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Review: "Hank Steiner: Monster Detective" from Killustration Studios

“When monsters walk among men, injustice and crime are fueled by bigotry; only one creature is right for the case.” (from Hank Steiner: Monster Detective tumblr… 143 more words

Post story blues!

I’m a bit lost.. what to do now??  But on the plus side, this heat wave has finally arrived. I’ve taken my table out into the garden to sketch, and it’s been lovely. 101 more words


justwrite justafter midnite

Tomorrow is sitting on the edge of my sternum
bluebird on a bone branch, perched and waiting–
and I ask–do you still sing?  I hear nothing… 266 more words

Character Profile: Mouse Council

With a ton of fables featuring Mice, you can be sure that Mice will have a starring role in the Peripatetic Players’s Aesop Amuck! 77 more words


Minisode: Biker Mice From Mars with Barack Obama

Today we are very excited to welcome to the studio Barack Obama, whom you may know from the Harvard Law Review, Between Two Ferns… 53 more words



On behalf of Buttercup, Rowdy and Earl, I have to type the following message:


(That’s Buttercup typing)

Rowdy sniffed the screen

Earl has run over the touch pad and activated bold type… 139 more words