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Incident at Oglala

Incident at Oglala is a documentary by British filmmaker Michael Apted about the killing of two FBI agents on a South Dakota Indian reservation which led to the murder conviction of Leonard Peltier. 1,072 more words


This boy's life

Are you getting the feeling that Boyhood is going to win the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday?

We just caught it on DVD the other night(s) (it’s long!), ready to be wowed. 438 more words

Et Alia

Men, Boyhood and Oscar

It’s hard to recall a richer, more creatively satisfying year for men and boys than 2014.  Of course, I’m referring to the fascinating male characters and performances that flooded the cinema, circa 2014: … 1,159 more words


The First Exclusive Photo of 'UNLOCKED' Starring Noomi Rapace

Check out your first exclusive photo from Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming action-thriller Unlocked, starring Noomi Rapace, which can be seen down below!

Directed by Michael Apted and based on a screenplay by Peter O’Brien,  105 more words


56 Up

Though Michael Apted’s series of “Up” documentaries typically get pegged as pinnacle achievements in documentary film, they’re actually landmarks of television. This was reality TV before the genre was a thing, and for possibly the only time in the genre’s history, the subjects were somewhat reluctant and unwilling participants. 686 more words


Time Travellers: Boyhood's Doc Cousins

I‘m delighted that Boyhood is getting some awards love. It’s one of my favourite films of the decade – watching it a second time on a transatlantic flight it again held me spellbound for nearly three hours. 1,568 more words


The World is Not Enough (Michael Apted, 1999)

SPOILER WARNING: These reviews reveal plot twists.

The final James Bond film of the twentieth century. And it’s a good’un. There are blemishes, which I’ll discuss below, but overall this is stylish, engaging and very entertaining. 1,019 more words

James Bond