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It mostly stands up to scrutiny, even with some moments of confusion and weakness

Unlocked is the fast paced action film starring Noomi Rapace as the out of work agent, Alice Racine. 232 more words


Unlocked - Review

In the world of spies and espionage, sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re the hunter or the prey and who’s spying on who. At least, that’s how it always goes in spy movies. 857 more words


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Film review: Unlocked

Tackling subject matter that feels frighteningly topical in the current climate, veteran filmmaker Michael Apted directs terrorism thriller Unlocked. The story centres around undercover CIA interrogator Alice Racine (Noomi Rapace) who is guilt-ridden from failing to prevent an attack in Paris five years earlier. 290 more words

Unlocked: Review

One has to wonder what kind of dirt director Michael Apted has on the likes of Noomi Rapace, Toni Collette, Michael Douglas and John Malkovich. Details of some Cayman Island tax evasion? 417 more words

Film Review


(spoiler free)

Previous ‘James Bond’ director, Michael Apted is back with new terrorism thriller ‘Unlocked’. Featuring an all star cast lead by Noomi Rapace could it be an engaging action flick or would it be a dull retread of similar films to have come before it? 338 more words

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The plot of “Unlocked” has so many holes and is so complicated, it’ll take far too many words to untangle. Needless to say, there’s nasty double dealing that goes all the way to the top (of the CIA). 360 more words


Review: Unlocked (2017)

Stars: Noomi RapaceOrlando BloomMichael DouglasToni ColletteJohn Malkovich.

Director: Michael Apted

The plot:

There was something of a delay from the close of production on Unlocked and it actually hitting cinemas this May in the UK.   541 more words