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“These are the Armies of The Night. They are 60,000 strong. They outnumber the cops three to one. They could run New York City. Tonight they’re all out to get the Warriors.”

The Warriors (1979)


"The Warriors" (1979, James Remar, Michael Beck, Walter Hill)

Grade A

Director Walter Hill’s gritty movie about NYC gangs in the 1970s stands the test of time, with each new generation of movie lovers being introduced to and enjoying this cult, classic hit. 370 more words



Megaforce (1982) is one of the most nakedly jingoistic might-means-right movies to come out of the Ronald Reagan era. Directed by legendary stuntman Hal Needham ( 1,715 more words

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The Warriors (1979)

As far as enjoyable films go, The Warriors is amongst the best, and simply doesn’t age. Thirty-seven years later and this film is still probably the best way to spend an hour and a half. 516 more words

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Soundtrack Saturday: I'm Alive by Electric Light Orchestra

For this week’s Soundtrack Saturday track, I wanted to cover a band and soundtrack that I hadn’t done before. I was struggling to find a new one after 66 posts when I stumbled upon this one. 136 more words


▣ A Musing Adventures with Rollerskating.

Guilty Pleasures No 4

▣  Reviewing Xanadu (1980)

The latest entry is yet another musical with a female lead.

Xanadu was seen as so awful at the time that it inspired the Golden Raspberry Awards, quite an achievement in itself. 18 more words

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Review of Harry's Torment by Michael Beck

Harry’s Torment by Michael Beck

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an unusual crime thriller set (mostly) in the ports, checking the Lorries that come and go for drugs, cigarettes etc. 235 more words