402 more words

Where to Bomb? Presidential Candidates Use of Force Tracker

Came across this spreadsheet tracking all the military action envisioned by each presidential candidate, both Democrat and Republican, through the Guardian.

The tracker is from “ 50 more words