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Van Halen/ VH 2 (1979)

My purchasing of Halen product was interesting to say the least! Of course we all know the tale of my buying VH’s/Woman And Childern First in early 1981 from there it was Fair Warning later in 1981 and than in 1982 I not only bought Diver Down upon its release but I also purchased the 45 single of VH’s cover of Roy Orbisons Pretty Woman. 1,233 more words

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By the time the middle of the 1990s had arrived, the once powerfully influential Van Halen had come to a messy situation.

Anything was but well in Van Halen in the Balance era. 1,199 more words


Live: Right Here Right Now

According to internal Warner Bros. sources, the former record label of Van Halen, David Lee Roth was threatening legal action over the idea that a compilation should be released to include material from the era of the first Van Halen albums (1978-1984) along with DLR solo songs. 807 more words


V is for versatility: A New York chef preaches the possibilities of produce

Michael Anthony wants vegetables to be pigs. Okay, not exactly: But as he writes in his new cookbook, he wants home cooks to be able to look at a box of produce and envision a delicious meal just as easily as they could see a pig and envision bacon. 1,259 more words



After listening to the first few Van Halen albums almost non-stop for the past few weeks, I decided to look a little more in-depth into why I like coming back to this band. 2,534 more words

David Lee Roth

Van Halen/Live At The Tokyo Dome(Part One)

Now that the dust has settled……

25 ┬áVan Halen Songs recorded live(2014) in c’mon folks read the title! What we get here is a pretty good snap shot of Van Halen Mach Roth 2.0! 1,405 more words

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As the eighties drew to a close, the time had come for yet another album by the now commercially successful Van Halen. This time, the album called… 802 more words